Barbecue for giving: choose the best

Barbecue for giving: choose the best
Barbecue for giving: choose the best

How wonderful it is to get together with friends in the summer in nature or in the country and cook a delicious barbecue in the fresh air! An important detail of such a holiday will be the right brazier. Today on the market and in online stores you can find a huge number of them: forged, brick, metal and stone. It is important to choose a brazier for a summer residence, suitable for a particular site. The prefabricated structure on legs, consisting of five plates that are fastened together with corners, is considered the most primitive and easy to use.

brazier for a summer residence

It is made of stainless steel, quickly assembled and disassembled, takes up little space. Also, picnic lovers very often choose a brazier-suitcase, which has a small size, which is going to be carried into a small case with a handle. A more serious design is considered to be a mobile model, which has a fairly large brazier, covered with a roof with an exhaust pipe, and a rather large size. You can move it with small wheels and handles. Such a brazier for a summer residence is suitable for those who come there to relax only for the weekend. A more suitable option for cottages and private houses can be calleda large stationary structure made of stone, brick or forged metal. In addition, this type of product will be an excellent decoration for a personal plot. If you wish, you can build it yourself.

Stone barbecue

The most simple, but easy-to-use designs are stone braziers for summer cottages. True, they can cook a small amount of barbecue, fry meat or poultry on a spit. Such a brazier is very easy to build, and it will look very nice, resembling a hearth. You need to be careful with such a product, because when heated, the stone can crack.

brazier for giving photo

Brick barbecue

The most common and safest is a barbecue frying product made of bricks. Firstly, it has a longer service life and is a so-called outdoor oven. It also has a lot more functions than its small "colleagues", namely frying meat and vegetables on the grill, cooking food on the grill, in the cooking oven, smokehouse, oven and other additions. Together with the provided additional countertops and shelves for cutting food and storing dishes, such a brazier for a summer residence will become an indispensable assistant in preparing tasty and he althy food. This stove is located in a specially designated area for picnics, under a roof or in the open air. And since the product will in any case be influenced by the environment, the brick is the most successfuland wear-resistant material for this type of construction. After all, it has a high resistance to moisture, temperatures, and besides, it is very heat-resistant.

stone braziers for giving

Brick selection

To build a brazier for a summer residence, you need to choose a suitable brick, which is divided into silicate, refractory with air cavities and red oven. The first and third options are very badly affected by elevated temperatures. So, they are not suitable for creating an oven. The refractory look is very durable and feels good in high temperatures. However, it does not tolerate frost, which is typical for the winter season. So, it is also better not to use it. There was a special red stove building material left. Just from it they build a home oven and a brazier for a summer residence. Photos and drawings of already laid out models of "street stoves" can be found in large numbers in the catalogs of stores selling such products.

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