Bedroom design in Khrushchev: basic principles

Bedroom design in Khrushchev: basic principles
Bedroom design in Khrushchev: basic principles

Khrushchevka is probably the most unsuccessful housing project in the field of design and architecture. Low ceilings, a small kitchen and very uncomfortable rooms make the dwelling uncomfortable and unattractive. If you are the “happy” owner of such an apartment, then most likely you have already faced a constant lack of space. Do not be upset, because this problem has a solution. Let's try in this article to figure out how to properly design a bedroom in Khrushchev. Of course, creating a comfortable environment in such an apartment is much more difficult than in any other. But even this situation has its advantages.

bedroom design in Khrushchev

Due to the compact size of the room, its design will cost significantly less. And with the saved funds, you can purchase more expensive and high-quality building materials. The main principles in the development of the design of a small apartment are a visual increase in space and rational use of space.

The design of the bedroom in Khrushchev is very important, because its living space has the shape of an elongated rectangle with an area of ​​twelve square meters. Preparation of registration begins with determining the size of the room and the degree of its illumination. It is also important to evaluatecondition of floors, walls and ceilings.

The design of a bedroom in Khrushchev is based on several basic principles. First, you need to visually expand the size of the room. To accomplish this task, light colors and mirror elements are used. Secondly, you can not overload the room with furniture. Thirdly, the design of the bedroom in Khrushchev does not accept a central light source. Therefore, they usually try to use spot lighting in various areas.

All designers start their work from the ceiling. The best option for small apartments are stretch ceilings and drywall constructions. For them, it is best to use light colors. A good option is suspended ceilings with mirror elements. Light colors are also chosen for the walls. Their finish may vary. Wallpaper, paint or decorative plaster are quite suitable. The color of the floor is usually done in contrast. For these purposes, a dark-colored laminate or parquet is suitable. If you need a TV in the bedroom, then the plasma panel will fit in best.

modern bedroom design

Modern bedroom design is the most important part of decorating your apartment.

This room should not be overloaded with non-functional items.

In order to give the design a twist, you need to make a few accents. It could be a picture at the head of the bed. It is best to make the light dim, and completely refuse bright bulbs. You can add a table lamp near the bed or a wall lamp.

Furniture will look greatnon-standard form. But, most importantly, the bedroom should be a reflection of your personality.

girls bedroom design

Bedroom design for a girl should be bright and memorable. Here you need to take into account everything: the color of the wallpaper, the theme of the design, mirrors, etc.

Furniture is the most important part of the interior. It should not only be beautiful, but also carry a semantic load.

Based on the fact that young ladies have a lot of things and various little things, there must be a closet in the room.

Often preference is given to cabinet furniture, as it does not clutter up the bedroom. The main thing is that the design of the room is fully consistent with the taste of the girl.

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