Reflective paint. Applications

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Reflective paint. Applications
Reflective paint. Applications

When vehicles began to fill the roads, reflective paint began to gain popularity. Thanks to this paint, it becomes much easier for both drivers and pedestrians to avoid accidents at night.

Paint assignment

Reflective paint is a paint material that is used to paint surfaces that need to reflect light. The most important feature of this paint is the ability to dry quickly, even in unsuitable conditions for this.


This paint has 4 main types.

The first kind is reflective paint. The composition includes a special powder and varnish. You can see the paint only when the light hits it. The special powder in the composition reflects the rays back, scattering them a little.

The second type is luminescent (cumulative). This type of paint will not glow, even if direct rays of light fall on it. After all, it was called cumulative for a reason. This paint glows in itself sunlight, then it gives off in the dark and will glow for about twelve hours. By the way, artificial light she tooabsorbs. Often the composition of the paint includes phosphorus, so most often they are greenish.

night colors

The third type of paint is fluorescent. The composition of the paint includes special pigments. They do not react to any light other than ultraviolet rays. Often this type of paint is used on clothes.

And finally, the fourth type is a reflective film. It is sold in the form of a self-adhesive film, which is covered with a reflective material. Any shape can be cut out of it and pasted on the surface.

So we looked at the four main types of paints that you can buy in stores, and some you can make yourself if you have the materials you need.

Paint applications

Now let's look at the areas where reflective paint is applied.

Application is possible in many industries, since the paint goes well on any surface, from clothing to metal. Quite often, this paint can be seen on overalls in the form of letters and stripes, for example, on traffic police officers. They must have reflective stripes on their uniforms. Since the road is a dangerous place, and at night, drivers must see employees on the road when headlights hit them.

road paint

Special reflective road paint is used for road markings. Due to the fact that the markings glow at night, it is much easier for drivers to see them at night. Pedestrians can cross the road more confidently.

It is often seen that cyclists' wheels reflect light at night. They use paint for their own safety, and at night they can ride calmly, because when the headlights of a car hit a moving bicycle, a person on it becomes clearly visible. Reflective spray paint works well for painting bicycles.

bike in paint

Nowadays, paint is used even in home interiors. At night, the rooms look fabulous, multi-colored drawings glow on the walls. But for the room, you need to choose a non-toxic paint that will not harm your he alth.

Also at night, you can see that reflective paint is applied to road signs. Thanks to the reflection of light, drivers see them better at night. Also license plates of vehicles can be painted with it.


We got acquainted with the use of reflective paint, its types and applications. In case you have to deal with the use of paint, we recommend that you buy only original and high-quality products from trusted manufacturers.

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