Country producer Gorenje, range of washing machines, equipment and design

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Country producer Gorenje, range of washing machines, equipment and design
Country producer Gorenje, range of washing machines, equipment and design

Producing country Gorenje - Slovenia, the company is widely known to the consumer in Russia. Refrigerators, freezers, all kinds of hobs are in great demand, as well as ovens of various configurations, kitchen hoods and, of course, dishwashers and washing machines.

Production of washing machines

The popularity of Gorenje washing machines is growing not only in Russia, but also in Europe, as consumers note the quality of the product, which will certainly comply with all EU standards, no matter how strict they are and no matter how complicated they are every year. At the same time, a pleasant factor is that the price remains acceptable.

Model range and equipment

Washing machine panel

Gorenje lineup (manufacturing country - Slovenia, cityVelenye) includes options for washing machines with both front-loading, which is familiar to many, and with vertical loading, which is gaining popularity, while there are full-size and compact models.

Gorenje cars have a standard set of features:

  • Washing silk.
  • Washing wool and mixed fabrics.
  • Delay cycle start.
  • Programs to improve ironing and washing baby clothes.

There are also rare, but very useful functions. For example, the function of the so-called extra-quiet mode has become standard in most washing machines, which makes it possible for housewives to wash clothes at any time without creating inconvenience to households or neighbors.

By the way, the engineers of the manufacturing company Gorenje (the country of Slovenia) gave convenient features to the machines. Most of the models are equipped with protection against overheating or overflow if installed incorrectly. In the event that an incorrect installation was performed or the machine has an unstable position, the equipment simply will not start its work.

the lineup

Also, an additional benefit for the owners of these washing machines, created by the marketing department of the Gorenje concern, is the provision of any technical support that can be easily obtained in one of the service centers opened on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Design and organic

Manufacturer Gorenje (country listed above) took care of the design so that buyers can combine the organic nature of cars with the interior. After all, in addition to the undeniableof their technical merits, washing machines, thanks to their magnificent appearance, will easily fit into any interior. And it is the versatility of design ideas that makes these models bestsellers and distinguishes them from many other options in this class.

A characteristic feature is that the front part is non-standard for the Gorenje washing machine. The country of origin is easy to determine at the first glance at the equipment, although the company also produces models with an individual design. It has a figuratively three-dimensional appearance and structure, the main control menu is not located on the side, as in classic models, but in the middle of the upper working panel.

Washing machine design

All this is superbly complemented by a convenient large-diameter hatch that opens 180 degrees. Models that are equipped with a display also have colored backlighting, which is part of a thoughtful design solution and can be in blue or green. On the display, the parameters can be displayed in the language chosen from the proposed options: Russian, English, French and German.

The parameters of the set program and the current phases of the washing process are also displayed. Gorenje (the country of origin inspires confidence in consumers) provides a guarantee for each of its machines. This indicates the declared quality and excellent service of household appliances.

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