Roca bathtubs: reviews, lineup

Roca bathtubs: reviews, lineup
Roca bathtubs: reviews, lineup

When the question arises of changing the bathtub in the house, you need to seriously consider all the nuances and make the right decision, because such plumbing, as a rule, is not changed every year. The choice and variety of modern bathtubs is so great that it is easy to get confused, so first you need to decide on the size, study all the pros and cons of the materials from which they are made, understand whether additional functions suit you and whether they are needed at all, and also choose the right color.

roca cast iron bathtubs

Roca baths

Many buyers opt for the bathtubs of the Spanish holding Roca, which is understandable - the manufacturer promises that in the company's catalog everyone can choose a product to their taste, size and wallet. The range includes cast iron, acrylic, steel and marble bathtubs. Many models are equipped with anti-slip coating and hydromassage. According to reviews, Roca baths delight the eye with snow-white enamel, durability and resistance to adverse factors. The ergonomics of the bowls are well thought out, which allows notwater stagnate when draining.

Let's look at the pros and cons of the most common models of this manufacturer.

roca steel bathtubs

Roca cast iron bathtubs

They are oval, rectangular, with legs and without legs.

According to reviews, Roca bathtubs absorb the sound of water being drawn in, keep the heat of the water longer, they tend to keep the gloss of enamel for a long time thanks to a special production and coating technology, they last 20 years or more.

Cons - large (about 150 kilograms) weight, high cost.

Cast iron bath models

Continental - standard, versatile, classic bath. The kit does not include handles and legs, but there is an anti-slip coating.

Newcast - This bathtub can be freestanding or built-in, depending on the preference of the buyer. Oval shape. Includes legs. This bathtub looks beautiful even without an external screen. When buying this model, you need to take into account its dimensions - it will not fit into a regular doorway. Designed for large bathrooms only.

Malibu - rectangular, there is an anti-slip coating. External screen and handles included. Suitable for a standard bathroom.

acrylic bathtub roca

Steel bathtubs

Such Roca baths received the following reviews. They warm up quickly, are light, which is important for installation, have an anti-slip coating, are not demanding to maintain, snow-white enamel, which will not turn yellow either as a result of operation or over time, since it is applied on a double layerground, fired, and a special fixing is applied over the enamel, affordable prices.

Roca steel bathtubs also have disadvantages - the water in them cools quickly, it is difficult to restore cracks and scratches.

Steel bath models

Contesa are the most affordable, as they are classic bathtubs, without additional comfort - no handles, anti-slip coating and armrests. They come in six sizes: 170cm x 70cm x 40cm, 160cm x 70cm x 40cm, 150cm x 70cm x 40cm, 140cm x 70cm x 40cm, 120cm x 70cm x 41.5cm, 100 cm x 70 cm x 36.5 cm and vary in wall thickness. Due to their small size, these bathtubs can be installed in any, even the smallest bathroom. Also, when buying, you need to clarify whether the legs and overflow plums are included in the package, as some sellers sell them separately.

Princess - these baths come in four sizes: 170 cm x 75 cm x 41.5 cm, 170 cm x 70 cm x 43 cm, 160 cm x 75 cm x 41.5 cm, 150 cm x 75 cm x 41.5 cm. These bathtubs already come with handles, armrests, water massage and anti-slip coating, they are higher class, and, accordingly, the price is slightly higher.

Swing are the most expensive of Roca's steel bathtubs, complete with handles, non-slip finish and armrests. And depending on the thickness of the walls and steel, the price also varies, so when choosing, you need to know what the difference in price depends on. This model comes in two sizes: 180cm x 80cm x 42cm and 170cm x 75cm x 42cm.

bath tubs

Acrylic bathtubs

Producedinjection molding.

Reviews of the Roca bath have the following: low sound transmission, comfortable backrest, perfectly smooth surface, anatomical shape, a wider choice of colors and shapes, light weight, keep warm, soft armrests, height-adjustable legs, have the greatest comfort compared to the models described above.

Cons - needs careful operation due to the tendency to scratches and cracks.


The best Roca acrylic bathtubs are BeCool, Hall, Sureste, Easy, Genova-N, Uno. These are rectangular bathtubs that differ in size and slightly in shape.

LUNA, HALL ANGULAR - asymmetrical bathtubs, they have different shapes.

BALI - symmetrical, corner bath.

It would also be useful to describe such a function of some models of Roca baths as hydromassage. This addon works with systems like:

  • Tonic - the simplest type of water massage, activated by a button, performed using a constant stream of water.
  • Tonic Premium - there are options here - constant flow or pulsating, electronic digital control system with liquid crystal monitor built into the bath, several massage programs.
  • Total - this program also includes a massage with air currents, a constant flow is used. The control is carried out using a panel built into the side of the bathroom.
  • Total Premium - water massage and air relaxing massage, streams - continuous and pulsating. Control - touch remote.

As you can see, bathsRoca, reviews of which we reviewed in the article, are so diverse that they will suit any, even the most demanding taste. You just need to take into account all your wishes, the size of the bathroom, the pros and cons of each model and purchase the one that is right for you.

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