Exhaust fans for bathrooms: types and additional functions

Exhaust fans for bathrooms: types and additional functions
Exhaust fans for bathrooms: types and additional functions

The bathroom has a high level of humidity. Exhaust fans are used to remove too humid air. For bathrooms, wall or ceiling models are usually used, depending on the location of the ventilation duct outlets. Most often they are made of plastic, easy to install and have an attractive appearance.

bathroom exhaust fans

According to the type of execution, exhaust fans for bathrooms can be axial and centrifugal. Axial models are more widespread: a propeller with blades is installed on the engine axis. Due to the movement of the blades, air is sucked in from the front side, passes through the device and is removed from the room. Such models of fans are installed in air ducts that have a horizontal section of not more than 3 meters, or in free openings facing the street. If the air ducts are long and the power of axial models is not enough, centrifugal fans are used. They consist of two parts: a casing and a turbine with a volute.These models are easy to maintain, have a lot of power, and at the same time, this exhaust fan is silent.

bathroom exhaust fan

There are many models of fans, they may differ in size and appearance, and recently additional features have appeared that make them more comfortable to use:

  • Timer and motion sensor. The timer, depending on the set time, allows you to continue the operation of the device after turning it off. The motion sensor turns the device on/off when people appear/disappear in the room.
  • There are bathroom exhaust fans equipped with a hydrostat. They allow you to maintain a predetermined level of humidity, automatically turning on or off when the parameters change.
  • Function of constant airing. At normal humidity levels, the fan operates at minimum speed, when the humidity level rises, the operation mode changes to maximum values.
  • There are models with splash protection, there are models with a clock on the front panel. If such a model is installed in the shower cabin, it is difficult to be late for work or a meeting - the time is constantly displayed before your eyes.
  • A commercially available bathroom exhaust fan with non-return valve. This is useful if several fans are connected to the same ventilation duct: odors (for example, from the bathroom and kitchen) will not mix.
silent exhaust fan

Often bathroom exhaust fans include a combination ofseveral of these features. These "intelligent" models are controlled by a remote control. But their cost is much higher than the price of standard models.

To choose the right fan power, you need to know the volume of the room. The found volume must be multiplied by an indicator that shows how many times the air in the room must change to normalize humidity. For a bathroom, it is in the range from 3 to 8. For example, if the volume of the bathroom is 20 m3, the minimum fan power will be 20x3=60 W, the maximum - 20x8=160 W. To get rid of humid air faster, it is advisable to choose models with a power close to the maximum value.

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