Violet blue: names and descriptions of varieties. Blue Dragon variety. EK-Blue Hoarfrost. Violet Blue Lagoon

Violet blue: names and descriptions of varieties. Blue Dragon variety. EK-Blue Hoarfrost. Violet Blue Lagoon
Violet blue: names and descriptions of varieties. Blue Dragon variety. EK-Blue Hoarfrost. Violet Blue Lagoon

Many housewives love to plant delicate indoor violets on their windowsills. What kind of varieties today you will not find in the flower market. Most of all, blue violets are familiar to many. Their colors range from pale blue to velvety blue. Today we will look at the most chic blue violet varieties. Its scientific name is saintpaulia, or uzambar violet.

Blue Dragon

Rich world of blue Saintpaulias

Not everyone knows that the Uzambar violets originally had a blue color. It was cornflower blue, indigo, sapphire indoor beauties that conquered the world. Even in ancient times, blue symbolism was highly valued. This color was associated with modesty, purity of thought.

In the article we will consider the most beautiful blue violets, their features and external features. We offer you to look at the photo gallery of these indoor plants of extraordinary beauty. Below you will read in more detail the description of the 9 main blue varieties. In addition to them, the following violets are also worth highlightingcornflower blue: Arabian Night, Aphrodite, African Night, Wave Runner, Viscount, Misty Cloud. The violet Queen of Heaven is also very effective. Many varieties will be described in the article.

blue Saintpaulia

Blue Dragon Violet

Saintpaulia Blue Drakon has a very beautiful name, isn't it? And the flower is even more beautiful! It is distinguished by semi-double and double stars of a light blue color. In the center of the blooming rosette, the flowers are dark blue, which makes them stand out very effectively. Petals have a purple or light green border. In the photo above - blue violets Blue Dragon.

It can be seen that the flower is decorated with dark green foliage with slightly jagged edges. The underside of the leaves are slightly reddish. Blue Dragon is a rather large variety with a powerful rosette of buds and juicy leaves. The rosettes are vase-shaped. Petioles first stretch upwards, and then turn horizontally with leaf blades. The emerging leaves are slightly twisted, but then straighten out.

A blooming rosette of flowers resembles a terry hat. Each petal has a reddish-purple ruffled border. Maybe the variety is called the Blue Dragon, because an ominous purple border appears on the light background of the flowers. This violet blooms profusely and willingly, like a bouquet. The size of the flower in diameter can be 7 cm. Peduncles are very persistent and resilient. Up to 8 buds are located on one stem. Especially bright flowering is observed in winter. In summer, the petioles begin to grow, the leaves rise up. The abundant flowering of the Blue Dragon is due to the powerfulroot and leaf apparatus.

Blue Danube

Extraordinary Blue Danube

This variety is considered a very bright representative of blue saintpaulias. It was brought out by Russian breeders. Violet Blue Danube has wavy, matte, jagged green leaves. The color of the flowers resembles the waters of the famous Danube, which is why the name is appropriate. Flowers can reach a diameter of 5 cm. To obtain abundant flowering, the Blue Danube violet must be placed in illuminated places. It requires a lot of moisture. Pleases with flowering for a very long time, if you place it in a room with the right temperature. Any grower will be happy with indoor flowers of the Blue Danube variety. This is a wonderful addition to the Saintpaulia collection. Due to its valuable decorative qualities, the flower can decorate any interior.

Sea Wolf

Violet Variety Sea Wolf

Breeder Elena Vasilyeva in 2006 brought out an inimitable saintpaulia. And her name is very unusual - Sea Wolf. Flower petals, looking like delicate ruffles, resemble sea waves. This violet can be seen at many exhibitions. Among all the blue varieties, it has the largest flowers. It is characterized by large leaves, like a burdock. At first, the leaves are even, but then they turn horizontally and allow the rosette to run amok.

Peduncles form real bouquets from fluffy flowers. In the photo above you can see a smooth, neat and symmetrical rosette of this variety. The plant with its leaves completely surrounds the pot. The blue flowers themselveslarge, up to 9 cm in diameter. Just beauties! In the second flowering, the doubleness of the petals increases. The original bright blue color of the flowers and the dark leaves of the plant are perfectly combined.

This Saintpaulia thrives in natural light. Under optimal conditions, the plant can please the owner with constant flowering. It is best to choose small pots for her. It will be best for her on the windowsill from the north, northeast, northwest side. She does not like too bright lighting. The ideal temperature for the Sea Wolf variety will be +20 ° С. The plant does not like drafts, so you do not need to keep the doors open. Leaves and flowers do not tolerate spraying. Watering should also be neat and regular. This is best done with a watering can.

Uzambara Violet Magic Night

This is a truly mesmerizing flower with deep blue double flowers sprinkled with pink polka dots. Sometimes the petals are decorated with white spots, it resembles a starry sky. Velvet leaves of the Magical Night of saturated green color with original teeth. Features a large but compact outlet.

Its double flowers are blue-purple. Raspberry peas on the petals make the flower very mysterious. The flowers themselves are medium in size, but there are many of them on the peduncles.

Flowering stems form a colorful hat. Flowering is quite long and abundant. For the first time, the flowers may be without peas. This variety is very unpredictable. Sometimes there are 1 - 2 spots on the petals, and sometimes theyset.

In a well-lit room, you can place this violet on a rack or table. But the best place would be the windowsill. The plant loves frequent watering and reminds of this with leaves that have fallen down. Sometimes it goes into sports, then the flowers turn purple. A very beautiful variety, you can admire it in the photo below.

Magic night

Variety Fine Creole

This saintpaulia was bred by domestic breeders. Such an indoor flower is also called a bright beauty with a complaisant character. Its flowers have a bright blue color with a purple tint. This is a fairly prolific plant with increased resistance to adverse conditions. It is very easy to propagate, because new babies are constantly appearing.

The photo of the Beautiful Creole will not leave indifferent fans of the Ozambara violets. Admire her below in the picture. Isn't it, gorgeous beauty? Pay attention to her semi-double star flowers. Their petals on the edges are decorated with a white-green border, like ruffles. In diameter, the flowers reach 5 cm. The blooming rosette resembles a bouquet, but not a hat. Flowering occurs in waves, each period lasts approximately 40 days. There may be three such waves in a year.

Peduncles are characterized by maroon color, strong and durable structure. The variety is distinguished by dark green leaves, slightly pubescent, having a slight wave along the edge. Forms a neat, symmetrically developing rosette up to 30 cm in diameter. This saintpaulia loves standard conditions with natural light. If the room is below +20 ° C, then the borderon the petals becomes green instead of white. In winter, lighting with fluorescent lamps is possible.

Spraying the fleecy leaves of Violet Beautiful Creole is strictly prohibited. They may then rot or dry out. Every two weeks it is worth combining watering the plant with top dressing. For this, it is best to use liquid fertilizers. Every year, a plant transplant procedure is carried out. Young sockets can be transplanted in autumn and spring.

Beautiful Creole

EK-Blue Hoarfrost

Many people like this variety for its rich cornflower blue color. The plant is unpretentious, grows well and blooms quickly. The bush is formed in the form of a symmetrical rosette. Feels great on the windowsill and shelving. Flower stalks of violet EK-Blue Hoar short.

The variety is distinguished by large semi-double blue stars with corrugated petals. Along the edges is a white edging. Sockets are formed independently. First, the leaves grow up, and then hug the pot. Flowering is long, in the form of a bouquet. The plant is almost always in flowers. Can go into sports and form a new variety EK-Nautilus.

The plant is characterized by unpretentiousness, stability, rapid growth. Being on the windowsill, gives a larger outlet than in the shade. Admire the Blue Rime variety in the photo below. Indeed, it seems that the flowers are covered with a light white frost around the edges.

Blue frost

Gift for Beloved

This hybrid has large double fringed blueflowers, along the edge of which there is a red-purple border. Violet Gift for Beloved is a show plant with a perfect rosette, self-forming.

The flowers are dark blue in color and have a fairly distinct border. On peduncles there are many buds that form real hats. Large and bright flowers last for a long time, up to a month and a half. The variety has positive parameters, unpretentious to lighting.

Pay attention to the leaves of this houseplant. They are also very decorative. They are dark green in color with a creamy pink border. Even without flowers, rosettes look elegant.

Gift for Beloved

Even a photo cannot convey all the beauty of the Gift for a Beloved variety. It can really be presented as a present to your man. Neat rosette looks very harmonious.

The Unique Blue Lagoon

Do you know what a lagoon is? This is a shallow reservoir connected to the sea by a narrow strait, with sky-colored water. So, this is the color of the Blue Lagoon violet. The flower is characterized by semi-double bright blue stars. In its center is a bright blue spot. The edges of the petals resemble a purple shuttlecock.

The bush resembles a compact green outlet of medium size. It has a compact, flat, symmetrical shape, can reach a diameter of 30 cm. If the plant does not have enough light, then it stretches its leaves upwards.

Flowers of a cold blue color reach a diameter of 6 cm. The edges of the petals are decorated with a wide pale purple border. In color, the variety resemblesBlue Dragon, but the shape of the flower is different. If you look closely at the flower, you can see a green stripe on the tips of the petals. Under different temperature conditions, the color of this border may change. The older the rosette becomes, the more elegant its bouquet. The plant blooms profusely, flower stalks produce many buds. You can enjoy flowering for a long time. As soon as one flower stalks fade, new ones immediately appear. This continues for about 2.5 months. Raising a Blue Lagoon is easy with babies or leaves.

Blue Lagoon

Blue variety Summer Twilight

This wonderful blue Saintpaulia has become a delightful masterpiece of breeder Konstantin Morev. Violet Summer Twilight is on everyone's lips these days. She fell in love with flower growers for her extraordinary brightness. Sometimes it is also called Morev's violet. She is remembered for her variegated leaves and petals. This saintpaulia forms a neat flat rosette of medium size. Slightly concave quilted green leaves have a white blurry border around the edges. It is the contrast of blue and white that makes this beauty recognizable.

This variety cannot be confused with any other. It is distinguished by large double and semi-double stars up to 6 cm in diameter. Each petal in the center has a blue-violet color and a white border. We must pay tribute to the velvety petals with a wavy edge. Bright, lush, voluminous flowers attract attention. The peduncles can have so many buds that they sag under their weight.

Saintpaulia blooms Summer Twilight long andplentifully. Even young rosettes tend to bloom. Caring for a variety is not very difficult. Even beginners can wait for it to bloom. A flower pot can be placed both on the windowsill and on the rack. The plant should be protected from too bright sun so that the white spots of the leaves do not get burned. This violet loves the cool. In the heat, the variegated leaves become duller. Excessive lighting leads to lower leaves.

Care tips for blue Saintpaulias for better blooms

Some violets bloom once a year, others produce only a few peduncles, and still others have beautiful blue caps two or three times a year for two months. For frequent and abundant flowering, carry out the following activities:

  • Keep an eye on the lighting. The flower loves intense light flux. The best place for him is on the windowsill, 30 centimeters from the window.
  • Use artificial lighting during short daylight hours.
  • Feed with violet fertilizer after two weeks.
  • Water regularly with room temperature soft water.
  • Use soil rich in nitrogen to plant.

If you listen to our advice, then all of the above varieties of blue and blue violets will delight you with abundant flowering.

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