DIY designer repair

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DIY designer repair
DIY designer repair

Traditionally, it so happened that renovation is called bathroom tiles, suspended multi-level, and better - stretch ceilings, laminated flooring. The rest of the little things don't really matter. At the entrance to such an apartment comes the understanding that something is missing in the room. But it is not enough because it was planned to do no worse than that of a neighbor or work colleague. Nothing else happened than the dissolution of the individuality of the owner of an apartment or house. To make a designer renovation means to inhale that very individuality.

Design is an English word and literally means a certain plan or idea.

Professional designers who have successfully completed many projects, before starting to develop a plan, first of all get acquainted with the owner, are interested in preferences, lifestyle, habits. This will then help the interior designer reflect the personality of the occupants of the home or apartment being renovated. So, design renovation is a visitingperson card.

The difference between this repair and the usual one

Many have heard about it, but not everyone has an understanding of what is so special here and what are the differences from the traditional repair. The main feature can be considered that after the end of the work, each element in the interior will begin to harmonize with all the details together.

To get this effect, it is not enough to choose materials that match in color or texture. Professional artists can even go from the opposite and combine the most incompatible and unexpected combinations into one whole. Designer repair is not only the quality of work, but also style. These are unique, elegant and practical interiors.

Design Solutions

Specialists-decorators in order to achieve the desired effect, often use such a tool as redevelopment. Using this method, you can visually make the space wider. In addition, a very important part is ergonomics.

do-it-yourself design renovation

In an apartment or house, even the smallest detail should be comfortable. In addition, the style of different rooms and areas can and should be different, and the designer can play on the contrast.

When choosing the direction of work, style, an interior design specialist uses such important characteristics of the room as the sum of the entire usable area and the area of ​​​​each room separately. For example, popular minimalism is an ideal solution for apartments with a small area. Naturally, in minimalism you can make a large apartment,but it is the lack of free space that sets the style and harmony.


The vast number of styles and little details that will be intertwined in the interior, for the most part, depend on the personal preferences of the designer. The starting point is always everything that the owners themselves have picked up. Then the full picture is worked out. It is important to take into account the consistency of the owner's inner world.

When making designer repairs, it is very important to achieve luxury in the interior, but at the same time try to avoid pretentiousness as much as possible. This is not always an easy task. Often, expensive and even luxurious furnishings will work correctly only in large areas, which, for example, are in a large private house or cottage. Most people and designers are sure that only if there is a lot of space, all the richness of the interior will be noticeable. And it is true. This will indeed work as intended in a spacious duplex penthouse, but the same solutions can be applied to standard sized rooms as well. A special effect can be achieved if you try to mix some styles.

Today, design renovation of premises is becoming much easier - many experts share their secrets. Be sure to listen to these ideas. With their help and a little bit of good taste, you can create a unique and harmonious interior.

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The main thing in this case is an unstoppable and boundless fantasy.

Where to find inspiration

Inspiration is probably the main aspect of such repairs. Without himit just won’t work if you plan to equip the room yourself. Experts are looking for him in different places.

Good memories

Everyone remembers something. In order to determine the future concept of the interior, it is necessary to dig out in memory exactly those moments that can cause a smile, warm or joyful feelings. It is important not only to remember something, but also to see textures, colors, furniture or interior items in detail. Even the smallest nuance can become a catalyst for creating your own design project. The interior created in this way will be as close in spirit as possible.


It would seem, how can hobbies be the starting point for the development of an individual and exclusive interior? It's hard to explain, but it works. Each person in the process of rest from work is looking for something to his taste and soul. Hobbies may even overlap with work in some way or be something completely distant.

Cooking lovers, photography, athletes, music or gardening lovers, dog breeders - attributes of any of the hobbies, whatever their kind, can become the basis for building an exclusive interior for a house, apartment, office or a new restaurant. Take a look at what a designer renovation might look like.

designer home renovation

Photos of the best interiors based on hobbies are really beautiful and unusual.

Relax zone

In addition to pleasing and inspiring memories, hobbies, life moments, be sure toit is very important to find those things, objects, colors that have a calming and soothing effect. It can be anything - materials, different fabrics, small details that help to relax as much as possible.

Recreation is needed by everyone and everyone, which means that a site where it will be as comfortable and serene as possible is also vital. It can be a bedroom in soothing colors and a reading nook - anything. This is what builds a design that will please and amaze.

Any specific recommendations are simply inappropriate here - everyone has their own interior, which is difficult to link to general rules. Designer renovation is an individual decision, so let it be individual.

Technical points

When choosing the right style, it is important to consider the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room. At this point, it is taken into account whether it is possible to carry out redevelopment, how it is possible to rationally organize the space. It is important to take into account the height of the ceilings and the location of the window openings.

designer kitchen renovation

In conditions of limited space, you can use those styles where it is possible to increase the space visually.

Number of inhabitants

In the process of developing a design project, you should also take into account the number of permanent residents of an apartment or house. Their gender and age matter. Each person should have a little personal space where he is most comfortable. Based on this, designer renovation of an apartment can combine several styles.

In addition, it is also important how many people will be at one moment inone room. So you can most rationally choose zones, places for recreation, suitable furniture. If something does not work out due to a lack of space, then modular furniture and built-in kitchen appliances should be purchased.


Each room in an apartment, cottage, office should have its own specific function. For example, if a designer renovation of a kitchen is planned, then the interior should not only be exclusive, but also as comfortable as possible for the process of cooking and eating. It must be remembered that the bedroom is intended for sleeping and this is by no means an entertainment center. So, according to its purpose, the design of each room is thought out.

Design is the owner's temperament

Designer home renovation should convey the character of the owner, his habits and mood as accurately as possible. For example, for strict conservatives, professionals recommend starting from classic styles.

designer room renovation

For more active people, the latest and modern interior ideas are offered. For those who love to travel, something ethnic is offered. For nature lovers, eco-style is suitable.

Color is the basis of everything

After the concept is thought out and chosen, the color scheme should be worked out. This is the most difficult task. Colors must necessarily evoke only pleasant emotions or have a calming effect.

Designers often use a combination of three different colors or shades. In this case, the main one can be used for wall decoration, with the help of the second - they are accentuatedrooms, the third for small details.


They are no less important. It's all about fabric. An exclusive design renovation of a room must include such elements. Curtains, velvet or rattan chairs, leather ottomans will help to breathe a little life into the interior.

interior design renovation

Every detail should delight and inspire.


A popular mistake of all those who create something special for themselves in the interior is a huge amount of furniture. It's not a concept, it's a mess. For example, in order not to clutter up the space, you can apply one sofa and two ottomans to it. This is just an example to show how to mix furniture.

Flowers in every room

This is just a suggestion, but if you add cut flowers in interesting vases, plants, shells and stones or something like that, then even the most exclusive design is transformed and gets a completely finished look.

make a designer renovation

If for some reason it is not possible to use the services of professional designers, this does not mean that the owner of the home does not have a dream. These simple tips will help you make a unique designer renovation with your own hands, and modern building technologies will make the process as easy as possible.

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