How to make an envelope from an A4 sheet yourself

How to make an envelope from an A4 sheet yourself
How to make an envelope from an A4 sheet yourself

Many thrifty or forgetful people who run past mail shops are then faced with the question of where to get that very envelope at the right time. And if there is already paper at home, then how to make an envelope from an A4 sheet? After all, from time to time everyone has a need or a case when he is very needed. This is especially true during the holidays. After all, if a postcard sometimes does not require additional packaging, then, for example, a sincere congratulation on a beautiful sheet or just money without an envelope loses some of its attractiveness. It is doubly pleasant to present and receive something in a hand-made envelope - this means that the person took care of the packaging in advance. And if the postcard or congratulations have non-standard sizes? Then you definitely can't do without "samizdat".

how to make an envelope for money from a sheet of a4

What envelopes can you make yourself?

You can independently make almost any kind of such paper packaging: from the simplest (for writing) to the complex gift. You can also make a design for money yourself,even replacement of a protective box for a disk. Therefore, in the article we will try to figure out how to make an envelope from an A4 sheet.

We use the simplest ways

Of course, if there is no experience in making an envelope, then easy ways are as relevant as possible. There are several of them, and this was taken care of by people with good hearts and well-placed limbs, who periodically share instructions.

First way

how to make an envelope from a4 sheet

The easiest option is to cut out the future product from paper as shown in the picture. To do this, you will need scissors and a strong hand to bend evenly where indicated by the dotted line. If the process was successful, then it remains only to glue a little at the junction of all sides of the resulting sweetest envelope. It remains only to choose what to put there! As you can see, making an envelope from A4 sheet turned out to be much easier and faster than reading about the proposed method. No problem! This simple algorithm will also come in handy when the question arose "how to make an envelope for money from A4 sheet". If you beautifully decorate the manufactured product or pick up colored paper for it, then it will become a very pleasant addition to banknotes. After all, giving and receiving any gifts is doubly joyful when the packaging matches the occasion.

An indisputable advantage of making an envelope on your own is the fact that the donor can arrange it according to the occasion, picking up and pasting a picture or simply decorating it with a wish inscription.

Second way(upgraded)

The second method is based on the first, but involves more work with scissors. This type of envelope is suitable for a spiritual message, and if someone was interested in the question of how to make an envelope from an A4 sheet for writing with your own hands, then the answer is right here. Cut out the outline along the lines shown in the picture, bend at the dotted line. Glue must be used at the junction of the planes of the envelope. The result is a neat, elegant envelope. Interestingly, this method is suitable for any thick paper - color, packaging, cardboard.

make an envelope out of A4 paper

If there is only paper

What to do if there is paper at hand, but no adhesive? Then a new question is brewing: "How to make an envelope from A4 sheet without glue?" It's okay, there is always a way out.

If there is no glue in the house, then a stapler or adhesive tape will do. These office assistants will also come in handy in making an envelope. Adhesive tape, of course, is better to take the thinnest one so that the finished envelope looks neat. Tip: in stationery stores or in the departments for creativity, you can find bright colored adhesive tape with pictures. Then the edges of the product glued with it will acquire the most creative look.

What if only paper is available and nothing else?

What if there is absolutely nothing to glue the edges of the envelope? In this case, let's be inspired by the Japanese origami method. As usual, you need to take a sheet of paper, then bend it exactly the same way as the image shows. After that, it remains only to bend the corners for the upper parts,to complete the envelope.

how to make an envelope from a4 sheet without glue

The second way to make an envelope without glue from an A4 sheet is suitable for making a product of the original shape, and the blank will need a square one. Fold the sheet evenly diagonally to make a triangle. Then one corner of it needs to be bent to the diagonal line. The right and left parts of the future product will require bending exactly one third of the length. It turns out that on both sides the corners of the folds intersect to the edge. After that, you need to bend the corners back from the edges, so that it becomes noticeable how small pockets have formed. They must be opened by bending up and secured. Please note that if you are going to invest something (and this is what the craft is made for), then you need to do this at this stage. The very last action: put the top of the envelope into the pocket, which will become a small “lock” and will not allow the product to open.

And if you want even more beautiful?

how to make an envelope from an A4 sheet for writing with your own hands

If a simple envelope no longer fits, then you can go ahead and show the world a masterpiece. A beautiful, elegantly or imaginatively designed envelope will be a great addition and packaging to your gift, if it is a wish card, a gift certificate or such money that is always needed. So, how to make a beautiful A4 envelope?

It can be decorated as your heart desires and fantasy allows. You can stick colored applications or special stickers. You can paint with colored pencils and attach ribbons andflowers. You can even make a drawing through a stencil: paste some image (it is better to choose simple, easily recognizable pictures along the contour). It can be leaves, flowers, animals. Then spray paint the surface of the envelope. When the paint dries, remove the pasted applications, and you will have an original designed envelope.

Another idea is to take a brush, dip it in the watercolors and splatter it onto the envelope. You can use as many colors as you like, but remember to rinse the brush in water before using the next color.

Another option is to use lace in the design. Glue only on the corner or cover the maximum surface of the envelope - it depends on your imagination.

how to make a beautiful envelope from a4 sheet

"Clothes" for CD

Lost your CD or DVD box again? Or maybe you were handed a copy without packaging? The lack of any protection for such information media is a big risk, because any scratch can damage the important data on them. There are still no boxes, boxes, packaging for discs, but you really want order? It doesn't matter, because the instructions on how to make a sleeve for a disc from A4 sheet are already here. Thanks to it, you can easily and quickly make a convenient, space-saving disc packaging. This lesson will take no more than a minute, and the resulting envelope will come in handy more than once. To make it, just make a few movements.

  1. Putting a disc on paperexactly in the middle, you need to bend the edges of the paper along its entire length. This will indicate the width of the envelope, and will be the exact size of the included CD/DVD media.
  2. Next, you need to carefully bend the paper with the disc turned over to the other side. The workpiece will turn out already in height.
  3. The second part of the sheet also needs to be folded across, after which it remains only to bend the corners of the envelope so that the disk does not fall out.
  4. how to make an envelope for a disk from an a4 sheet

The sleeve is ready, and after a few rehearsals, you can show off your ability to make simple and quick CD packaging. In this way, it is possible to make envelopes not only for information media, but also for postcards of non-standard shape and size. You can please your loved ones by presenting a warm wish or a letter in such an envelope. Of course, then you will need some additional decoration or paper of a different color. As a last resort, just a nice caption.


It's great if the article helped to understand the apparent difficulties of creating packaging for CDs, for money, for postcards. There are plenty of ways to make an envelope out of an A4 sheet, and, depending on the purpose, you can make them in any number of ways. For manufacturing, you can choose bright wrapping paper, or you can also choose a magazine sheet. You can completely decorate the finished envelope, or you can make a concise inscription. Or even use the scrapbooking technique using ribbons, buttons, threads, rhinestones and lace. It all depends on the imagination and the situation about which the envelope is being created.The fate of the investment or gift is unknown, but the first impression of the delivery process will remain forever. A person who is presented with a beautifully designed present will remember this moment forever.

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