Pull-out beds for two children. Design features

Pull-out beds for two children. Design features
Pull-out beds for two children. Design features

It is not easy to arrange a children's room, especially a small area. The task becomes more complicated if you need to place two guys in the room. Pull-out beds for two children will help to achieve maximum comfort and at the same time save space.

Sleeping requirements

If there are two children, then each should have their own cozy and comfortable corner. These are cabinets and shelves where you can place linen, things and toys, a student's study table. Need a place for the child to play and have fun. Nevertheless, the main attention should be directed to the equipment of the recreation area. The children's furniture market offers a lot of such options. There are some requirements for children's furniture. First of all, it is maximum safety (all corners must be rounded). Use of environmentally friendly materials in the manufacture. Compact, simple and easy to operate. It is desirable that pull-out beds for two children fit into the design of the room, match the overall design and please their owners.

Pull-out beds for two children

Bed options

The design of a children's room, namely a bed, depends on the age and gender of the children. These can be free-standing beds with drawers. If the children are of different sexes, with a difference in age, or teenagers, the room can be divided by a screen or a small partition. This option, of course, will take up a considerable area in the nursery. A transformer complex is suitable for a small room. It is clearly delimited into zones, combining a corner of relaxation, play and study.

Another solution is a bunk bed. This design is very popular with kids. In addition to the sleeping area, this is a real home for games, ladders and steps that contribute to physical development. Preschoolers are more suitable for beds with a pull-out bed. They are low and safer than two-story ones. If necessary, the upper bed can be provided with a protective barrier. The mechanism for rolling out one bed from under another is simple for a child. When unfolded, these are two full-fledged places to relax.

Pull-out beds

Device of drawers

The retractable design is not much different from a regular bed. The upper part and the retractable lower part are connected to the main body. Under the lower place there can be a box or boxes for linen and toys. You should decide on the installation area so that the pull-out double bed does not block the entire room. The bottom section can be pulled out as needed. There are models when the lower bed is fully extended. This makes it possible to place it anywhere in the room. To make it comfortable for the child to descendon top, there is a ladder or steps-boxes that play the role of additional containers. The upper part can be with a restrictive side so that the child does not fall in a dream. There are original designs for three children. The first two sections are roll-out on wheels, and the third is located above them. You can climb it along the ladder.

Pull-out double bed

Teen bed

It's not only other people's children that grow up fast, and very soon the crib is too small. Of course, the sofa bed will take up less space. But a teenager’s sleeping place should be even and flat, without joints and folds. Standard dimensions: length - 1900 mm, width 1200 mm. The best option is a bed made of MDF or natural wood. The basis is a wooden frame with lamellae. There are models with a lifting mechanism and the presence of an internal drawer under the base. A pull-out bed for teenagers will solve the problem of resting two children. The ideal solution is a loft bed. The bed is located on top. Downstairs - a table, a wardrobe, a free area for games. The design is practical, original and very popular with the younger generation. There are similar models for two children. Beds can be placed one below the other, at an angle to each other or be offset.

Pull-out bed for teenagers

Advantages of withdrawable models

The main plus is that pull-out beds for two children do not take up much space. The main space of the nursery can be used for the child's games. Roll-out system is easy to operate, no need every timeclean and hide bedding. If there are drawers, you can conveniently place toys or children's things in them. The design is low, the upper tier is equipped with a barrier that protects the child from falling. The lower bed can be used intermittently, for example, during the arrival of guests. Beds can also be placed separately from each other.

When buying, you need to know the exact dimensions of the room. The choice of models in form and color is great. This makes it possible to choose a model for both girls and boys. Particular attention should be paid to the stability of the bed, the reliability of fasteners, retractable mechanisms. It is better to make a purchase at trusted outlets and with the appropriate certificates. Pull-out beds for two children are comfortable, functional and look beautiful, they add coziness and immediacy to the children's room.

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