How to furnish a small room, making it cozy and practical

How to furnish a small room, making it cozy and practical
How to furnish a small room, making it cozy and practical

It so happened historically that small apartments and small rooms in them are the realities of life for the vast majority of urban residents. Although, based on modern possibilities, even rural residents, who previously built real mansions, today strive for rationality and maximum savings. The undoubted scourge of small apartments and houses are small rooms. Naturally, a modest area limits the possibilities of the hostess, who is constantly thinking about how to furnish a small room. The first piece of advice to give in this situation is not to rush. Carefully thought out to the smallest detail, the interior allows not only to save money, but also makes it possible to fully solve the problem of how to furnish a small room, regardless of its parameters.

how to furnish a small room

All work must be divided into three stages:

  • finishing;
  • furnishings;
  • final decoration.

Before furnishing a small room with furniture, you should think carefully about the color scheme of the future interior. In spite ofthe fact that the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room is small, you can use dark shades of the color spectrum or a combination of several colors, wallpaper with a large pattern. The latter option will give the room freshness and vitality, but in order for the room not to seem even smaller, it is better to dilute the interior by applying plain wallpaper on adjacent walls, but with a beautifully pronounced texture, wallpaper with an ornament.

how to furnish a small bedroom

When having a problem with how to furnish a small room, a special place is given to furnishing. Choosing furniture, you must proceed from its practicality, versatility and ease of use. The main condition that the selected furniture must comply with is compliance with the dimensions. Bulky wardrobes, massive chests of drawers and beds are not an option for our case.

Minimalism is good in this situation. Before furnishing a small bedroom, choose the most necessary pieces of furniture: a bed, bedside tables or a chest of drawers, refusing a bulky wardrobe. You can solve the problem with storage compartments with the help of opening sections in a bed, ottoman or bedside table. Good built-in furniture will help with this. To visually expand the space of the room, you can use mirrors by placing them on the front doors or on the cabinet doors.

how to furnish a kids room

How to furnish a children's room if it is limited to a few meters? Using simple design techniques for dividing space into zones and modern technologies! For example, sleepingit is more practical to equip a folding sofa. This will allow you to carve out space for games and get additional sections (in the sofa) for things or toys. Do not be afraid to use additional light sources, they create comfort and fill the room with light. Lighting should be both ubiquitous - ceiling, and spot. When furnishing a small room, it should be remembered that there should be a lot of light in it, and a minimum of accessories, otherwise the effect of clutter will be created, in addition, the room will visually become even smaller.

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