How to decorate a bedroom: ideas, options, tips

How to decorate a bedroom: ideas, options, tips
How to decorate a bedroom: ideas, options, tips

Everyone wants their bedroom to be beautiful and cozy. After all, it is in this room that the person goes to sleep. And depending on the interior, a person will receive the appropriate mood. For this reason, many prefer the design of the bedroom in soothing colors. But such an interior looks very boring. How to decorate a bedroom? Read more about it below.

Decor items

sconce over the bed in the bedroom

One of the easiest ways to ennoble the space around you is to use decorative items. How to decorate a bedroom? Think about the style you want to decorate the room. If your room is made in light colors, then the details can give the interior any style. African fans can hang ceramic masks in the room and arrange figures of aborigines. A girl who prefers vintage can hang decorative cages around the room, put beautiful decoupage boxes on the table and arrange candles around the perimeter of the room.

Details can complement the interior,the design of which was thought out in advance. For example, if you have decorated a room in a modern style, then you can use terrariums, metal frame structures or stone figurines as accents. Gold-plated clocks of complex shape are ideal for baroque. Choose accessories in accordance with the chosen style, and you will be able to harmoniously complete the created interior.

Posters and paintings

decorate the bedroom

Highly artistic works are out of fashion today. Young people prefer posters printed on canvas. If you do not know how to decorate the bedroom, then use this idea. Hang some interesting pictures on the walls. What topic to choose? Everything will depend on your taste preferences and the color scheme of the room. For example, you can hang a poster of your favorite movie in a frame that matches the color of the walls perfectly. Or you can make a portrait of your favorite actor to order, which will be printed on canvas in the studio and stretched on a stretcher. The room can be decorated with any abstract work or painting by a contemporary artist. It is advisable not to choose landscape scenes, they are not very popular today. The trend is symbolism and abstraction. Naturalism and hypernaturalism have long lost ground.


curtain set

Accents in a room can be not only small details, but also large accessories. For example, curtains. How to decorate a bedroom quickly and easily? Order curtains. This element of decor brings coziness to any room and organically completes the design.People love curtains not only for their functionality, but also for the atmosphere they create. If the room you are decorating is plain, then the curtains should be bright. You can play with the fabric print, or you can focus on the difference in textures.

It looks interesting set of curtains and bedspread. If you want to save money, then choose this option. Then you do not have to think about how and how to support the curtains by color. The designers who developed the kit have already coped with this task.


You can bring comfort to the room not only with the help of a set of curtains and bedspreads. All kinds of tablecloths and napkins will help to decorate the room. Do you think this is the last century? Nothing like this. Today, interesting napkins are gaining popularity again. The new vision of this decor element is significantly different from the old one. Silk cuts are laid on the chests of drawers, and not napkins knitted by the grandmother. Fashion goes in circles, so it is not surprising that vintage towels have returned as textiles. They are used as decor for beds and chests of drawers. Rough canvas fabric adds character and beauty to any interior.


how to decorate a bedroom

Want to bring coziness to the room? Lay a soft carpet near the bed. If earlier designers advised to completely cover the entire room with a carpet, now interior designers advise you to take a closer look at miniature rugs. Decorative elements can have any shape: round, square or more abstract. What is the advantage of such an emphasis?A small carpet does not collect a lot of dust, and also does not cover the beautiful and practical tiles that are fashionable for laying floors in the bedroom today.

Carpets are easy to fit into the interior of any style. You can combine their color with other decorative elements or make the carpet the main color accent of the room. A variety of materials and a wide price range make soft rugs a welcome item in any home.

Non-trivial lighting

It is possible to decorate the interior interestingly not only with the help of decorative details. Lighting will help make the room cozy. For example, a wall lamp above the bed in the bedroom will illuminate the room and replace the night light. The soft light that fills the room will help a person relax after a hard day's work.

If you want to give a room an unusual look at night, use a night sky lamp. Such a sconce over the bed in the bedroom will look good both at night and during the day. It is better not to choose a chandelier as a decorative element in the bedroom. Bright illumination in this room is not needed. Pay attention to unusually shaped table lamps or create side lighting in the room. Embedding small fixtures in the ceiling is no longer fashionable. Therefore, it is better to highlight the perimeter of the room from below.


wall decor stencils

Don't know how to decorate your bedroom wall? Notice the garlands. These glowing lights are relevant not only on New Year's holidays. If you choose a garland with yellow or white light, it will perfectly fit into the interior of your room in anyseason. This decor can be hung above the bed or on the opposite wall, so that during the rest you can enjoy the slow blinking of light bulbs.

A garland can act both as an independent decorative element and complement something. For example, you can decorate a large mirror, a writing board or a bookshelf with luminous lights. If you do not have pets, then spread the garland on the floor. It will be an interesting addition to the interior and an additional source of light.

Wall painting

how to decorate the wall above the bed in the bedroom

You can change the interior of a room without large financial investments with the help of paint. If you have artistic talent, then paint the wall. The plot can be anything. For example, illustrate your favorite piece of art or put a frame from your favorite movie on the wall. Does this style of decor seem too complicated for you? Then stencils for wall decor will be salvation. You can draw them by hand or find ready-made options. It is advisable to cut stencils not from paper, but from an adhesive film. Such a preparation will greatly facilitate your work in the future. The easiest way to decorate a wall with stencils is to draw silhouettes. Urban landscapes or the theme of cats are popular. How to use wall decor stencils? Place the adhesive paper on the wall and join it well with the surface. Paint the outline with acrylic paint. Wait for the work to dry before removing the stencils. To fix the result, paintcan be varnished.


how to decorate the head of the bed in the bedroom

How to decorate the head of the bed in the bedroom? If you want to feel like a princess, then make a canopy. It is made from lightweight fabric, such as chiffon. It is advisable to choose a light, finely woven fabric so that the canopy plays not only a decorative role, but also protects sleeping people from mosquitoes. Hang the canopy over the bed should be on a hook. If you have stretch ceilings in your apartment, then you can create a wall mount for the canopy. But the ideal option is a bed with a frame. You can cover it with fabric in different ways. Moreover, in this case, not only light translucent matter is used, but also a dense fabric. In order for the canopy to fit into the interior, its color must be selected based on the color of the curtains and the overall color scheme of the room.


Don't want to invest in room decor? Try decorating your bedroom with your own hands. Today it is fashionable to decorate rooms with the help of photographs. You can arrange beautiful pictures in various ways. For example, pull rough ropes on the wall and attach photos to them with clothespins. You can hang various magazine clippings or hand-drawn illustrations next to the pictures.

Photos can be placed in special collage frames. Frames can be bought at the store or you can fasten several frames of different sizes yourself. Print your photos and make a collage out of them. Such a decorative element can take its place of honor above the bed or hang onopposite side of the entrance.

Living Plants

Modern bedroom decor is hard to imagine without fresh flowers. There are two decor options. One is placing cut flowers in vases, and the other is creating a living corner with potted plants. You can choose any option. The first way, of course, is less troublesome. It will be enough just to change the water in the vase and renew the flowers from time to time. But this option is available for those people who have the funds to buy expensive bouquets. An equally spectacular way to decorate a room is to create a living corner in the room. Arrange the flowers on multi-tiered stands, creating an intricate composition from plants. Such a decorative solution will help you not only improve the look of the room, but also make the air in the room cleaner.


How to decorate the wall above the bed in the bedroom? You can do this with mirrors. They will help visually expand the room and create coziness in the room. Today, mirrors of different diameters are in fashion. They are hung for decorative purposes only. Therefore, you can place a panel of mirrors much higher than the headboard. It is advisable to choose mirrors in simple metal frames. Decorative elements on a large panel will look foreign. And to create the illusion of expanding space, install one large mirror opposite the panel.

Fancy furniture

If you want to diversify the design of the room, unusual furniture will help you with this. Interesting chairs, unusual wardrobes and soft ottomans will bring comfort to the room. One of the itemsfurniture can stand out in style from the interior of the room, but fit the color scheme of the room. Such dissonance will be the highlight of your bedroom and attract the attention of everyone entering the room.

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