What is the end plate for?

What is the end plate for?
What is the end plate for?

When performing roofing work, in addition to the basic materials for covering and insulating against water and heat loss, so-called additional elements are also needed. These include such details as the valley, ridge, end plate and others. These elements protect the inner layers of the roof from external environmental influences, so it is necessary to choose and install these devices correctly.

end plate

End plate: description and specifications

This device has two functions:

  • protective - the device removes moisture from the edge of the overhang from the gable side of the roof and prevents rain from splashing in an oblique direction;
  • decorative - the device gives a finished look to the coating of the structure, it allows you to hide irregularities and roughness in the work.

The end plate is usually made of steel or metal using a special processing technology (galvanizing at hightemperatures) coated with high-quality polymer. Such an element has good technical characteristics, such as resistance to destruction under the influence of solar radiation, temperature changes, the constant presence of moisture, and so on. Polymer coating can be made in various colors (white, red, green, yellow and others).

The shape of the fixture can be made both simple (the shelves of the part are symmetrical) and curly (an additional bend is provided). The length of the product can be taken equal to the following values ​​- 2 m, 2.5 m and 3 m. The dimensions of the shelves in the standard version: 9 × 9 cm or 9 × 12.5 cm.

Installation of the part on the corrugated roof

The end strip is usually installed before the main work (laying the roofing material). When installing this part, it will be useful to consider the following points:

end strip for corrugated board
  • installation of the bar is carried out above the crate at a distance equal to the height of the deflection wave of the corrugated sheet;
  • the additional element can be attached to wooden parts with screws or self-tapping screws, while the connection must be made on the side to the end board and from above to the roofing material (into a wave comb);
  • installation of the fixture is recommended to start from the edge of the roof overhang towards the ridge (where the excess part of the part needs to be cut off);
  • end strip for corrugated board is attached with a slight overlap (about 10 cm);
  • for the step of connecting parts on the basis of the roof is takenabout 60 cm.

Mounting fixture on metal tile

end plank for roofing

The additional element is installed in almost the same way. It is important to consider the following points:

  • all measurements must be taken accurately;
  • when installed, the plank should cover approximately the height of the crest of the first wave of tiles;
  • if the edge of the roofing sheet does not match the level of the eaves, the covering material must be cut off (if there is too much) or continue (if there is not enough);
  • the part is attached to the roof in two places - the maximum points and on the end board, which is installed in advance;
  • The connection can be made with screws, self-tapping screws or blind rivets, while the pitch can be 60-100 cm.

Roof end strip allows you to strengthen the roof structure, while hiding and protecting the internal elements. This device increases the service life of the coating, as it does not allow moisture and solar radiation to enter the wood parts. The use of this additional element also completes the exterior finish of the building.

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