Mounting LED strip: recommendations for choosing and installing backlight

Mounting LED strip: recommendations for choosing and installing backlight
Mounting LED strip: recommendations for choosing and installing backlight

The choice of the type of main lighting and auxiliary lighting can be attributed to one of the most important stages of repair work. If the lighting system provides for the presence of lamps, lamps and LED strips, it is necessary to develop a scheme for mounting additional structures on which they will be installed. This principle is relevant if you plan to install an LED strip on the ceiling.

LED strip installation

Often drywall is used for these purposes. This is the easiest and most economical way to build interior niches and reliefs, especially when it comes to installing LED lighting. The installation of the LED strip in this case consists in the correct assembly, connection of all elements of the electrical circuit and its fixation inside the niche.

What is LED backlighting

Today, LED lighting (Light Emitting Diode) is very popular. Many factors contribute to this:

  • High brightness.
  • Significant energy savings.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Sustainable.
  • Safety.
  • Possibility to use multi-colored illumination.
do-it-yourself LED strip installation

Manufacturers offer LED lamps for various purposes: from full-fledged light bulbs with a standard base to a variety of devices used for lighting. Fans of self-repair are easiest to deal with LEDs produced on a tape. Do-it-yourself installation of an LED strip is not a difficult operation. The main condition for an effective and high-quality installation is careful observance of the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations, as well as the general rules for working with LEDs.

Types, equipment and cost of LED lighting

LED-strip consists of light-emitting diodes placed in a certain sequence on a flexible base with a width of 8 to 20 mm. The thickness of the tape, designed for a voltage of 12 V, does not exceed 3 mm, and the length of the coil is usually 5 m. The high flexibility of the base, its small thickness and adhesive fragments on the reverse side greatly facilitate the installation of the LED strip. The price of this design depends on several parameters:

  • Type of LEDs and their brightness level (1-3 light-emitting crystals).
  • The distance between the LEDs on the tape (30-120 lamps per meter).
  • The width of the base and the number of rows along which the LEDs are located.
  • Number of backlight colors available after connection.
  • The degree of protection of the device from moisture (the presence of a silicone case orcoverage).
installation of led strip price

Specialists insist on buying only high-quality tapes: their service life directly depends on this. The cost of monochrome LED strips ranges from 90-600 rubles per meter, multi-color - 170-1300 rubles per meter. Installation of an LED strip necessarily involves connecting a power supply, the main task of which is to stabilize the voltage and convert it from 220 to 12 V. The price of this backlight element also varies depending on the size and power: 170-500 rubles.

Meaning of preparatory work

Before you go to the store for tools and materials for organizing lighting, you should correctly calculate how much tape you need to buy, how much power the power supply should have and whether a controller is needed.

installation of LED strip on the ceiling

In cases where the installation of an LED strip, sparkling in several colors, is planned, a switch, a controller cannot be dispensed with. With it, you can change the color and type of LED glow (from steady burning to blinking or "chameleon" mode).

Calculation of power supply capacity

The power of the power supply must be sufficient for the proper functioning of the network, so its numerical value can be calculated by adding the power of all the LEDs located on the tape. It is not recommended to connect in series tape fragments with a total length exceeding 15 m. It is better to connect several shorter ones in parallel.

Whenthe need to shorten the tape, it is cut in the designated places.

LED strip installation

The connection of individual fragments can be done with an ordinary soldering iron (however, overheating of the contacts should be avoided).

Specific installation work

The surface of the wall, ceiling, countertop or furniture on which the LED strip will be mounted must be clean and free of grease. The tape should be fixed so that it can fully perform its functions. The angle of the glow of the LEDs reaches 120 degrees, so it is enough to outline the approximate mounting location. However, if placed incorrectly, the depth of the niche or ceiling ledge will be illuminated, and not the room.

In accordance with the recommendations of experts, the direct installation of the LED strip should begin after assembling the entire circuit on the table or on the floor and checking its performance. The system must be powered off during installation.

When installing the LED strip with your own hands, you should avoid too sharp bends), as they threaten to damage the tape.

The design of the LEDs contains an anode and a cathode, so the installer should be careful about observing the polarity. The LED strip, installed according to the rules, is able to provide long-term and high-quality lighting.

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