Alteration of the apartment: photo options

Alteration of the apartment: photo options
Alteration of the apartment: photo options

It should be recognized that in modern houses the layout of apartments is thought out to the smallest detail. They provide rooms for storing unnecessary (at the moment) things, dressing rooms, spacious kitchens, hallways and bathrooms. Unfortunately, this cannot be said about the houses of the old buildings. However, the owners of such housing are not discouraged. Guided by the advice of modern designers, they improve their apartments and, admittedly, achieve excellent results.

What is a home makeover?

Most often this term refers to redevelopment. Having conceived such a radical change in your housing, you need to seek advice from the district or city branch of the BTI. In addition, Article 25 of the Housing Code clarifies what constitutes refurbishment and what is redevelopment.

As a rule, redevelopment involves changing the configuration of the living space. All work that is carried out in this case must be madein the data sheet.

Works permitted as part of the redevelopment of the apartment:

  • demolition of walls, if they are not load-bearing: the wall can be removed completely or partially, but before that it is necessary to calculate the load of the remaining walls of the building when performing this work;
  • construction of new walls to delimit space;
  • an increase in living space by destroying the wall of the loggia, but in this case it is important to agree on the issue of transferring the heating battery.
  • it is allowed to expand the bathroom at the expense of non-residential premises.

An additional permit will be required to install a jacuzzi as it is heavy and needs to be covered.

alterations of houses and apartments

Remodeling in a private house

You need to know that the alteration of houses, apartments and rooms will equally require the owners to complete technical documentation. Many owners of private households are sure that this is not worth doing, since they do not affect the interests of neighbors. But without making redevelopment in the documentation, you will run into problems if you want to sell, donate or bequeath the house in the future.

Re-planning of a private house is carried out in several stages. All changes are considered and the project is developed. As a rule, this work is carried out by professionals from special firms that can take into account all laws and regulations.

Then the project is approved by the housing inspection. After obtaining official permission, construction work can begin.It is very important that all actions that are related to electrical, water and gas equipment are performed by workers who have permission and a license to carry out them.

alterations of apartments of houses and rooms

After all, housing is accepted by a special commission, which draws up an act on the work carried out. Only on its basis, the technical passport of the property is reissued.

And now let's look at the most popular ways of remodeling houses, rooms, apartments.

refurbishment of a one-room apartment

Combining room and kitchen

This is the most popular way to remodel a one-room apartment. Photos of such redevelopment are often published by interior publications. Indeed, in this case, at minimal cost, you can become the owner of a studio apartment. Such a redevelopment is quite justified in the houses of the old stock, although this method is used quite often in new buildings.

However, it should be borne in mind that such an alteration of the apartment is not suitable for everyone. This is generally ideal for single people or young families without children.

Toilet and bathroom combination

In modern apartments, it is quite rare to find a combined bathroom. More often they were built in the legendary Khrushchev. However, many owners of modern housing decide to dismantle the partition between the bathroom and the toilet. As a result, they get a single, but at the same time more spacious room, which can fit all the necessary plumbing and furniture.

Remodeling of apartments is quite popular (photopresented in this article), during which a part of other rooms, for example, a hallway, joins the bathroom. The purpose of this redevelopment is obvious - to increase the size of the bathroom.

redevelopment of a two-room apartment

Combining a balcony with a kitchen or room

This alteration of the apartment is quite common in recent years. Thanks to this method, you can slightly, but increase the living space. However, this is not the only reason forcing homeowners to take on a rather complex redevelopment. For example, many owners, especially women, dream of creating a winter garden in their house. It is possible to make such a dream a reality by insulating the balcony and combining it with the room. With such a combination, you will get panoramic windows, and the room will become much lighter and more comfortable, and this is a weighty argument in favor of such an alteration of the apartment.

Two-room apartment

It's no secret that many owners of two-room apartments dream of converting them in such a way as to become owners of three functional premises. There may be several reasons for this - an increase in the composition of the family, the need for office equipment, etc.

Use a loggia or balcony

In this case, to remake a two-room apartment, you can use the method we talked about above. Let's explain why. For example, an apartment consists of two separate rooms. One of them is combined with a kitchen-dining room. In this case, experts do not recommend building a wall between them, since it is much better to have a spacious kitchen-living room than twoseparate, but cramped and some kind of ridiculous premises.

If you are not ready to destroy old or build new walls, you can equip the space on the loggia, combined with the living room. Here you can install a desktop, a rack or shelves for documentation, even a small sofa. But such an alteration of the apartment is possible if the loggia is insulated.

photo alterations of apartments

Split parent's bedroom

Imagine a two-room apartment in which the entrance hall is combined with the living room. Doors from it lead to the bedroom. Creating another room by moving one of the walls of the bedroom towards the kitchen is not very convenient: the kitchen will become cramped. It can be done much more efficiently. A room (for example, for a baby) can be made by erecting a stationary partition in the bedroom. In other words, share her space.

Let's not hide, the rooms will turn out to be small, but they will fit everything that is necessary for the rest of the parents and the development of their baby. It is great if the room has access to a loggia or balcony. From the side of the parents' bedroom, you can dismantle the doors or, on the contrary, install them in the nursery to provide heat and sound insulation.

Select an office or dressing room from the bedroom

You can consider another way to remodel a two-room apartment, which has the right to exist if you need space for an office or dressing room. Such a redevelopment is effective when reorganizing a room with two windows. If your apartment has two rooms, and one of them is longer in plan and has two windows, then youyou may well use a partition with sliding door leaves.

refurbishment of a three-room apartment

Semi-transparent or fully transparent glass sheets will keep the feeling of volume and illumination of both rooms. Behind such a partition, you can arrange a completely comfortable home office, a convenient dressing room or a room for creativity.

Remodeling a three-room apartment

At the beginning of the article, we talked about what makes homeowners do redevelopment. It is quite obvious that the alteration of a one-room apartment is due to the lack of living space. But in this case, a reasonable question arises: why remodel a fairly spacious three-room apartment?

Basically, "treshki" are standard options with a medium-sized kitchen and a rather long corridor. It is impossible not to say about the significant difference in the areas of the rooms. Despite the fact that such a layout of a three-room apartment has undeniable advantages, sometimes even it has to be changed. And in this case, the reasons can be very different. For example, you decided to take your elderly parents to your place or a new family appeared (with a son or daughter).

Modern designers offer many options for remodeling an apartment consisting of three rooms. As in previous cases, the owners of three-room apartments are trying to enlarge the kitchen at the expense of a balcony or loggia, of course, if there is an exit to it. As a result, you will get a fairly spacious room. Cabinets and a stove can be taken out to the balcony (after agreement), creating a working area there, andconvert the kitchen into a dining room.

three bedroom apartment

Sometimes the washing machine is taken out onto the balcony, leaving the stove in the kitchen. And the former window sill can be turned into a desktop. The result is an original design of the new kitchen. In terms of alteration, you can vary the partition that separates the corridor, the kitchen and one of the rooms. If you break through an arched opening in it, then the interior design acquires originality. The arch will connect the kitchen and the room.

Quite often, such a partition is completely removed. This allows you to expand the space due to the corridor. The large room resulting from the redevelopment can be turned into a living room or dining room.

Many are wondering if it is possible to remake a three-room apartment in Khrushchev? There are no barriers to this. In this option, experts recommend not affecting two small rooms, and the largest one can be divided into two. In addition, you can remove the partition between the corridor and the room. You will get two rooms - a bedroom and a living room, although it can be a nursery or an office.

As you can see, the redevelopment of the apartment has many options. The apartment can be changed indefinitely (within limits). Show your imagination and use partitions at your discretion. We told you only about the most common ways of redevelopment, but we are sure that after carefully studying all the advantages and disadvantages of your apartment, you can find an original and unusual option.

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