Arched door - elegance and chic in the interior

Arched door - elegance and chic in the interior
Arched door - elegance and chic in the interior

Arched door - canvas with a rounded top edge. Such a door involves installation in a corresponding opening in the form of an arch. Initially, the designs spread as entrance doors to cafes, shops, and private houses. Later, products began to be installed as interior doors.

Types of arched doors

Designers develop various forms of designs. Round and lancet openings are made. The round opening is divided into types such as:

  • classic - an arc with the correct radius;
  • ellipse;
  • modern - arch with rise;
  • romanticism - the center of a straight arc with rounded corners.

Arched doors are installed in any shape in accordance with the overall design of the room. Interior structures are divided into swing and solid models.

arched door

Arched sliding doors are also produced. An opening is made in the wall on the sides, an arch is made. Guide rails are attached to the holes. Install the door leaf. When opening the sash, the doors will go into the walls.


Arched door from the point of view of functionality practically does not differ from the usual canvas of the traditional form. Feature - opening in the formarches.

arched doors

As for the benefits, the products cannot boast of them, except that:

  • Installation of interior arched products is a good solution for tall people. The height of the opening increases due to the arch.
  • The door in the form of an arch contributes to the visual increase in the room.
  • The original interior of the room is being created.

A significant design flaw: the need for a pre-prepared high and wide opening.

Arch and room style

The design in the form of an arch due to the variety of design incarnations is considered a universal tool for decorating the interior. Products fit such stylistic directions as:

  1. Classic. Feature - conciseness. The decor concept is combined with a wooden, MDF door.
  2. Oriental style is successfully complemented by the design in the form of an ellipse. The luxury, exoticism of the interior will be emphasized by an arched door made of dark wood.
  3. Country - a design solution that harmonizes favorably with horseshoe-shaped models. The canvas is necessarily a light shade, devoid of the slightest hint of varnishing and cladding.
  4. Shabby chic is a concept with a twist of a subtle touch of time, artificially created by designers. The style harmonizes well with products stylized antique of any shape.
arched door photo


The door in the form of an arch is made of various materials. These are wood, MDF, glass, plastic, chipboard.Connoisseurs of non-standard interiors can purchase an interior door that matches both stylistic preference and budget.

But an arched door is not cheap. Since more materials are consumed for production, accordingly, this is reflected in the cost of products: the price is higher than that of the traditional design.

Chic expensive models are made of solid oak. The wood species is characterized by wear resistance and external splendor. Oak models are prestigious products, most often made to order.

Beech, pine or ash is an elegant product, but much cheaper than oak. In addition to aesthetics, these types of wood bring an atmosphere that is beneficial to he alth. For an original stylistic effect, manufacturers complement designs with multi-colored inserts.

Arched glass doors are also produced. More light enters the room through the glass, so it is better to install the product on the bright side of the room. A technique such as:

  • fusing - granules, pieces of multi-colored material, like a mosaic;
  • stained-glass window - a colored product with an ornament;
  • sandblasting technology - sandblasting glass.

In the manufacture of glass doors, raw materials are tempered in production. Due to this, high strength is attached.

Produced arched structures made of plastic based on a metal profile. The advantage of the product is lightness. There is no need to strengthen the doorway and the use of massive hinges. Manufacturers"disguise" plastic as wood, stone or metal. Due to this, various stylistic solutions are implemented.

arched sliding doors

Arched doors (photo above) are made of MDF combined with chipboard. The design is suitable for a bathroom or kitchen with a large temperature difference. The material is presented in various color combinations.

Over the past half century, the popularity of arched openings has subsided, but designers have revived the fashion for these designs and offer to replace traditional canvases. The arch gives the space grandeur and sophistication.

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