The main equipment of road construction works - road milling machine

The main equipment of road construction works - road milling machine
The main equipment of road construction works - road milling machine

Wearing out over time, any road surface not only causes discomfort to road users, but also becomes a threat to their safety. For carrying out various road construction or repair work, special equipment is used, which includes a road milling machine.

road cutter

This equipment is designed to remove the asph alt concrete layer by loosening and crushing it. The use of such special equipment allows you to perform work quickly and efficiently. The road cutter removes the worn layer of the road surface in layers, removes various defects - cracks, bumps or potholes, forms a longitudinal / transverse profile of asph alt concrete.

Road milling machine is an essential tool in the arsenal of road construction equipment. Repair and construction work on roads, bridges, squares, when laying communication lines or over an emergency section of the pipeline is almost impossible without the use of such equipment. With this technique it is possible to level floors in industrial workshops or warehouses.indoors.

cold cutters

Modern models of machines are a combine with a milling drum, which is located between the four drive tracks. Rotating, the drum, equipped with cutters, plunges into the road surface to the required depth, destroying and removing it layer by layer. Each piece of equipment has containers for collecting the removed material (they are suitable for recycling) and a conveyor designed to load the milled asph alt concrete pavement into the body of another vehicle.

Cold milling machines, according to the accepted classification, are divided into two types:

  1. Tracked vehicles are usually operated on highways. They are distinguished by their heavy construction. The drum width is 1500-2100mm and the maximum milling depth is 32cm.
  2. Wheel cutters, due to their compact size, can be used in limited space and are suitable for working on sidewalks, house adjoining areas and other cramped places. The drum width of these machines is much smaller than that of tracked machines - from 500 to 1500 mm.

Such universal equipment as an ice-breaking road cutter is used not only in winter to clear roads from ice and rolled snow, but also in summer, in the process of restoration work on gravel or dirt roads or to eliminate the consequences of spring thaw.

road milling machine

Convenient control system allows you to carry out repairswork with high precision, accurately cutting off worn asph alt concrete pavement even in hard-to-reach places - near curbs or walls. The milling cutter is characterized by high productivity, ease of use and reliability. Modern and efficient road equipment has a wide range of models. The most popular brands of this special equipment include the following: Wirtgen, Volvo, Bitelli, Cartepillar, Raiko - these companies, constantly working to improve the equipment they produce, offer innovative solutions.

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