How to arrange a semi-detached house? Typical projects of semi-detached houses

How to arrange a semi-detached house? Typical projects of semi-detached houses
How to arrange a semi-detached house? Typical projects of semi-detached houses

Today semi-detached houses have gained immense popularity. Developers build just such real estate objects, as this is a very profitable investment and a convenient solution for the population. However, there is a certain inconvenience when purchasing this type of housing, namely registration and registration.

semi-detached house

How to design a semi-detached house?

Property owners can purchase the land plot on which the premises are located in shared ownership absolutely free of charge. There is no clear answer to the question of which authority is able to determine whether a house belongs to the type of multi-apartment building. In most cases, this issue is de alt with by local governments.

To complete a transaction for the sale or exchange of a house or part of it, you must prepare the following documents:

  • passport;
  • property document (contract of sale, exchange or donation);
  • certificate of registration of rights (if the property was acquired before 1998, then the seal is placed on the contract itself);
  • registration certificate at home (can be obtained at the BTI, valid for 5 years);
  • cadastral passport (alsoissued in the BTI);
  • extract from the unified register of registration of rights (shows no arrest on the property);
  • extract from the house register (available at the passport office or management company);
  • waiver of right to purchase from co-owners (mandatory in case of shared ownership).

Also, to conclude a deal, as an addition, you can prepare a certificate of repayment of all utility bills and the absence of tax debts.

How to design a semi-detached house

Typology of semi-detached houses

In the event that a two-family house is recognized as a premise of a blocked building, then in the registration chamber the registration of ownership is carried out on the land plot on which one apartment is located.

If the owners of the building have any common premises, for example, a corridor or a staircase, then the house must be registered as an apartment building, which means that the owners will be equity owners.

Reconstruction of a semi-detached house

Depending on how your property is registered, there is also a difference in the execution of various documents allowing reconstruction and additional construction work.

When the house is designed as an apartment building, any construction and renovation work, such as roof repair, is required to be carried out with the permission of the second occupants. The need for this procedure is explained by the fact that the building is in shared ownership.

reconstruction of a semi-detached house

If your semi-detached house is a block of flats, then a permit is not required. The only main requirement in this case is the absence of harm and damage caused to neighbors as a result of repair work. Otherwise, the residents behind the wall have every right to sue and recover from you the full cost of restoring the building, which was damaged as a result of your repairs.

An extension to a semi-detached house is also a reconstruction, therefore, if the house has the status of an apartment building, then additional coordination with all equity owners is required.

Design options for semi-detached houses

Typical projects of semi-detached houses

Today, standard projects of semi-detached houses are becoming more and more popular. It is worth noting that "typical" does not mean "banality" and "uniformity" at all. The main advantage of such developments is convenience and practicality, since these projects include those that are most successfully exploited. For example, if 2-3 houses were built according to one project, and a year later all the owners began to complain about the poor quality of development, then this layout will no longer be used for the construction of residential premises, and accordingly, it will never become standard.

A semi-detached house built according to a ready-made project does not at all imply a rectangular building with square windows. Undoubtedly, in such buildings there is nothing superfluous and absolutelynon-standard, but this does not mean that the house looks somehow pretentious or banal.

Designs of semi-detached houses can be completely different. There are two main types: symmetrical and asymmetrical.

Symmetrical semi-detached house designs

These buildings are a residential building divided into two apartments. The name of this type comes from the fact that both apartments are absolutely mirrored from each other, or rather relative to the dividing wall, which is located, most often, in the middle of the house. In such buildings, only the roof is common. As for the adjacent plots, fences and entrances, they are separate - from different sides of the house.

extension to a semi-detached house

Asymmetrical semi-detached house projects

Such buildings are residential developments, the apartments of which are located asymmetrically relative to each other. Their layouts can be completely different, and accordingly, the shape of the house can be completely unpredictable. The entrances to the apartment are located in different ways, not excluding the option of nearby entrance doors.

Typical projects of semi-detached houses

Semi-detached houses do not have to be one-story. There are cottages with two and three floors. The apartments of such buildings can be divided symmetrically and have different entrances, and accordingly, a separate staircase is installed in each apartment. There are projects of houses with two floors, in which the division into apartments occurs floor by floor. That is, for example, the first floor is one apartment, and the second- another. The layouts of such premises are most often the same, as it is more convenient for the installation of communication systems, for example, sewerage and water supply. Some designs are designed for a joint entrance and stairs.

Here are the main typical projects of semi-detached houses, which are the most common today. It is worth considering that for each individual case, you need to select the most suitable option, taking into account all the necessary requirements and possibilities.

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