How to make the kitchen in Khrushchev cozy and beautiful?

How to make the kitchen in Khrushchev cozy and beautiful?
How to make the kitchen in Khrushchev cozy and beautiful?

When you enter the kitchen in Khrushchev, the first thing that catches your eye is its modest size. And it seems that it is impossible to create coziness and comfort on these few square meters. However, it is not. In fact, even 5-6 squares can be arranged in a very original way and made as functional as possible.

Main task

The kitchen is more than just a place to prepare food. In the evening, it is in this room that the family gathers for dinner, sometimes guests are received here. For this reason, the design of the kitchen in Khrushchev - with a refrigerator, a gas water heater and other household appliances that will be present in it - must be thought out to the smallest detail: it is important here to save space and make it visually look more spacious.

compact kitchen

Working with light

If the kitchen area in Khrushchev is 5 m2, then bright lighting will work well to expand the space in it. At the same time, it is desirable that there are also lamps above the working area, for example, spotlights. A mirror apron looks good here, andAdditional charm will be given by LED lighting of the floor and kitchen set. In the role of the main light source - the brightest - it is quite possible to use an ordinary chandelier, hanging it in the center.

Interesting small kitchen design

What should the ceiling be like?

The main requirement for the ceiling is that it should not hide the height. And in this case, it all depends on the conditions. In the photo of kitchens in Khrushchev, posted on the pages of information resources on the relevant topics, you can find many errors in the design of the ceiling, when massive multi-level structures look rather cumbersome on several square meters. For example, the most economical option in this regard is how to work with the "native" surface: properly level it, putty it and cover it with paint. Next on the list is a single-level stretch ceiling. He, if done correctly, will take about five centimeters. You can also sew up the ceiling with drywall, of course, in one layer. In this case, you will lose about 8-10 cm of height.

Ceiling height matters

Wall decoration

It is worth giving preference to plain finishing materials. And whether it will be plaster, paint, tile or wallpaper - it does not matter. Pick calm warm tones, preferably light colors. And remember that combinations of different shades are possible, but there can be no more than three. If you removed the door or removed the walls, thus combining the kitchen in Khrushchev (5 sq. M) with the living room, then in this case, using the decoration of differenttones, you can distinguish zones: dining and cooking. It is also worth paying attention to the texture of finishing materials - gloss will add a little space, while matte surfaces will not help with this. In general, wall decoration can have bright saturated colors and even black as the main one - now this is a reflection of the modern style. But if you decide on such an option, then its design project should be taken as carefully as possible.

Wall decoration in a small kitchen

Window decoration

A large wide window can fill a modest-sized room with enough light and visually expand its boundaries somewhat. In addition, this design is a reflection of the classic Victorian style, which is quite popular today. At the same time, it is desirable to make the design of the window itself minimalistic so that nothing interferes with the penetration of sunlight. It’s good if the kitchen opens onto a balcony - in this option it’s easy to get a huge panoramic window. And of course, it is desirable that the view that opens behind it pleases you. As for curtains, tulle, blinds, there should not be anything massive and dark. Light flowing curtains of light shades, Roman blinds, translucent curtains are the best option. Blinds are also a good choice as they have a low volume even when folded.

Large window - source of light

Finishing the floor

The design of the floor when arranging a small-sized kitchen in Khrushchev is no less important,than the color of the walls and the size of the window. But many people forget about it and make mistakes. For example, type-setting parquet in a small room will look out of place. This coverage is more suitable for the living room. It is better to stay on a simple laminate, linoleum or tile. At the same time, try to choose a smooth canvas without a relief pattern. Such a surface will reflect light rays much better and expand the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room.

How to hide pipes?

Pipes that snake through the entire kitchen spoil its appearance. And at the same time, a similar picture is observed in almost every second kitchen in Khrushchev with a gas water heater. And whatever the design, pipes spoil it to one degree or another. The solution in this case will be panels. But when installing them, one should take into account the fact that even the most elegant panels will take up part of the space. If you want to make the situation as neat as possible, in this case, the pipes can not be hidden, but simply painted over to match the walls. So the room will immediately become more comfortable. The second option is to draw patterns on the pipes, if the situation allows it. For example, you have drawings on the walls of a certain color - display them on the pipes, only in a reduced form.

Small kitchen design

What can I do to prevent the refrigerator from spoiling the interior?

In Khrushchev, as a rule, not only the kitchen is small, but also the rest of the premises. Thus, it is not possible to take the refrigerator, for example, into the corridor. But how to make this cumbersome technique fit correctly intothe interior of the kitchen and at the same time did not steal a quarter of its area? This is where you have to think carefully. It is advisable to purchase a refrigerator as narrow as possible and with reflective surfaces. This is the only way to save as much space as possible. In addition, do not forget that it is quite possible to hide it - such special cabinets often come with a kitchen set. And then even in Khrushchev with a refrigerator there will be no problems - such furniture makes the room more tidy, not allowing a single household appliance to distract attention.

Small kitchen with fridge

What about the gas water heater?

The best solution for a kitchen in Khrushchev with a column would be a wall cabinet. And if it matches the overall design, it will fit well into the interior and fulfill its main task. However, before taking such a step, it is necessary to consult with a specialist. Remember that safety comes first. As a rule, in order to hide the column, choose a fairly spacious closet with several holes for ventilation. Moreover, if the model of your geyser is outdated, then it is better to change it to a more modern version. Such models are more compact and designed for placement in hanging cabinets. In addition, today on sale you can find samples that are already enclosed in a decorative case. It can be a glass panel, a column with photo printing, painting, etc.

Neat kitchen with gas stove

Kitchen Appliances

It should be remembered that along with the geyser anda refrigerator in the kitchen in Khrushchev will also contain other appliances, no less dimensional: a stove, a sink and, possibly, a washing machine. Here you should follow the rule that was written above: choose models with reflective surfaces, for example, in a metal frame. At the same time, they, like the refrigerator, should be narrow. Such built-in appliances will successfully fit into the cabinets and cabinets of the kitchen set. It is quite possible to place a dishwasher or washing machine under the sink, and the stove will look as harmonious as possible if its color repeats the shade of the refrigerator body.

Appliances in the kitchen

And don't forget: if the area of ​​your kitchen in Khrushchev is 6 m or less, then you should not give in to the temptation and purchase a professional hob and the same oven. Such devices, of course, are of high quality, but at the same time they will certainly take away precious centimeters. The situation is the same with small household appliances - a coffee maker, a slow cooker, a pressure cooker, a double boiler, a mixer, a blender, a toaster, etc. If they are present in your kitchen in large numbers, they will occupy the entire work surface. It is better to purchase a couple of multifunctional devices that can replace 5-6 of the above. Or consider an option with mezzanines - in Khrushchev, such a cabinet is usually located above the doorway between the kitchen and the corridor. Devices that you rarely use can be easily removed, while freeing up horizontal surfaces.

Features of choosing a headset

Overall colorany is allowed, depending on your preferences. But at the same time, it is desirable that the facade of the headset be in the same palette with the color of the walls. For example, bright colors can add expressiveness to the overall interior. Do not be afraid to play with contrasts, as they can become a real highlight of your small-sized kitchen in Khrushchev. Choose a gloss, as it perfectly reflects light and makes the overall atmosphere lighter. Such facades push the boundaries of the room. But at the same time, the cabinets and wall cabinets themselves should be roomy. Therefore, pay attention to the functionality of the headset that you are going to purchase. After all, an important aspect is the convenience of cooking and storage, and not just the appearance.

The idea of ​​​​arranging a small kitchen

Too pretentious headsets of complex design in this case will not work - these are acceptable when decorating large rooms. However, this is not a reason to purchase faceless, expressionless furniture. As you can see in the photo, kitchens in Khrushchev may well be stylish and modern. You are limited in models - it is. But even with this condition, the choice is more than great. Again, do not forget about glossy facades that expand the space in the best way. It is necessary to install the headset as close to the walls as possible - close. This way you will free up space in the center of the room. And in order to accommodate everything you need, you should purchase a set with a large number of hanging cabinets and shelves, which can be open, with glass, mirror or solid doors.

Organic kitchen design

But the most successful solution when arranging a small kitchen in Khrushchev will be transformers. Such multifunctional items take up a minimum amount of space and at the same time are characterized by high ergonomics. They are perfectly camouflaged, looking like modest shelves or even dish lids. And they are held and put forward with the help of fasteners hidden under the furniture and countertops. And while there is no need for them, they modestly huddle in their place, without occupying a single centimeter of space. A small drawback of such designs is that it is quite difficult to choose a ready-made version; you will have to purchase transformers to order. But the result is worth it, especially if you are doing a kitchen renovation in Khrushchev. At the same time, it is highly undesirable to skimp on fasteners - it will be a shame if the original drawer cannot fully work. Poor quality parts will negate the effort.

Option for the arrangement of furniture in a small kitchen

Dining table

It can be located both in the kitchen itself and beyond. But since we are equipping this particular room, it is worth choosing furniture for it in a round, semicircular or oval shape. Such designs take up less space than the usual square and rectangular. And again, a transformer table can come to the rescue here. It will successfully fit into the interior and will allow, if necessary, to accommodate all guests. In a small kitchen, the table is recommended to be placed under one of the walls. If you put it in the center, then in a small area it will beinappropriate - inconvenient to walk and cook. An alternative option is a folding panel, which, when folded, can be part of the interior. Such decorative folding tables have a pattern on the bottom of the panel. If the surface is clean, then the pattern can be applied independently or ordered by a professional.

functional kitchen


Final touch - kitchen accessories and utensils. In a small kitchen, they should be placed especially carefully and carefully. To make the situation as neat as possible, excess dishes should not stand on horizontal surfaces. It is better to hide it in wall cabinets. And jewelry and accessories must be selected in such a way that they look organic and fit the interior. Do not overload the space with trifles. Stylish little things should not be too much, and at the same time, you should pay attention to their quality.

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