A purple flower is an element of a fairy tale

A purple flower is an element of a fairy tale
A purple flower is an element of a fairy tale

In the world there is a huge variety of colors of solid and multi-colored all sorts of shades. But among this multitude, of course, the purple flower deserves a separate place due to its mystery and a touch of magic. Purple is an ambiguous color. For someone, it causes peace, calmness, or, conversely, a feeling of excitement, but for someone - irritation or longing. For some, this color is associated with death. But this only proves that he is not treated with indifference, someone likes him, someone does not.

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Using purple flowers in flowerbeds and gardens

If the garden near the house looks like a fairy-tale corner, fascinates with its mystery and magic, then there is no doubt that purple flowers were used here, especially if they grow in combination with pink ones. You can ensure that the garden will delight with such a color scheme almost all year round by planting varieties in such a way that they succeed each other and are of different shades.

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There are many flowers with this color, but howwhat are the purple flowers used in gardening called? For each season - their own. Crocuses, hyacinths, tulips, reticulated irises are planted in spring. For summer - poppies, lupins, delphiniums, aquilegia, phlox, aconite and fragrant ones such as lavender, sage, catnip. Well, morning glory and clematis will add magic to this bouquet. The purple flower in autumn is gladiolus, aster, chrysanthemum and ornamental cabbage. Viola is a decoration of the garden throughout the season. Lilac occupies a special place among all the flower variety. There is a large selection of its varieties, the flowers can be bright purple, and soft purple, and white. Here, as they say, for every taste and color. And, of course, not a single flower bed can do without such decoration as decorative onion inflorescences and the queen of flowers - roses.

Iris is a favorite among the flowers of this magical shade

And it really is! This purple flower is truly rainbow. After all, there are so many different tones, shades and combinations! The most common among irises is bearded with many varieties. Japanese iris or sword iris is also distinguished by its exquisite beauty, in addition, it has larger flowers, and it blooms longer than others.

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Indoor purple flowers

Among indoor purple plants, flowers such as geranium and violet are known to everyone. Violet violets are believed to have a very strong influence on the home atmosphere. They generate benevolent energy, promote reconciliation and understanding amonghousehold members. Very useful for those who meditate. Also among lovers of indoor plants, such a purple flower as Saintpaulia is known. Like other varieties of violets, it has a calming effect, bringing comfort to the house. Separately, I want to say about oxalis, or sour. This is an unusually beautiful flower, but very rare in purple. In appearance, it resembles flocks of butterflies gathered on a stalk. Looks amazing!

The list of purple flowers is endless, and this will not be an exaggeration. It's no secret that nature is very generous with various colors. And of course, gardeners are very grateful to her for this!

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