What will we “dress” the wooden ceilings in when making repairs?

What will we “dress” the wooden ceilings in when making repairs?
What will we “dress” the wooden ceilings in when making repairs?

Renovation of a house or apartment is an important event in which the finishing of the ceiling occupies a dominant position. It should be noted that in many houses to this day there are wooden ceilings, the work with which has some nuances. For example, they should not be laid "hidden" wiring, it should always be in sight.

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Currently, there are a huge number of options for finishing and repair. When choosing them, it should be remembered that the ceiling should logically complete the interior. It can solo or play a secondary role, but it is the ceiling covering that determines the illumination of the room and its comfort in general. Of course, the type of wallpaper also plays a significant role - they must be perfectly combined. Unfortunately, the ceilings in wooden houses, the photos of which sometimes bring tears, are often in such a neglected state that they have to devote more than one week to their decoration…

One of the simplest and most economical design solutions is whitewashing. If the ceiling is enougheven, then whitewashing, without changing its height, will give the interior neatness, and it will also make apartment repairs somewhat cheaper. You can add the desired shade with the help of color. Of course, before whitewashing, the surface should be leveled by sealing and filling the gaps between the boards. However, there is not much to talk about this method, since wooden ceilings are whitewashed only in villages, and even then not in all.

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Wallpapering is another simple design option. To do this, it is best to purchase special wallpaper for the ceiling or liquid wallpaper. If you use wallpaper for painting, then the color of the coating can be made any and change it depending on the interior. We remind you once again that, as in the previous case, it is necessary to level the surface and glue the cracks, otherwise the wallpaper will not last long.

Gluing square or rectangular styrofoam boards is another interesting design idea. Plates are produced with various patterns and reliefs, as well as colored and laminated. They are glued to the ceiling with special glue. However, it should be noted that before you make a wooden ceiling more beautiful, you should familiarize yourself with the sanitary conclusions about the products. It often happens that people buy cheap Chinese products that saturate the air with the products of plastic decay in abundance.

Gypsum ceiling cladding is also a fairly cheap way to eliminate various construction defects, visually expand the space or divide the room into zones. Moreover, it is possible to createmultilevel ceiling. Also, this material gets along well with all types of decorative finishes, but this option reduces the height of the room.

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Cassette-type suspended ceilings are mounting frames and boards made of mineral fiber, plasterboard, aluminum or laminated chipboard. Its lath variety is even more common. The slats are made of metal or plastic and are attached to an adjustable suspension, which is attached to the ceilings with wooden screws. A variety of designs and colors will help make your apartment look very original.

Stretch ceiling is made of elastic material fixed on a metal or plastic profile. With it, you can create a unique image of the house. This is perhaps not only the most practical and beautiful, but also the most expensive example of design, which is rarely used by those people who have preserved wooden ceilings.

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