Window dismantling: work steps. How to replace old windows with new ones?

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Window dismantling: work steps. How to replace old windows with new ones?
Window dismantling: work steps. How to replace old windows with new ones?

Sooner or later, every owner of residential square meters has a question about replacing windows, no matter if they are wooden or metal-plastic. In any case, the dismantling of the window consists of certain stages that any person needs to know about, especially if he does all the work on his own.

window dismantling

Where to start

All work begins with an inspection of the opening and the window itself. It is necessary to find the places where the window is attached to the opening. Next, preparatory work should be carried out.


It is necessary to remove all extraneous things, flowers and all kinds of interior items from the windowsill. Be sure to remove curtains and curtains. It is necessary to provide free access to the electrical network. It is recommended to cover all furniture and other items in the room with a cloth or polyethylene so that they are not damaged and dusty.

Direct dismantling works

Dismantling of old windows begins with the removal of the window sash from the hinges. In windows where there are blind parts, you will need to remove the glazing beads and pull out the glass.

After that, you can dismantle the window sill. The process of its dismantling also depends on the material from which it is made. If the window sill is made of concrete, then it will have to be removed fromusing a hammer and a rebar grinder. All other window sills are usually removed completely without any problems.

The next step in dismantling the window is to remove the tide. The main thing is to determine how the ebb was attached and to which part of the window opening. It is usually mounted directly to the window profile itself or to the frame.

dismantling plastic windows

Now you can completely dismantle the window from the opening. Usually a mounting cutter or a hacksaw, a jigsaw is used. After removing the frame from the window opening, the slopes are dismantled. This does not apply to those slopes that consist of a cement-sand mortar. The rest can be easily removed. If there was a heater under the slopes, then it is also dismantled. Everything, the window opening is almost ready to install a new frame.

If in the future plans are to install PVC windows, then you should try to dismantle the old ones as carefully as possible so as not to damage the opening. It is clear that the cost of installing / dismantling windows by professionals is not a very expensive service (for the first procedure they will charge about 1300 rubles per sq. M, and for the second - from 140 rubles per square), but the more integral the window opening, the easier and cheaper to install a new window. If it was not possible to avoid errors, then they will have to be eliminated and the integrity of the broken structure completely restored in order to ensure maximum tightness of the window installation. The fittings in this case will not wear out quickly.

After all the dismantling work, you can clean the room and proceed to the stage of installing new windows.

Installation installation worknew windows

First of all, before dismantling windows, you should call a measurer. He will accurately calculate the dimensions by which the new window will be made. Naturally, if you feel confident or have experience in such work, then you can do everything yourself. If the measurements were taken by you, then after that no manufacturer will take back the windows if they do not fit the opening.

dismantling plastic windows

The brought window profile must be checked for integrity. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that it should not have scratches and be completely covered with a protective film. You should not accept goods that have chips, cracks or any other defects. The protective film is removed only after all installation work has been completed.

dismantling and installation of windows

Stages of work

The main thing when ordering new windows, do not forget about their versatility. It is best that the dismantling of the window does not end with a replacement for the same windows. Today, windows can have a different shape and open in any position, etc. In general, they have a lot of advantages and advantages over the old designs.

After the windows are delivered, work is underway to install them. Everything is aligned to the level of the window frame. Be sure to lay waterproofing. The window frame itself is attached to special fasteners using mounting foam. Foam is also carried out complete sealing of the window itself and the window opening. After that, a window sill and ebb are installed. The main thing thatthe dismantling of plastic windows was carried out very carefully, then it is easier to install new ones as quickly and efficiently as possible. Only after the entire installation procedure is the protective film removed from the profile itself and the fittings are adjusted.

Installation of wooden windows

In terms of energy saving and other insulating properties, wooden windows are the best option.

Wooden double-glazed windows provide the highest degree of air exchange, the room will always have the optimal level of oxygen, humidity and heat. Wooden windows are suitable even for an apartment whose windows face a noisy street or highway. In this case, no noise will disturb.

And one more advantage: wooden double-glazed windows perfectly tolerate temperature changes, they do not deteriorate at both -50 and +50 degrees. There is no difference in the installation of wooden and PVC windows, the main thing is accuracy in the work.

dismantling old windows

What can be caused by improper installation work

If the dismantling of plastic windows is carried out in compliance with all the rules, then there should be no problems with the installation of new ones. Nevertheless, it should be understood that if the technology of work is violated, then a number of problems may arise during operation:

- moisture can accumulate on the surface of the installed double-glazed window;

- condensation may also appear on the surface of a plastic or wooden profile;

- mold can grow not only on the slopes, but also on the window itself and the windowsill;

- blowing may appear injunction between frame and opening;

- the sashes may not fit snugly, causing a draft.

window installation cost

Self-dismantling and installation of windows deprive their new owner of the right to any appeal to the manufacturer and installation organization on the quality of double-glazed windows. Naturally, there is no likelihood that the work carried out by the installation organization of the manufacturer or seller will meet the standard, but still in this case there will be guarantees, and the window seller will have to fulfill its obligations to eliminate all shortcomings.

If you are not ready to dismantle and install new windows yourself, do not have such work experience, then when choosing installers, pay attention to the following points:

- it is best that the company's employees have long experience in carrying out similar types of work;

- contact those specialists who are recommended directly by the manufacturer of window frames;

- be sure to conclude a written contract with the contractor and describe all warranty obligations and the process of correcting defects and shortcomings in the work of installers;

- ask for warranty cards from the manufacturer for supplied windows.

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