Lifting garage doors and their varieties

Lifting garage doors and their varieties
Lifting garage doors and their varieties

Gate has always been an element of home decor, garage. They are able not only to decorate, but also to complement the overall design of the fence around the site. This is especially true when a country house and a garage make up a single complex. However, each owner of their own housing is trying not only to embellish the existing building, but also to secure it.

lifting garage doors

Everyone knows such types of gates as swing gates. They have proven their practicality over time, but not many have the opportunity to use them. They require enough space to open in front of the garage. And what if it is not there? There are many alternative options. For example, overhead garage doors. These models have become very common in our country and are quite durable and reliable, moreover, they do not require free space during operation.


Like any mechanism, lifting garage doors have several types: up-and-over, sectional, rolling. All of them are united by the principle of operation - lifting the door leaf. And now a little more.

up and over garage doors

Roller (roll) typeshave the lowest level of strength, but are able to protect against the penetration of strangers or animals. Despite their obvious minus, they also have advantages. For their manufacture, aluminum is used, which is absolutely harmless to any living beings. Thanks to industrial processing, they have a high anti-corrosion characteristic, they will perfectly endure heat, sun, frost and rain. Lifting garage doors of this type can be used even in extremely harsh conditions. It has to do with how it works. When opening (from the remote control), the door leaf begins to wind onto the shaft, which, in turn, is located in a special protective box. Overhead sectional garage doors are also functional and safe. They have higher strength, and their use in a heated room preserves its own microclimate inside. They also do not require free space in front of the building to be in working condition. This type of door consists of sandwich panels, which, when lifted, are located along the ceiling plane. These canvases will serve as additional protection for the entire structure, as they are made of the highest quality sheet steel. Inside them there is a layer of heat insulator. They, like all overhead garage doors, are weatherproof.

overhead sectional garage door

One more model should be added to this worthy range. This is an up and over garage door. They, like the previous view, when opened, place the canvas above the ceiling, but it is here that the difference between them is visible. Themrequires a small free space in front of the entrance to open. The fact is that this model has a single cast canvas, which cannot be folded, but rises entirely. This type of gate is considered the most durable of all due to its design. All models performed well. The choice mainly depends on the possibilities, climatic conditions.

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