How to prepare walls for wallpapering: a few rules

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How to prepare walls for wallpapering: a few rules
How to prepare walls for wallpapering: a few rules

There are a few rules about how to prepare walls for wallpapering. In order for the wallpaper to serve you for a long time, you just need to follow the instructions that will help you accurately cope with this task.

how to prepare walls for wallpapering

At the beginning of work, you need to determine the degree of humidity of the walls. This is usually influenced by many factors. To check this indicator, you need to take a regular transparent film and stick it to the wall. If, after a while, an accumulation of water (condensation) forms under it, this is a signal that your walls are very damp. You will have to fix this problem, otherwise the wallpaper will fall off after a few days after pasting. In the same way, the quality of the pasting can be affected by the presence of mold, old plaster or paint.

How to prepare the walls for wallpapering? The first step will be to free the surface from old wallpaper. Take a bucket, pour some warm water into it and add any detergent. Then, using a roller or a regular rag, which can be made, for example, from an old T-shirt, carefully wipe the walls with the resulting solution. Aftera few hours you can easily remove the old wallpaper. It happens that you have to use a spatula, because in some places the wallpaper simply does not want to peel off. You need to shoot them from the top corner to the bottom. Removing the canvas is a very delicate procedure, you need to be patient for its implementation. The final result will largely depend on how you prepare the walls for wallpaper.

how to prepare walls for wallpaper

Next, the gluing process begins. The room must be rid of all drafts: close the windows and the door, check that there is no air movement from the existing ventilation openings (if necessary, you can close them with rags).

How to prepare walls for wallpapering if they still have old paint on them? The paint can be removed using special solutions, but do not forget that after such treatment the surface must be degreased. The plaster is removed with the help of tools, then you can putty the surface and start gluing. Run your hand over the wall and check if it is clean. If there are chalk residues on the wall, then it must be washed. And if your wall is wooden, then there is a very good trick that helps to perfectly paste the wallpaper - first you need to glue the fabric on the wall.

wallpaper pasting design

We figured out how to prepare the walls for wallpapering. And how to choose a method of pasting? I really want the renovation to please you, your loved ones, and friends with something new and interesting. You can glue the wallpaper with an overlap or butt - both optionslook good, these are the most common techniques. If you decide to decorate the nursery, a combination of different colors in the wallpaper will suit you. This will help create the illusion of a fairy tale for the baby. In the living room, many people prefer to glue more strict and elegant wallpaper. There are a lot of options, the design of wallpapering can be very different. Choose the right one for you - and feel free to start repairing.

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