Upholstered and cabinet furniture "Yantar"

Upholstered and cabinet furniture "Yantar"
Upholstered and cabinet furniture "Yantar"

"Yantar" is serious and for a long time" - these words are the motto of the company that produces furniture "Yantar". The range of its products is very wide: more than a dozen types of kitchens, upholstered, office and cabinet furniture. The company is located in the city of Protvino, the year it began its work - 1995.

Upholstered furniture "Amber"

50+ models of sofas for every taste and budget are offered to consumers by the Yantar furniture factory. The so-called "budget" (in terms of price, but not in quality) products are adjacent to executive class sofas.

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In their production, various mechanisms are used to transform sofas into sleeping places: roll-out, "dolphin", book, eurobook, couch. Diverse and filling the basis of the bed. This, depending on the model, can be polyurethane foam, spring block or synthetic fluff, used for luxury sofas. The furniture produced by the Yantar factory also attracts the attention of the buyer with its upholstery fabrics. Prices for it start from 6000 rubles. For a child, you can purchase, for example,children's couch "Karina". Its unusual shape and bright colors will serve as a real decoration of the children's room, and the spring block at the base of the bed guarantees your child a comfortable sleeping environment. A properly selected sofa can become the "nail" on the basis of which the entire interior of the room will be built. Adherents of the Provence style will be pleasantly surprised to see a set of upholstered furniture "Shelly". For those who value solidity and comfort most of all, the Hilton sofa is perfect. The owner of a luxurious mansion will be happy to purchase the "Pearl" model and decorate the living room with it.

Kitchen furniture "Amber"

The materials from which the cabinets and facades of kitchens are made are very diverse. This is chipboard, and MDF with plastic, and laminate.

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A wide color palette and a variety of shapes allow you to find your own, "the very" kitchen that you dreamed about. This is facilitated by the manufacturer's policy, which emphasizes that each client can create his own unique furniture ensemble based on the basic configuration, turning his kitchen into a pure exclusive. Even their names will tell about the models: "Vintage", "Gloss", "Alpha", "Nostalgie", "Donna", "Fiesta", "Lux", "Prestige", "Classic", "Nova". There are plenty to choose from.

Cabinet furniture "Amber"

This category includes walls, living rooms, hallways, children's and teenagefurniture sets for rooms.

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Trends of today - the rejection of bulky "grandmother's" walls, conciseness and functionality of furniture for living rooms. Designers of the Yantar factory, when developing new models, take into account all fashion trends. Any living room consists of separate modules that can be assembled into a single composition or each can be made a "solo" interior detail. Children's and teenagers' rooms are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable existence: there is a bed, a lot of wardrobes and bedside tables, and a work desk. Parents will not lose by choosing this Yantar furniture for their child. Customer reviews speak of the optimal combination of price-quality-convenience in the products of this furniture factory.

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