LCD "Nevsky" ("Water Stadium"): description

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LCD "Nevsky" ("Water Stadium"): description
LCD "Nevsky" ("Water Stadium"): description

LCD "Nevsky" near the "Water Stadium" - a modern residential complex located in the Northern Administrative District of Moscow. It consists of five monolithic tower houses, around which there is no infrastructure. Buyers are offered to purchase apartments and apartments. The developer is the Krost company, which specializes in business and comfort class housing. In this article we will talk about the main features of this residential complex, we will give reviews of real equity holders who decided to buy apartments here.

About the residential complex

Reviews of residents about Nevsky Residential Complex

The key features of the Nevsky residential complex near the Water Stadium are a unique architectural style that looks like a sea port, appropriate interiors, a large number of layouts for sale, proximity to the metro.

This residentialThe complex is another project of one of the most reputable and well-known Moscow developers. It is noteworthy that it is full of surprises. Outwardly, the Nevsky residential complex near the Water Stadium resembles a modern business center, however, once in any of the lobbies, the visitor is immediately transferred to the chic interiors of a retro-style ocean cruise liner.

It becomes even more interesting if you carefully study the master plan for development. In this case, it turns out that the entire architectural composition of the Nevsky residential complex near the Water Stadium is a large-scale seaport.

It is worth noting that such an exclusive aesthetic obviously had an impact on the cost per square meter in the new building. On average, a one-room apartment will cost six to seven million rubles. For this money, the owner will become the owner of an interesting and attractive environment, developed infrastructure in a residential area, a metro station within walking distance.


Information about LCD Nevsky

When describing the residential complex "Nevsky" near the "Water Stadium", the emphasis should be on the fact that this is an area with a developed transport network. The name chosen for the residential complex looks symbolic. After all, nearby is the Leningrad Highway, which is considered a kind of "bridge" between the two Russian capitals. The names of neighboring streets even speak about the city on the Neva - Kronstadt Boulevard, Vyborgskaya, named after Admiral Makarov.

Voykovsky district, where the residential complex is located, has always been distinguished by a developedinfrastructure. There are also many industrial enterprises here, which negatively affects the general environmental background. The Nevsky Residential Complex near the Water Stadium is also famous for the fact that several major highways pass through it, for example, the Third Transport Ring is eight kilometers away, about 11 km to the Moscow Ring Road.

A residential complex is being built on the site of the Bratsevo industrial zone. This area was reorganized, and in 2015 the city authorities transferred it to residential development. Some may be confused by the proximity to the Golovinsky cemetery, which is even visible from the upper floors of high-rise buildings. Other unpleasant "neighbors" can be considered the current pre-trial detention center, which is part of the structure of the Department for the Execution of Punishments of the Russian Federation.

Despite such a motley building, the photo of the residential complex "Nevsky" near the "Water Stadium" looks very presentable. In addition, several more residential complexes of comfort and business class are located nearby.


All additional information about the residential complex "Nevsky" near the "Water stadium" can be obtained at the sales office, which is located on the site. His address: Vyborgskaya street, house 7, building 2.

A cozy room, refurbished in the style of a ship's wardroom, is located on the 22nd floor. The demand for apartments in the residential complex is high, because of this, managers have a high workload, so reception is by appointment only.

During this visit, you can get more informationabout the features of the new building, ask all your questions. Based on the results of the meeting, you can choose an apartment according to your budget, clarify all the details, and discuss the terms of sale.

On weekdays, managers work from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., on Saturday they start working an hour later, and on Sunday from 11 a.m.

How to get there?

Judging by the opinions of equity holders about the Nevsky residential complex near the Water Stadium, it will not be difficult to get to these new buildings. To do this, you can use public or private transport.

Leningrad highway is located 650 meters from the residential complex. On this route in a quarter of an hour you can get to the Third Ring Road. However, this does not take into account traffic jams that regularly occur in this direction.

Therefore, many new settlers prefer the metro. Moreover, the station "Water stadium" Zamoskvoretskaya line is located within walking distance (about 5-7 minutes walk).

Four kilometers from the residential complex to the trains that follow the Riga direction. From the station "Leningradskaya" you can go to the Moscow region.

Construction progress

The progress of the construction of the residential complex Nevsky

ADM Limited Liability Company, which is a developer of a residential complex, was registered in 2011. At the same time, the developer of the object is the well-known Krost group of companies. This authoritative organization specializes in the construction of business and comfort class housing.

A distinctive feature of the projects of thisof the company lies in original architectural solutions. Housing from the developer can always be recognized by interesting and bold design solutions.

The developer has a good reputation. He delivers all his items on time. At the same time, if you believe the reviews of equity holders of the Nevsky residential complex near the Water Stadium and other new buildings of this company, there are no serious complaints about the quality of work.

The developer owns the land plot. This means that when you buy an apartment, you automatically become the owner of the land under the house.

In accordance with the master plan, all five tower-type houses will be equipped with underground parking. The first two buildings were commissioned at the end of 2016. It is planned to complete work on the remaining three in the fourth quarter of 2019.


Reviews of equity holders about LCD Nevsky

There is a large selection of layouts in this residential complex for the choice of residents. In addition to standard apartments, there are hotel-type rooms, which automatically transfer this object to the status of a multifunctional center. The apartments presented here are proposed to be used as offices, co-working spaces, second homes or studios.

Having studied the general information about the Nevsky Residential Complex near the Water Stadium, it should be recognized that only people with a high or at least an average income can buy apartments here. The cheapest one-room apartment with an area of ​​35 square meters will cost more than six million rubles. The price of the most expensive housing is more than 20million.

The most budget option is small apartments, which will cost about five million rubles. However, such areas have the status of non-residential premises. You can register in them only temporarily, and then renew your right to reside every five years. In addition, you have to pay rather high taxes for apartments.

Apartments are rented in an open plan. Internal floors, as a rule, are absent, which allows you to equip your home as you please. This is especially beneficial if you are going to make repairs according to an individual design project.

Most of the apartments for sale are presented in today's popular European version with a combined kitchen and living room. There are not only standard rooms of the correct rectangular shape, but also original options in curved sections of buildings. Bathrooms are combined. Under them allotted about four square meters. Most apartments have storage rooms, while no loggias or balconies are provided.


Developer LCD Nevsky

According to reviews of the residential complex "Nevsky" near the "Water Stadium", the construction of its own infrastructure in the residential complex is not expected. However, the Voikovsky district itself has everything you need for a fulfilling life. First of all, there are many cultural, social, sports and entertainment facilities.

There are ten kindergartens and five schools within walking distance, and there is a polyclinic about two kilometers away.

On Admiral StreetMakarov there is a shopping gallery "Nevsky pier", where you can go shopping. Here you will find two dozen fashion stores, a beauty salon, a Sberbank branch, cafes on the upper floors and restaurants on the terrace.

One more place for purchases - shopping center "Water", which is located on Kronstadt Boulevard. It can be reached on foot in about a quarter of an hour. Here, on an area of ​​almost 50 thousand square meters, there are already more than a hundred shops, perfumes, clothing, household appliances and electronics. There is a cinema "Kinomax".

600 meters from the new buildings you will find a well-maintained recreational area with Golovinsky ponds, the Mikhailovo estate built in the 18th century, and an impressive dam. This is a pleasant and picturesque place for cycling and hiking, jogging, picnics. There is a drawback in this park - there is no lighting in the evening.

If you take the metro only two stations, you can get to the Khimki reservoir and the Northern River Station. There is a huge green area with pedestrian boulevards, which smoothly flows into Friendship Park.

Environmental situation

Reviews of LCD Nevsky

In the opinions of residents about the residential complex "Nevsky" near the "Water Stadium" it is constantly noted that the environment is one of the main problems. The entire Voikovsky district is considered one of the most polluted in the Northern Administrative District of Moscow.

Leningradskoe shosse is largely to blame for this, which has consistently high traffic. As a result, hide fromdust is almost impossible, so it is better not to open the window. In addition, the Koptevo industrial zone is located on the territory of the district, which is only about a kilometer away from new buildings. The Avangard machine-building plant is located there, which produces missile defense and air defense missiles, which causes significant harm to the environment.

Several large parking zones also have a negative impact on the environment.


The architectural concept of this residential complex looks attractive. In general, it is a large-scale installation that resembles the departure of huge sailboats from the port.

The entire architectural ensemble is conditionally divided into two parts. There are two main buildings in the center. At the same time, relief and multi-level facades give the house the shape of a ship.

The impromptu three-hull port is a bit off to the side. These houses are made in classic Scandinavian style.


Landscape designers paid much attention to the improvement of the territory. A spacious courtyard is laid out next to each building.

Flower gardens, ornate lampposts, gazebos for relaxation are made in the Victorian style.

How to buy?

Residential complex Nevsky near the Water Stadium

The developer sells apartments directly, without intermediaries. In the first two buildings, which have already been commissioned, they sell ready-made apartments, in the rest, the purchase can be made under a share agreement.

In the reviews of equity holders who have encountered this company, regularlyI have to meet complaints that additional services are being imposed on them during the execution of the investigation. It looks especially strange when the developer is trying to make extra money on everything, given the high cost of apartments.


After studying the description of reviews of the Nevsky residential complex near the Water Stadium, we can conclude that its main advantage will be a unique architectural component and interiors.

At the same time, the reputation of this residential complex is extremely controversial. On the one hand, there is good transport accessibility, and on the other hand, there is a poor environmental situation. In addition, there is a cemetery, prisons and harmful production in the neighborhood.

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