Door stop: types, functional purpose of latches and tips for choosing

Door stop: types, functional purpose of latches and tips for choosing
Door stop: types, functional purpose of latches and tips for choosing

The door is an important element in the home interior. In order for the canvas to serve faithfully for as long as possible, it is worth providing it with optimal conditions. What is needed for this? It happens that when you open the door, the handle on the back hits the wall. This is not only annoying with its noise and scares pets, but also harms both the door itself and the wallpaper on the wall. It is the door stop in this case that will save the situation.

Floor door stop

Functional purpose

Door locks are a very useful and necessary thing in every apartment or house. They are also necessary for offices, industrial premises, shops, pharmacies.

The door opening limiter performs a number of useful functions:

  • reducing excessive leaf opening;
  • containment of the speed of opening;
  • saving wallpaper from abrasion indoor opening.
Plastic door stop

Design Advantages

A door latch, of course, if it is solid, will really bring tremendous benefits. The first and most important function that this item fully implements is to protect the wall and door leaf from damage.

The door stop is not the most significant part of the interior. He will not be able to decorate the room or be a decorative detail. But with the help of this item, you can significantly extend the life of the door leaf and protect the wallpaper from wear.

In some cases, a door retainer will protect against the need to make repairs. Today there really is plenty to choose from. There are many types and designs of limiters. You can purchase a version of the door lock, the most suitable for the color of the interior. It is important that this item meets requirements such as:

  • reliability;
  • efficiency;
  • practicality;
  • aesthetic.

Product range

Today, specialized stores offer a wide selection of door locks. The variety of types and forms is amazing. Due to the high demands of consumers, the market offers a variety of variations and forms of products.

Metal door stop

In the first place in terms of convenience and efficiency of use is the magnetic door stop. This model allows you to fix the door in any position. They cost more than standard options, but the result will pleasantly surprise you.buyers.

The door opening limiter must be of high quality. After all, dubious options do not fulfill their functions to the fullest. Important indicators are not only in the issue of reliability, but also in aesthetics. After all, this item is always in sight.

Wooden door stop

Of course, you can try to make a door latch with your own hands. This work is within the power of many craftsmen. But there are many factors to take into account. For example, the material from which it will be made. Most often they are made of steel, aluminum, plastic, silicone, rubber. It is also important to measure the optimal distance to attach it.

Installation and repair

It usually doesn't take long to install a door latch. It is important to just make an effort and do everything carefully. The installation method is extremely simple. According to the installation methods, door stops can be floor, wall and those in which both methods are combined.

When selecting the installation of a floor stop for doors, it is necessary to measure the distance from the doors to the floor. It is important that this space is smaller than the stop itself. Everything must be done carefully and as accurately as possible. As experience shows, the most advantageous location of the limiter is the closest to the door and from the wall at a distance of the width of the handle itself. Closer than the middle point of the door, you should not put stops. If this rule is not taken into account, the limiter will be too close to the loops. With a strong impact of the doors on the stupor, the canvas may be damaged.

Installingfloor limiter for doors, in walk-through rooms it is recommended to choose a place closest to the wall. This will make it easier to move around in the room.

You can repair the door stop yourself. Most often, it does not have to be completely disassembled, it is enough to lubricate the mechanical parts with machine oil.

Which limiter is better to buy?

Modern hardware stores offer the widest range of door stops, among which it is quite difficult to choose. More effective options are magnetic or mechanical. The first limiter is distinguished by the presence of a built-in magnet. With it, it is convenient to leave the door in any position - open or closed.

In terms of cost, this option is more expensive than mechanical. But here it is better not to save. A good door stopper will last as long as possible without loss of quality.

The mechanical version of the latch is best suited for commercial premises, hospitals, offices, manufacturing sites. For the home, this option is not very convenient. In addition, it is not as aesthetic as magnetic. But it is the mechanical stopper that has proven itself in terms of reliability. It is cheaper than the magnetic model.

Door stop


So, it often happens that when opening doors, the handle hits the wall hard. This results in dents. The wallpaper also develops defects, which may lead to the need to redo the repair.

The door also gets a lot ofdamage, especially the handle, over time it will also have to be replaced. Today there is a great way to avoid this. It is necessary to purchase a good and reliable door stop. He will take all the blow on himself, which is important. Quality is what you should pay attention to when choosing it.

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