Hamerayt rust paint: colors, prices and reviews

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Hamerayt rust paint: colors, prices and reviews
Hamerayt rust paint: colors, prices and reviews

Today's paint and varnish market offers a huge number of various coating options for steel. And it is often quite difficult to make a choice in favor of a particular manufacturer. Therefore, you should always think about

Hamerite paint

such a characteristic as price-quality. For example, Hamerite paint, the price of which is quite consistent with the quality, has proven itself quite well in our climatic conditions.

Choosing paint for metal

Of course, if there are minimum requirements for paint and product, then everything is much simpler - you can buy the first paint that comes across, preferably cheaper, paint it, for example, on your gates and watch how it peels off in a few months.

If the goal is to get a durable paintwork that will last more than one year and at the same time not lose its original qualities, it will be more difficult to decide. However, the frequency of preventive measures that are inevitable during the operation of any metal product depends on the correct choice of paint.

Hamerayt hammer paint has excellent properties that allow for a long timeprotect the metal from corrosion. And the hammer effect only decorates any product. By the way, one point should be noted: the hammeriness of the paint is most pronounced on flat surfaces with a large area. For example, Hamerite hammer paint will give an excellent uniform pattern on a door leaf. However, on a lattice or fence made of metal rods, the hammer effect will be less noticeable. Although, of course, he will.

Most Common Metal Paint Problems

hamerite hammer paint

Steel is prone to corrosion - that's a fact. And how long any metal product can withstand an aggressive environment depends on the quality of the coating. No coating guarantees 100% corrosion protection. Sooner or later rust spots will start to appear. If you do not take into account the factory preparation conditions and the subsequent painting process, the situation only gets worse.

Main paint problems:

  • appearance of rust;
  • fading and fading;
  • appearance of cracks in the paintwork;
  • paint peeling off metal.

Hamerayt rust paint, the price of which ranges from $15 per liter, is able to protect the metal from many problems and provide a reliable, beautiful and durable coating.

Preparing the surface for painting

So, given that quality materials are chosen for the final coating, for example, Hamerite paint, to obtain maximum andlong-term effect, it is necessary to prepare the painted surface well.

paint hamerat reviews

If you neglect the basic rules of preparation and apply any paint to metal that has not been cleaned of rust, scale or old paint, corrosion is guaranteed to appear soon.

What needs to be done in the process of preparing the metal for painting:

  • remove rust;
  • descale;
  • clean the surface of old paint and any dirt;
  • degrease the surface;
  • if necessary, putty shells and joints.

All this must be done in order to ensure maximum adhesion of the paint to the metal. In the case of applying paint to a loose surface, the paint will simply fall off along with dirt or rust.

Metal Sandblasting

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The most effective method of cleaning metal before painting is sandblasting steel. This method consists in cleaning the surface with sand or fine abrasive, which is fed under high pressure. In a way, sandblasting is like a car wash - the same process: dirt is removed from cars by high-pressure water.

The big plus of this treatment is that in the process, in addition to rust, all scale is removed from the metal surface. Of course, this effect can also be achieved by manual cleaning methods, but this will take much more time.

The disadvantage of such processingis its cost, as well as the fact that metal products must be transported to the workshop for processing. Of course, if you need to prepare the ordered gates or gratings for painting, transportation will not be a problem, and the cost of this will be low. But if you need to do the same with gratings or a fence that has stood for a long time, the cost of dismantling and subsequent installation of products will be added to the costs.

Hamerayt paint: description

Hamerayt paint has a unique 3 in 1 formula that provides a long-lasting and reliable coating for the painted metal. It contains a rust converter and a metal primer, so there is no need to use other primers and anti-corrosion coatings when painting.

A huge plus of this paint is the drying time of the coating, which is 20-30 minutes. The initial strength of the paint layer acquires after 3 hours from the moment of application, the final properties - after 6 weeks.

rust paint hamerite price

"Hamerite" can be applied to the surface with a brush, roller and spray method. Depending on the chosen method, from 2 to 6 layers of paint are applied. Moreover, this must be done with an interval of 20-30 minutes. If you miss the time, the paint will begin to harden and there will not be sufficient adhesion between the layers, which will significantly reduce the protective properties of the coating.

Paint application methods

Applied with a brush. This method is suitable for painting small-sized metal products withcomplex pattern, as well as flat surfaces. Paint "Hamerayt" is applied in 2-3 layers. Thinner is added within 10% of the paint volume.

Apply by roller. A great way to paint large flat surfaces. As with painting with a brush, it is applied in 2-3 layers. You can add no more than 10% solvent. Before painting, you can paint with a brush all hard-to-reach places, such as corners and joints, and then start working on the main surface.

Spray application

Recommended paint to thinner ratio is 2:1. However, this recommendation is valid at an ambient temperature in the range of 18-22 degrees. At higher temperatures, a higher solvent content may be needed, as if the viscosity is too high, the paint will dry very quickly and fine sputtering will begin to form on the painted surface.

Hamerite paint colors

In general, when using an airbrush, it is best to select the ratio of solvent to paint for yourself. Since, in addition to the ambient temperature, this is also influenced by work experience and the type of surface being painted.

The paint is applied in 4-5 layers with an interval of 20-30 minutes. It is important to remember that you can not pause between sets for more than 3 hours.

Paint "Hamerayt": reviews

Customer reviews can tell a lot about any product, and paint products are no exception. There are many areas where Hamerite paint is used. Feedback from people who have usedher, almost always positive. These paints are used both for private needs and in production. For example, many steel fabricators use them to finish their products.

Negative feedback paint "Hamerayt" also has. But they are most often associated with violations of the application technology. In fact, Hamerite paint, whose colors remain saturated for a long time, is able to delight consumers with the durability and durability of the coating.

Hamerayt rust paint - characteristics and method of application. How to properly prepare a surface for painting and what problems arise with paintwork.

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