Fireplaces in the interior: from Empire to modern

Fireplaces in the interior: from Empire to modern
Fireplaces in the interior: from Empire to modern

Once the legendary Prometheus, not fearing the wrath of Zeus and severe punishment, obtained and brought fire to mankind. Since then, it is difficult to recall a more generous and unpredictable gift. The flame is a source of increased danger, but at the same time, what could be more soothing than the crackling of logs in the hearth? Subsequently, its design changed and improved, but one thing remained unchanged - the ability to observe open fire.

fireplaces in the interior

That is why interior fireplaces are still so popular and are not supplanted even by the most modern and technologically advanced heating appliances. On the contrary, the latest heaters are stylized as a source of open fire, but can they replace the original? Fireplaces in the interior are not just a functional element that allows you to increase the air temperature and make your stay in the room more comfortable. They create an atmosphere of comfort and peace in houses and apartments, and can also be both the finishing touch in creating a certain style, and a bright accent that attracts attention.

Fireplaces: a variety of design solutions

When choosing a source of open fire, consider the following factors:

  • possibility of removing combustion products;
  • executable functions;
  • heating area;
  • room decor style.

If the functionality of products is determined by their technical characteristics, then the role that fireplaces will play in the interior depends on the decorative design.

fireplaces in the interior of the apartment

Models of laconic lines with a strict finish and no pretentious elements will harmoniously fit into a room in a minimalist or high-tech style. A classic portal made of marble or other natural stones, complemented by a wrought iron lattice with floral motifs, will become the main object of the grand and opulent living room in the spirit of Louis XV. Made of sandstone or shell rock, with a deliberately rough finish, complemented by shelves and lattices of a simple form, they will decorate the room in a rustic style.

Fireplaces in the apartment: how to replace the fire?

In a country house, the choice of a fireplace depends primarily on the desires of property owners and their taste preferences. In an apartment, everything is much more complicated. If it is located on the top floor of a high-rise building or is located in a townhouse, then after obtaining the appropriate permits, traditional fireplaces are installed. In the interior of an apartment in which it is impossible to equip a chimney, if desired, you can use a replacement for sources of open fire. These can be fireplaces that run on electricity or biofuel, as well as designs that mimic them.

False fireplaces are only decorative elements that are made from various materials in the form of a portal withvaried decor. They can be complemented with real firewood or candles.

electric fireplaces in the interior

More plausible replacements are electric fireplaces. In the interior of the apartment, they are also used to heat the room, since they are a niche with an installed heater. Some models very naturally imitate real flames and embers. The decoration of such structures can also be varied and is selected according to the concept of decorating the room.

fireplace in the interior

However, the safest device is the bio-fireplace. Its installation does not require a permit and installation of a chimney, as no smoke is emitted. Due to the technological features of the combustion process and the absence of heating, such models are produced from both traditional and non-standard materials. Some bio-fireplaces have such an unusual design that they are a real art object and become the central element of the interior of the room.

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