Layout of a summer cottage 6 acres: design photo

Layout of a summer cottage 6 acres: design photo
Layout of a summer cottage 6 acres: design photo

In modern society, the fashion for holiday homes is gaining momentum. As a result, firms appear that help create a unique layout of a summer cottage. You should not completely trust all the work on your lands to a third-party organization. It is best to control and make some adjustments during the construction and arrangement process, than to redo the finished result later.

Select site

Finding an excellent building site is a very important point. Even creating a project for a future home is a little easier. Therefore, the planning of a summer cottage must be taken with all seriousness to exclude unforeseen circumstances during the construction and operation of housing.

When searching, consider the following factors:

  1. Carefully examine the area. Determine if there are factories or other enterprises nearby that adversely affect the environment.
  2. An excellent option would be an area near a natural reservoir or forest. If you try, you can combine these natural objects.
  3. The presence of communications is the main factor insite selection. Electrical poles must be in close proximity. If there are no such options, then at least the possibility of a safe supply of water and gas pipelines should be found. In the private sector, many do not use the central water supply, but prefer to dig their own well.
  4. Preferably close location to a metropolis or a large regional center, where there are shops, hospitals and other infrastructure. Additionally, you can find out about the neighbors, what they are doing to prevent trouble.
  5. Study in detail the relief and other topographic features when planning a summer cottage of 6 acres. The depth of groundwater is an important condition for building.
  6. Determine which platform suits you. This may be a cottage with small outbuildings, the main direction of which is family vacations. Perhaps this is a homestead for a good harvest.
Planting vegetables in the area

Basic building principle

Not everyone, unfortunately, has the opportunity to acquire a large area in their own possession. Therefore, with proper planning, even from a plot of 6 acres, you can create a comfortable space for all family members. The first thing you will have to face is the division of the site into four main zones:

  1. Place for a cottage (house).
  2. Outbuildings (pantries, woodshed or garage).
  3. Area for outdoor recreation (pool, hammock, barbecue gazebo and others).
  4. Plot for green spaces (beds, greenhouses, flower beds).

Lion'sa share of the area is occupied by agricultural plantings (from 50% to 75% of the total space). You can see how it looks like in the photo of the layout of the suburban area with your own hands.

But these are not generally accepted stereotypes, so you can dispose of the land as you like. It all depends on the pursued goal of acquiring a summer house (either this is a place for the whole family to relax, or providing vegetables and berries). It's up to the owner to decide, and there are no strict rules.

Pond - original design solution

Narrow sections

The shape of the purchased plot may be different. Perhaps you will like a square classic platform, or maybe an intricate L-shaped one. Consider the most popular performance.

One of the most unusual shapes is a narrow rectangle. Long landings have become widespread on them, so planning the development of the site should be approached carefully. The key point will be the competent combination of zones with small connecting elements. This is done so that the site does not seem to be cut into pieces. Green hedges, stone paths can be such design items. Such a trick when planning a summer cottage will allow you to visually separate the garden part from the recreation area or the living space from the outbuildings. In this case, it is necessary to observe the style of each individual section.


One of the rare formations of summer cottages is an L-shaped platform. Not to talk about the features of this form would be the wrong decision. If you have becomethe owner of such a plot, do not be afraid and lose heart. "The devil is not as scary as he is painted!" - says the well-known proverb. Such a landscape design can be in the hands of the owners. You have an unlimited number of ideas for the design and location of the main elements of your possessions. As you can see in the bottom photo, the do-it-yourself layout of a summer cottage of 6 acres is very reminiscent of the letter "g".

L-shaped layout of the site

The main advantage of this form is the excellent division into zones, in contrast to rectangular areas. On a protruding piece of land, you can make a separate living area with space for relaxation. Most of it can be allocated for a garden with a bathhouse, and all this can be separated from each other by a fence with climbing plants.

The main item in the lot

No one will be surprised by the fact that the main object in the summer cottage will be a residential building. The creation of a project should begin with determining a place for housing on the site, the subsequent division into zones depends on this.

Home design

If the main purpose of your dacha is growing vegetables and fruits, then it is advisable to build a cottage near the fence. At the same time, there will be plenty of space for a garden. If the site is intended as a countryside place for a family vacation, you need to choose taking into account the design idea.

It is necessary to remember one thing: the shadows from the built house should not overlap the sun-loving plantings.

Rest in the country

Leaving the city after a week of work is a dreamevery workaholic. As a result, the choice of a place for a comfortable pastime and relaxation must be chosen thoughtfully. The placement of all elements involved in maintaining peace must be arranged and located in spatial proximity. You can install whatever you want on your summer cottage.

Gazebo for relaxation

An excellent option would be a small wooden gazebo with a barbecue and a table. It will not only bring the whole family together, but also allow you to hide from the rain or the hot sun.

Flower beds or flower beds will be an excellent addition to the composition. Now it is becoming popular to place on the site of the "alpine" slide. It looks very impressive against the backdrop of green shrubs and trees.

Interesting flower bed

But the pool or, for example, the bath should allocate a place somewhere on the edge of the site. To separate the space from other zones a little. In this case, one condition must be remembered. The garden space should be on the most lit and sunny side of your lands. The minimum amount of shadows from buildings will allow you to harvest the maximum crop of excellent quality.

Utility premises

Important in the country is the presence of outbuildings. They are traditionally placed in the far corner of the site to hide from the eyes of others. If such an arrangement cannot be realized, then it is worth resorting to disguising and decorating these buildings. Maybe plant shrubs or fruit trees.

Household disguisebuildings

You need to set a goal - to create a low wind area. All erected buildings should protect the territory well from strong winds, while not creating a large number of shadows. According to statistics, the most favorable side for dense development will be the northern and northwestern direction.

What to consider when building

There is no ideal flow of construction, there are always stumbling blocks. Consider the most common problems:

  • the relief of the summer cottage (not only the location and planning of a residential building, but also all other structures depend on it);
  • the shape in which the playground is made affects the style of the building, in particular, to hide flaws and emphasize advantages (it can be varied, from traditional rectangular to non-standard corner);
  • soil features affect the type of green spaces (in the case of sandstones, fertilizer and fertile soil will need to be imported);
  • locating the site next to a natural body of water would be a huge advantage (if groundwater is too close to the surface, a drainage system will need to be installed).

Consider these factors, which greatly affect the layout of the suburban area.

Layout style

Currently, the fashion for the stylistic design of the dacha is gaining momentum. Such lands look very beautiful and harmonious, because all the elements of decoration and design fit and complement each other.

Japanese design

Selectedthe design will directly influence the chosen objects and the style of the buildings. In addition to national design features, there is an option to create an image from straight lines and other identical geometric shapes. For example, to equip a reservoir or flower beds in a square design or in the form of a circle. Further, following the accepted layout, it will be necessary to create a gazebo and green fences in a similar design. Therefore, it is not difficult to guess that in order to fulfill the plan, it is necessary to draw up a project, and it is unlikely to do here without the help of specialists.

Most common problem

During the planning of a summer cottage with their own hands, everyone will face some problems. Let's take a closer look at one of them and figure out how to deal with it.

Often, when exploiting their land, many people encounter infertile soil with a high moisture content. Therefore, growing a good crop becomes problematic. Basically, this is an area in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bforests or swampy lowlands. In such cases, drainage is necessary (the drainage system is shown in the photo of the layout of a summer cottage of 6 acres). If you have a flat surface, then you should make long ditches half a meter wide and about a meter deep. This trench is covered with small stones or rubble to the level of the turf, and then evenly covered with earth.

drainage trench

Very lucky for those whose site has a slight slope towards the roadside runoff. Fixing the problem will take a little effort. It is necessary to dig a small ditch along the site. Water will linger on the gardenzone of the planned suburban area. All excess moisture will also be collected and drained.

If the surface slopes towards the far side of the allotment, you need to make a transverse ditch from the front side of the country house and the entire width of the area.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that when planning the design of a summer cottage, you can take into account all your desires and preferences. But at the same time, you should remember that without the advice of professionals, you may encounter unforeseen circumstances. Nowadays, a lot of construction companies offer to familiarize themselves with the layout and design of their summer cottage in advance. Photos of previously completed work are usually found in the portfolio on the company's website. After looking at them, you can make an objective assessment of the quality of completed projects. You might even choose one of the ready-made options.

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