Wallpaper "Marburg" in the interior: types with descriptions, features of use, design advice

Wallpaper "Marburg" in the interior: types with descriptions, features of use, design advice
Wallpaper "Marburg" in the interior: types with descriptions, features of use, design advice

Many people, starting to repair, want to change the decoration of their apartment, to make it almost unrecognizable. Stylish and unusual Marburg wallcoverings can help with this. Wallpaper "Marburg" in the interior is combined with any furniture, decorative elements, wood, tiles and other materials.

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These wall coverings are presented in a very wide range. You can choose textile wallpaper, non-woven or foamed vinyl. It is possible to match the "Marburg" wallpaper to the interior of any color, because they are covered with shining surfaces, holographic effects and voluminous decorative layers of pearls or glass beads.

Most often, such wall coverings are made in gold, silver and bronze colors, and if the sun's rays fall on them, they shimmer in brown, beige and gray shades. If you look at the photo of the wallpaper "Marburg" ininterior, you can see how luxurious they look.

This product comes with colorful patterns that are great for positive people. Wallpaper of this brand is advised to use in rooms with high ceilings to emphasize the decoration more effectively.

Original collections

Wallpapers "Marburg" in the interior are structural coatings with large and small patterns, three-dimensional and flat options, and many more. They are in demand in many homes thanks to:

  • high artistic performance;
  • perfect quality;
  • affordable.
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The factory annually releases new items on oriental and classic traditional themes, in such popular styles as hi-tech, country. After viewing the photo of the wallpaper "Marburg" in the interior of the loft, you can verify their sophisticated and unique look. Original collections include:

  • Luxury flooring Icon. They imitate silk with high quality, abstract motifs, patterns and themes are located on colorful delicate backgrounds.
  • Pure surprises with the depth of shades and mystery, the applied plots that require reflection.
  • Unique The Wall comes in black, beige, blue and brown.
  • Custom 4 Women have amazing pictures on the theme of glamor and classic.
  • Colani author's coatings amaze with imitation of natural materials, bright iridescent tints, colorfulness and richness of shades.
  • Excellent wallpaper PatentDecor are suitable for quick painting with drawings of unusual embossed motifs, there are also interesting children's themes.
  • Single color gorgeous La Veneziana canvases with the usual images decorated in cool shades. The La Veneziana 2 series has recently been released, featuring all sorts of curves, geometric stripes and shading.
  • The Opulence Set features iridescent patterns, chic flower designs and curious waves.
  • Opulence Giulia stands out with its delicate prints and subtle hues.
  • The Gloockler series is represented by gilded coatings, textured wallpapers with strict stripes and ripples.
  • Cuvee Prestige canvases have prints that depict nature motifs and panels with floral pictures.

Wallpaper "Marburg" in the interior of the loft is a very original and beautiful solution. This collection allows you to turn simple walls into concrete surfaces that are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. This is done in the following way. It is necessary to take a drawing that repeats the structure of the plaster, add an accurately dosed soft gloss to it and an excellent background for placing exhibits on the wall is ready. The collection is dominated by cozy and calm colors:

  • pearl;
  • tobacco;
  • white;
  • taupe.

In the chic Karim Rashid collection, you can find amazing trendy wallcoverings with specific shades and geometric shapes with a fantasy theme, in the form of large drops and blurry spots.

Into the inimitablethe Lazer series includes canvases that can be dyed. With their help, you can emphasize the sophistication of any room, regardless of its purpose.


Wallpaper "Marburg" has many advantages:

  • huge color range;
  • easy to stick on any surface;
  • compliance with fashion trends.

Choosing the right wall material, you need to familiarize yourself with the technical specifications.

vinyl obom

Vinyl wallpaper

The main feature of "Marburg" vinyl wallpaper for painting in the interior is that the owner himself decides what color to paint them. Therefore, he has the opportunity to create a kind of internal design. Thanks to an interesting relief structure, they can be used to perfectly hide all existing deformations and irregularities on the surface of the walls. These wallpapers are made by hot or cold embossing, or PVC foaming.

Many vinyl wall coverings have an unusual design, which consists in modulations and the play of light on a sparkling surface. Relief variations are also produced that copy brick or stonework, leather. All these species are distinguished by resistance to:

  • abrasion in places of contact with various objects, bed;
  • exposure to ultraviolet rays;
  • significant mechanical damage.

It is precisely because of these qualities, according to many designers, that Marburg wallpaper in the interiorthe bedrooms will come in handy.

paper wallpaper

Paper wallpapers

Paper wallcoverings are considered the most practical, and they are quite durable and highly environmentally friendly. With the help of wallpaper "Marburg" in the interior, you can create any style. Such products are produced in various colors and all kinds of designs, they are:

  • coarse;
  • moisture resistant;
  • structural.

Coarse-fibered ones contain wood shavings, which gives the surface a very interesting structure. Waterproof paste over the walls in rooms with high humidity. The surface of the structural types of wall coverings "Marburg" can be embossed or smooth. They are suitable for painting, after which they look a bit like decorative plaster.

Non-woven wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper

These products are based on interlining applied to foamed vinyl, which, in turn, serves as a decorative layer. These types of finishing materials are white or painted. They have a lot of positive qualities:

  • long service life;
  • easy to apply;
  • excellent strength.

When sticking such wallpaper, irregularities on the surface are well masked, mold does not form on the walls. Designers recommend using this material, as it is perfect for painting, which can be done several times, so it is possible to transform the decoration of the room in a short time.

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In the interior, "Marburg" wallpapers always look luxurious. Any German collection, thanks to its distinctive design, helps to create a unique atmosphere in any room, whether it is a children's room or a living room. The main advice of designers is to choose the right color and texture of the wallpaper so that they are in complete harmony with the decor and match the taste of the owners.

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