Kitchen finishing: plastic panels or tiles

Kitchen finishing: plastic panels or tiles
Kitchen finishing: plastic panels or tiles

When we think about renovating the kitchen, we immediately imagine a cozy room with beautiful tiles on the walls and floor. This is the cherished dream of every housewife. In fact, a huge selection of colors, easy to clean, moisture resistant, not afraid of temperature changes - what more could you want? The only thing that is alarming is the high price of the tile and its installation.

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We have to think about other materials that may be needed when planning the finishing of kitchens. But what to choose? Wallpaper? But after all, in this room the humidity is quite high, and the fat will not decorate such a coating. It turns out there is a way out. These are plastic panels. But how safe are they for human he alth?

This long-standing and well-known finishing material, contrary to popular belief, is fireproof, made of environmentally friendly solid PVC, does not contain cadmium, asbestos and other harmful substances.

Finishing the kitchen with plastic panels does not requirepreparation of walls - removal of old, wallpaper, paint, plaster and repairing cracks. This is the least labor-intensive finishing method currently in existence. Installation of panels does not require special professional skills, you can handle it yourself.

Finishing the kitchen with panels begins with the manufacture of the crate. If the walls in the room are even and dry, then you can install them on the wall using silicone or acrylic adhesive. But, unfortunately, this method can be used quite rarely.

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For the manufacture of crates you will need plastic or wooden bars (25 x 40 mm). They are attached to the walls with screws at a distance of about 40-50 cm. It is very important that the bars are level. Otherwise, in the corners they will “fall over”. Finishing kitchens starts from the corner of the room towards the door. In this place, it is necessary to install the finishing element using metal staples or nails. Then a panel is inserted into it, which is attached to the wooden bars with self-tapping screws. The last panel closes in the groove of the finishing element.

Kitchen decoration can be done in two of the most common ways today - using ceramic tiles and using plastic or wall panels. The second way is becoming more and more popular.

kitchen finishing with plastic panels

Finishing kitchens with plastic panels is the least expensive way. Today, this material is presented on the construction market with a huge assortment. Lots of colors and shadeshigh quality, easy installation, quite affordable price make it very popular.

Wall panels can be mirrored, laminated, decorative, brick-like, etc. They are used to create an interior in any style. When buying panels, pay attention to their quality. The front side of a good, high-quality material does not have black spots. All planks are equal in width, without waves and drops. The material should not have holes, dents, chips. Make a purchase in large hardware stores and supermarkets - there is a possibility of purchasing low-quality goods on the market.

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