How to make violet bloom at home?

How to make violet bloom at home?
How to make violet bloom at home?

Violet, or saintpaulia, is a plant that can be found in almost every home. Our grandmothers and mothers loved these delicate flowers, decorated with a hat of bright petals almost all year round. Most often they were purple, sometimes white. But today the abundance of varieties is so great that you can find red, purple, double and multi-colored violets. Because of this, interest in them only grows. But gardeners face a different challenge. Violet releases leaf after leaf, but there were no buds, and no. How to make violets bloom? Let's understand and get acquainted with the recommendations of leading agricultural technicians.

how to make a violet bloom with a hat

Simple answer

Really, there is nothing easier. If you are looking for a way to make a violet bloom, then you have made mistakes in its content. The plant is not too whimsical, but there are a number of features that you need to know. Otherwise, a green bush will constantly sit on your window without a hinton buds.

What mistakes can a florist make? As a rule, this applies not only to light or temperature conditions. The wrong choice of soil, fertilizers and other care elements - all this together leads to the fact that the long-awaited flowering is delayed. What should a beginner florist do? How to make a violet bloom? It is logical to assume that you need to change the growing conditions - and the effect will not keep you waiting.

how to make violets bloom at home


Very often we choose a place in the apartment based on how the plant will look good here. And the place seems to be beautiful, the pot fits perfectly into the interior, but the violet is still boring. There is no intensive growth of leaves and development of buds. It is quite possible that Saintpaulia looks good here, but does not feel well. You can guess about non-compliance with the light regime by the following points:

  • Leaves begin to turn yellow and become covered with brown spots. This suggests that the pot is constantly under direct sunlight.
  • In the second case, you can observe that the leaves are stretched upwards, and their legs become more and more thin. There are no buds or flowers. This indicates that the plant is suffering from a lack of sunlight.

There is no single answer to the question of how to make violets bloom. It is necessary to assess the condition of the plant and find the cause of the problem. By eliminating it, you will get a lush, flowering bush. This is a light-loving and very delicate flower. Violet needs a lotlight during the day, but direct sunlight will burn the leaves in a few hours. It is best to put the plant on the northwest window.

how to make violets bloom

Pot size matters

This should not be forgotten either. Sometimes beginner growers make the same mistake. They choose a large, spacious pot and expect the bush to repay them with a lush crown and beautiful flowers. But only half guess. The leaves unfold one after the other, but there are no buds. So how do you make a violet bloom?

If the plant is purchased, then you should shake it out of the pot and carefully examine the roots. Violet will not bloom until a dense earthen ball is formed by its root system. As long as the pot is too large, the plant will reproduce its babies as leaves rather than buds. Of course, active growth will give results sooner or later, but you will have to be patient. The solution may be to transplant into a smaller diameter pot. As it can take a container up to 10 cm in diameter and about 8 cm deep.

Temperature conditions

It is not always clear why a guest from the southern countries, which is Saintpaulia, refuses to bloom in an apartment where it is always warm - both in winter and in summer. When learning how to make violets bloom at home, it is important to learn that they need high temperatures for normal growth and flowering. But stepchildren appear in cooler conditions.

In winter, when shoots and buds are formed, it is necessary to ensure the temperature regime within + 13 … + 16 ° С. Need it in the springincrease to +19, and with the beginning of flowering - up to +25 degrees.

how to make violets bloom at home


Under natural conditions, Saintpaulia grows near lakes and rivers. Therefore, low humidity in the room leads to the fact that there will never be buds. Abundant flowering can only be expected if the air humidity is at least 50-75%. If your violet has not released a hat of petals in the summer, this is the first sign that the air is too dry. In apartments during the heating season, humidity drops to 25%.

How to make violets bloom at home? You just need to spray them regularly. In summer, this is done 1-2 times a week with a spray bottle and warm water. And in winter, the following technique is used. A thick, nylon rope is threaded through the soil and drainage holes. Now we take a pallet, pour pebbles into it and pour water. The ends of the rope sticking out of the drainage holes are immersed in water, and the pots are placed on top of the pebbles. As a result, you can not worry about watering, and the air will be saturated with fumes. Therefore, the plant will constantly form buds.

how to make violet bloom all year round

Irrigation features

Wick watering, described above, is very helpful in growing varietal violets that require care. But most housewives believe that this is too troublesome, and continue to water the old fashioned way, using a watering can. If in this case you see that the bush has stopped growing, and the leaves look weak andpainful means you are making one of two mistakes. That is, watering too much or, conversely, drying the plants. The beautiful Saintpaulia can also feel bad due to poor drainage. If there are no holes in the bottom of the pot to drain excess water, the plant will get sick and wither away.

This is one of the most important rules for a grower. Therefore, if you are wondering how to make violet bloom all year round, study the rules of watering very carefully. An earthen ball should be constantly moistened, that is, the option "plentifully water for the whole week" is categorically unacceptable. You will have to slightly moisten the soil every day. The volume of water depends on the air temperature and season. In winter you need less, in summer you need more. But we hasten to please you: difficulties are usually associated with growing a young plant. An adult bush can be watered when the topsoil dries.

how to make violets bloom profusely


Here, too, the main rule - do no harm. An excess of nutrients is often worse than a lack of them. The introduction of a large amount of potassium leads to the fact that the tips of the leaves turn yellow. Excess nitrogen contributes to the growth of the bush in the complete absence of flowers. But even when fertilizers are simply forgotten, the effect will not be any better.

How to make a violet bloom with a hat? You need to purchase a special soil for violets in a specialized store or prepare a mixture of 50% of the earth and the same amount of additives, including peat, river sand and humus.Saintpaulia can only be fed with special fertilizers for this species and no more than once a week.

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Instead of a conclusion

Now you know all about how to make violets bloom profusely. It is only necessary to take into account the listed rules. It's not that difficult, especially if you've already practiced on one pot. Then the next one will be much easier. If you notice that the bush has become sad, it is worth re-analyzing each of the points and finding flaws in care.

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