Competent organization of the internal space: zoning the room into the bedroom and living room

Competent organization of the internal space: zoning the room into the bedroom and living room
Competent organization of the internal space: zoning the room into the bedroom and living room

Studio apartments are one of the most common types of modern housing. They are affordable, quite sufficient for one person or for a couple. And if you correctly distribute the space in the room into functional areas, you can make room for such an intimate detail as a bedroom and a common living room for making friends.

Planning zones

zoning the room into the bedroom and living room

Zoning a room into a bedroom and living room is subject to certain interior design rules. And the first of them says: personal space should be inviolable. Therefore, place the bedroom area away from the front door, in the opposite part of the room. If there is only one window in the room, it should be attributed specifically to the bedroom. Remember: the zoning of a room into a bedroom and a living room is done primarily for the sake of a comfortable stay in it. And the window as a source of light, an exit to the outside world, provides a positive psychological state. In a corner without light and air, only with electriclight bulbs, a person will feel uncomfortable, constrained, depressed. But the zoning of the room into the bedroom and living room allows you to give the main part of the room under the "hall". The sleeping part can be quite small - as long as it is comfortable.

Tricks of the trade

living room zoning

How can you save space? Firstly, folding wall boards-tables. We throw back one half - two are arranged at the table. One more - already four, and so on. Secondly, the zoning of the room into the bedroom and the living room involves, instead of the usual bedside tables and other traditional furniture, different sliding shelves - near the bed, under the mirror, along the walls. Thirdly, it is better to choose a sofa for sleeping, inside which you can fold bedding. It must also fold and unfold. And it is very desirable to have wheels. As for chairs, choose small in size. It also has wheels to make it easy to move if needed. As for the TV and the computer, hang it on the wall first. Thinking of watching it before bed? Then choose a place that is convenient to use both from the recreation area and from the living room. And get a laptop - you don’t have to look for a place for a stationary. Have you thought about transforming furniture? Often the zoning of the living room bedroom really benefits from such interior items. Isn't it convenient when a closet turns into a bed at night and vice versa? And in this way you can order not only cabinets and sofas, but also other useful furniture. And, finally, podium floors, from wherea mattress rolls out with a berth - also a great option!

How to emphasize personal space

zoning living room bedroom

In order to highlight both zones visually, there are also many convenient and beautiful accessories. These are various screens, screens, falling curtains - made of material, beads, bamboo sticks, etc. In addition to a specific purpose - zoning the living room-bedroom - they also perform the function of decor, making the room elegant, giving it a certain zest, creating a mood. If you like indoor flowers, a stand-wall with many decorative flowerpots will hide your intimate, personal corner from prying eyes. And the room itself will benefit greatly from such a winter garden in miniature. Arranging furniture in a special way also contributes to the proper organization of space. If the sofa on which you sleep is turned with its back towards the living room, its back will act as the border of the zones. Well, when making furniture to order, make yourself a bed, the back of which will be at the same time a rack that perfectly divides the interior space of the room. The same function can be performed by a transformer cabinet, etc. Niches of various designs, somewhat hiding the bed, will also look stylish. But do not forget: divided into zones, you still have one room. Therefore, observe the principle of harmony in the setting, color details, etc.

Light Features

Light is a good helper in solving various problems with the interior. In the bedroom, limit yourself to touch or spotlights, sconces ortable lamp, leaving a bright overhead light for the guest part. Although it is also preferable to place several light sources there, including one of them or all, depending on the situation.

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