What are standard mattress sizes?

What are standard mattress sizes?
What are standard mattress sizes?

In order for a person to feel good throughout the day, he needs a full and high-quality sleep. A comfortable bed, properly selected bedding, and, of course, the most important thing - a mattress help to ensure it. It depends only on him whether the person will be able to relax as it should, or whether springs or an uncomfortable frame will pester her all night. Therefore, the purchase of this accessory should not be taken lightly.

Today, buying a mattress is not difficult. Going to the store, study the detailed information on the choice of such products: what should be the standard sizes of mattresses, which filler is better, which upholstery fabric will last longer, and similar things. But you can still order a product on the Internet, many virtual establishments offer their services (“Need to sleep”, “Ascona”, “Matres.ru”, “Dormeo”, etc.)

standard mattress sizes

How the mattress came about

People in ancient times noticed how expedient a properly made mattress is. The first man began to equip his housing with what he hadunder his arms: leaves and branches. But sleep on such "bed beds" was not the best: after all, the branches continually pricked the body, and since the floors of the caves were cold, resting on them often led to colds. Over time, the townsfolk began to use animal skins and straw. But the haystack could not be collected at one moment and moved to the right place. And if the reader remembers, the ancient people led a nomadic life that required constant moving.

Well, Homo sapiens wouldn't be a reasonable person if he couldn't think. Therefore, the user quickly realized that it is better to do soft stuffing on the inside, and not on the outside. Thanks to this discovery, the mattress took on a modern look. And now we know what are the standard sizes of mattresses, and how to choose a product, and which manufacturer is considered the most reliable.

Size and padding

Often the user wonders what standard sizes of mattresses exist. But this is not quite the correct statement of the question. After all, the beds are one-and-a-half, double and single. Therefore, it is much more correct to ask about the standard parameters of a one-and-a-half mattress. To which experts will immediately give you an answer: one meter forty centimeters by two meters. Or what is the standard size for a double mattress? What will be the statement - 160 centimeters x 200 centimeters or 180 centimeters x 200 centimeters. Well, the standard size of a single mattress is 90 centimeters x 2 meters, an option of 80 centimeters x 2 meters is also possible.

The filling of the mattress does not depend on the parameters of your bed. Hereeverything is considered in terms of cost. Therefore, there are expensive and inexpensive fillers. The first type includes fillers with natural materials, and synthetic elements are stuffed into inexpensive products.

standard sizes of children's mattresses

Filling options

So, in order to fill the mattress, you can use the following types of fillers:

  • Natural latex - this material is made from the sap of the rubber tree (hevea), which is foamed with a special method.
  • Artificial or made-up latex is more elastic and tougher than its predecessor.
  • Cotton - The main ingredient in this filling is natural pressed cotton.
  • Coconut fiber is the best material for making orthopedic mattresses.
  • Sheep wool - such a filler is able to perfectly warm and absorb moisture on its own.
  • Polyurethane foam is an artificial material with excellent elasticity.

As you can see, the standard sizes of mattresses do not affect the choice of their fillers.

standard bed mattress sizes

How to choose the right mattress

To make it comfortable to sleep on the mattress, you need to decide on its parameters. The standard sizes of mattresses for beds can be two meters by one meter forty centimeters, and two meters by one meter eighty centimeters, and two meters by ninety centimeters, and even one meter ninety centimeters by one meter eighty centimeters, andother very different sizes. Therefore, the exact size of the product is very important, because if it is smaller or larger than the base of the bed, then it will be uncomfortable to rest on it.

The level of firmness of the mattress is also important. If you weigh less than 60 kg, then a soft mattress will suit you, but if you see a figure ranging from 60 to 95 kg when weighing, then you better give preference to a product of medium hardness. Well, a hard mattress should be purchased by those consumers who weigh from 90 kg.

Despite the standard sizes of bed mattresses, they can be both hard and soft at the same time. These are the so-called combined models. They are suitable in the case when people with different weights will sleep on the mattress. Therefore, on the one hand, such mattresses are made more rigid, and on the other, softer.

standard size double mattress

Children's mattresses

Standard sizes of children's mattresses have three options: 1 meter 20 centimeters x 60 centimeters, 1 meter 40 centimeters x 60 centimeters and 1 meter 40 centimeters x 70 centimeters. Accordingly, the parameters are selected depending on the length and width of the crib. But a very important criterion for purchasing a mattress for the smallest dormouse is the filler of the product. For children's mattresses, use coconut fiber, latex or polyurethane foam.

All pediatricians insist on purchasing coconut products. After all, they can boast of undeniable advantages. Firstly, they are moisture resistant, secondly, they have moderate rigidity and, thirdly, they provide a uniform loadon the baby's spine.

If parents purchase a children's latex-filled mattress, they should know that such a product easily restores its shape, has antibacterial and antifungal properties, is an enemy to microscopic mites and does not absorb moisture. Well, in favor of polyurethane foam mattresses, we can say that they have an increased level of air circulation, are environmentally friendly, have orthopedic properties and do not cause allergies.

standard size single mattress

Age matters

There is another criterion by which the standard sizes of children's mattresses are determined. This is the age of the child. If your child has just been born, then up to three years he is recommended to sleep on a product whose parameters reach 60 centimeters x 120 centimeters. For children who have reached the age of three, it would be better to rest on a mat with dimensions of 70 centimeters x 160 centimeters or 80 centimeters x 2 meters. This mattress is used for a single bed. Well, for a one and a half bed, on which a three-year-old (and older) baby will rest, a mattress with a width of 90 centimeters, 1 meter 20 centimeters and 1 meter 40 centimeters and a length of 1 meter 60 centimeters to 2 meters is suitable.

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