Weaver bar: a device for mounting a sight

Weaver bar: a device for mounting a sight
Weaver bar: a device for mounting a sight

The purpose of attaching the Weaver bar is to create a guide of this type for smoothbore guns with a ventilated bar, the width of which does not exceed 8 mm.

Description of fixture

The design of this device is quite compact and also very light. In addition, it allows you to "press" it into a ventilated bar. This is a very important point, as it remains possible to view through an open sight. Another rather important point that arises when installing the Weaver rail is that the red dot sight will also be mounted very low. Here it is necessary to pay attention to the following fact. This model is designed to mount a sight, the weight of which does not exceed 400 grams. Mounting heavier attachments is not recommended as their weight will likely break the bar when fired.

weaver bar

Slat bracket device

The adapter bracket, which is used to attach a red dot sight, consists of two parts,inserted into the internal rectangular grooves of the ventilated strip. They are inserted from the left and right sides, after which they are tightened with four screws of the M2 type. Weaver rail brackets are pressed tightly against the side surfaces. This design and installation method allows you to aim with a mechanical sight or front sight without removing the device itself. However, this is only possible if no additional scope is installed on the weapon.

In order to avoid displacement of the weaver bar, which occurs during firing due to the recoil of the weapon, there are special rectangular-type bosses in the lower part of the structure. There are also several holes for additional M3 type bolts. With these fasteners, you can finally fix the brackets after installing all the necessary parts.

weaver bar attachment

Features and characteristics of the device

The main purpose of this design is to mount collimator sights on a ventilated bar of a smoothbore weapon. The width of this bar can be in the range of 7-8 mm. The height of the ventilation hole for successful installation should not exceed 1.5 mm, and its width should not be less than 23 mm. The main material for the manufacture of brackets is steel.

If we talk about the characteristics of this device, they are as follows:

  • Weaver bar length is 110mm;
  • weight of small design within 70 grams;
  • fixture dimensions 110x21x9 mm;
  • as the mainmaterial is 45 steel;
  • Chemical oxidation or black bluing is used to cover this item.
weaver bar on ak

AK device

The receiver cover with Weaver rail on AK/AKM is used to mount not only collimator sights, but also optical sights. Here, modernized models are used that allow you not to remove native mechanical sights. The biggest advantage and difference from the Chinese analogues of this device is that it does not play, and also does not move with a large shot.

Additional positive qualities also include ergonomics, light weight, strength. The total weight of the device is only 120 grams, while the standard model has a weight of 80 grams. It is worth agreeing that the difference of 40 grams is not significant. In addition, the installation of such a bar solves the most important task and at the same time eliminates the biggest problem of AK-based carbines - this is the placement of the sight at a comfortable distance from the eye.

These covers are entirely milled from solid billets of aviation aluminum alloy model D16T. The use of this material provides high strength, precision and low weight. It is also worth highlighting here that the installation of this device will not interfere with the cleaning of weapons. One of the rather nice features is the so-called return to zero. In other words, after removing and reinstalling, no re-zeroing is required.

weaver bar for dovetail

Weaver dovetail bar

Here it is worth saying right away that this bar itself is an improved version of the dovetail. The difference between them lies in the design, which is more complex in Weaver. Apart from the fact that this type of rail can be screwed along the entire length of the scope, it also has an additional stop that can be used as a basis for adjusting the wobble. In this case, the mount of the optical sight will be as reliable as possible.

By itself, this bar is considered quite complex in design, but its installation is very simple. In addition to mounting the optics and collimator, you can also mount a laser pointer or tactical light. Another distinctive feature was that it is possible to install not only on rifles, but also on pistols or even on sporting crossbows. In addition, it becomes possible to quickly change the optical device, which plays a rather important role during the hunt.

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