What can be hung on the wall: ideas and interesting ideas

What can be hung on the wall: ideas and interesting ideas
What can be hung on the wall: ideas and interesting ideas

Home is a reflection of a person's personality. The expression in "4 walls" is not just a negative meaning. The monotonous, dull design of the walls negatively affects the human psyche, his moral and intellectual state. To avoid this, you need to diversify the decor of the walls in your home. What can be hung on the wall to diversify the design, consider further.

Panel wall decor

Kitchen is a place for cooking and eating. This is the main and one of the most technologically sophisticated rooms in the house. When solving the problem of what can be hung on the wall in the kitchen, you need to avoid clutter and overload with details. There are so many small elements and objects in the kitchen, especially when cooking is in progress. Therefore, overloading with parts can only hurt.

From the options of what can be hung on the wall, you can consider a panel depicting kitchen appliances. Especially if it is made in tone with the general color of the kitchen, or, conversely, -contrast.

kitchen wall decoration

This panel will enliven the atmosphere, add zest and comfort to the room. It can be done as a digital print on canvas and stretched on a stretcher. You can, for example, take wooden shields as a basis. Especially if they are aged - in any kitchen such a shield will become a decor.

letters on the wall

The exception is classic-style kitchens. For them, you can offer another option that can be hung on the wall - photo. Framed with a passe-partout to match the walls of the kitchen. From trips, travels, with various family events - this decor diversifies even the most restrained classic interior.

Slate on the wall

Another option for hanging on the wall is a slate board. It can be diversified with the best samples of your wine collection. And you can arrange a whole exhibition. Donated or brought wines are no longer fashionable to put in a dark cabinet. For them, special wine display cabinets were invented. You can organize it built into the headset, or you can hang it separately on the wall, which will also serve as an excellent decor.

wine decoration

Decoration with decorative plates

Often housewives decorate the walls of the kitchen with plates. Either samples of rare porcelain, or souvenirs brought from trips. Plates are one of the good options for hanging on the wall. But you need to understand that the plates will need proper care.

Set as wall decor in the kitchen

Another optiondecorating the walls of the kitchen can be the kitchen set itself. Or rather, the absence of its upper part. Then it is replaced by a bright ceramic tile apron, above which open shelves with the necessary little things for cooking are placed. This option is suitable for large kitchens, starting from 12 square meters. In a small kitchen, wall decor with open shelves will look messy.

Living room wall decor

The living room in modern interiors is increasingly combined with a kitchen or dining room. In this case, the amount of space is reduced and the time spent with the family increases. But this is not always the case, and with a separate location of the living room, wall decor is no less important. There are a lot of ideas from what can be hung on the wall in the room to make it more interesting, but at the same time the overall image is not disturbed.

Design with empty frames

One option would be empty frames. Vintage or modern, plain or patterned. Can be calm tones or bright. Even combining different styles, you can get an unexpected effect from the decor. The frames leave some intrigue for the interior, and they are also easy to decorate for various events. For example, for the New Year, you can hang Christmas balls in them, and for a wedding, you can tie white ribbons to them.


Frames can be painted in the same tone as the wall - and then you get an interesting complex relief. When the interior is loaded with details, such wall decor will be unobtrusive, but not boring. You can periodically place objects in the frameown production, which is important for creative people. Handmade items usually have nowhere to put, but you want to admire them. Frames will save the situation perfectly - you can hang different elements in them for a while, and then change them.

Wall decor with colored stripes

The living room is often used as a study. In this case, the shelves above the computer act as wall decor. They can be diversified with a colored contrasting stripe. You need to choose bright, but not poisonous colors, so as not to overstrain the eyes, which are already tired from working at the computer.

In general, contrasting stripes are one of the great wall decor options. Especially if you hang a decor of a calm color on such a bright strip. And then the bright stripe will serve as an excellent background for him. The contrasting strip is either crumbled, or glued with a different wallpaper color, or it is made from bright adhesive tape.

wall with yellow stripes

Using adhesive tape, you can get an interesting wall decor. It is not a pity to change, seal or remove completely. Tape wall decor can be both bright and neutral. For a youth interior, in general, you can choose acid-colored tape and place it on the wall at the wrong angles.

Also, photographs will serve well for decorating the walls of a living room. If the interior is in a free style, you can print them as they are, if they are seasoned, you can process the photos in the appropriate color scheme. Well, as for black and white photos, they generally fit any interior in any style.

Bedroom Wall Decor

The bedroom is a place of solitude, relaxation and rest. To solve these problems, designers use subdued light, delicate shades of colors. Rarely, but there are bedroom interiors with flashy bright walls or in very dark colors. This is more of an exception than the rule.

Earlier, carpets were hung on the wall to keep the heat in the room and as decoration. It was believed that the carpet is an expensive thing and you can’t walk on it. Times have changed, now the carpet is an integral part of any interior and you can bring it from anywhere in the world. The price of individual models is still high. And now they are hung on the wall, but already as a decoration. Sometimes they make a kind of canopy over the bed from carpets. In this case, the room acquires a national flavor, and waking up under such beauty is very pleasant. An idea for hanging on the wall instead of a rug is a woven panel or a handmade patchwork quilt.

sand color carpet

Framed photographs in the bedroom have not lost their relevance as decor. Especially with pleasant family moments - they will warm you when loved ones are not around, and will delight you in the morning. For a young couple, these could be wedding photos that add an extra touch of intimacy to the bedroom decor.

Within the framework, you can place delicate watercolors or images like flowers from the encyclopedia of botany on the wall. Especially complementing their passe-partout to match the color of the bedroom walls.

carpet on the wall

An excellent option from what can be hung on the wall in the bedroom can serve as a panelwith motivational inscriptions. It is modern, fresh, and decorated in a certain style - this is a separate direction of graphic design, which is called lettering. That is, a beautiful spelling of letters, words, phrases. Such a panel can be placed above the headboard, or, on the contrary, opposite the bed, if space permits.

The decor of the walls of the bedroom or any other room is freedom for creativity. You don't have to be a designer to decorate your home. For decor, children's drawings, things pleasant to the heart, embroideries can serve. Decor can serve as a seasonal home decoration - for the seasons, for example. Or for the holidays. The most important task at the same time is to maintain a harmonious atmosphere in it.

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