What is an unedged board and where is it used

What is an unedged board and where is it used
What is an unedged board and where is it used

Wood has been used in construction for centuries. The popularity of products from it does not change. Only processing technologies are changing - and even then only slightly. Power saws are used instead of hand sawing, but most woodworking is still done by hand.

unedged board

Even our ancestors used in construction a log sawn into layers - boards. Modern technologies have made it possible to make them smoother, to develop a certain classification. During the initial sawing of a log, an unedged board is obtained. Its name (from a technical point of view) indicates that there are remains of bark on the side parts. Unedged board is the primary product of wood processing. It can be used for some rough work as well as for further processing.

Unedged board varies by grade:

  • 0 (A) grade - joinery board that does not have knots and other defects. Often used in furniture or joinery.
  • 1 (B) grade - no rot, wood bugs, blue, cracks. This material is used in construction work.
  • 2 (C) grade - wane (presence of uncut bark) up to 10% of the totalboard area. They are used in works where the aesthetic characteristics of the material are unimportant (battens, truss systems, etc.).
  • unedged board cube

Depending on the variety, the price also changes. A cube of unedged board of the 2nd grade costs much less than high-grade material. In order to choose a quality material, you need to know what to look for. The material should not be warped: its shape cannot resemble an arc, have twisting or roundness. A similar phenomenon occurs with improper storage and processing of wood. Unedged board should not have chips and potholes. This will complicate its further processing, may worsen the appearance of the product.

Pay attention to the number of knots. They bend the fibers, eventually bending both the board and the products made from it. The fewer knots, the better the quality of the board. There should be no deep cracks on the surface. This may reduce the life of the material.

When ordering, you should know the thickness, width and length of the desired lumber. The usual thickness of unedged boards is 25, 30, 40, 50 mm, but if you need other parameters, individual production is possible. The width of the board is usually standardized and is 150 mm, but even here special parameters are possible. There are still uncalibrated boards. They have a fairly wide range of parameters. For example, in one batch there may be boards with a width of 120 and 150 mm.

unedged board price per cube

The length of any kind of material usually ranges from 4 to 6 meters. Of all these parameters anddepending on the type of wood and the price is added up.

Lumber used for construction is most often made from softwood. This is due to their good performance and relatively low price. Deciduous trees are also used for decoration. These products are already more expensive: wood is less common, and it is usually processed more heavily. The unedged board is no exception. The price for a cube made of pine material is much lower than the same grade of board, but made of linden.

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