Flat mirror in the interior of the living room

Flat mirror in the interior of the living room
Flat mirror in the interior of the living room

It's hard to imagine modern life without a mirror. Mirrors surround us everywhere: at work and at home, in transport and in public places. And it is even impossible to imagine what our life would be like if they had not been invented somewhere in the Bronze Age.

Archaeologists have discovered the first small mirrors made of polished silver, bronze or copper. And only in the XIII century, with the invention of glass, a flat mirror appeared - a prototype of a modern mirror, without which our life is unthinkable. In Russia, it appeared a little over two hundred years ago, but confidently took its place in the interior.

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The flat mirror used by modern designers is primarily a decorative element. Proper placement of the mirror will help make a dark room brighter, low ceilings higher, and a small room more spacious. After all, according to the laws of physics, the image in a flat mirror is obtainedalways behind a mirror, and this visually enlarges the space, gives it depth and volume, but at the same time emphasizes its individuality.

Choosing the right mirror size, shape, frame, and placement is tricky business. Each room has its own specific purpose, and therefore, in order to place it correctly, you need to know some "mirror" secrets.

A properly placed flat mirror can not only decorate a room, but also visually increase its size, smooth its corners, and hide uneven walls. Therefore, designers advise choosing large mirrors for a small apartment.

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Dark, poorly lit places in the apartment visually hide the space. Therefore, you need to hang a large mirror so that it is in these darkened corners that light is reflected.

The combination of glass and mirror looks perfect. If you place glass shelves on the mirror itself or near it, a feeling of weightlessness and airiness is created. If you hang a lamp near the mirror, the light in the room will be added.

Flat mirror in the living room. Agree, it seems to be there and is not required. But it's so nice when the mirror reflects a table covered with a snow-white tablecloth and the sparkle of lit candles. Here the mirror becomes part of the decoration of the room, giving it some charm.

Taking into account the laws of optics and the visual increase in space in the living room, highly hung mirrors will look perfect. In this case, a mirror of a round or horizontally elongated shapepreferably hang at an angle. If it is hung without an inclination, then it should be placed low enough, so that there would be no impression of a “cut” space.

By the way, designers love to decorate living rooms with large mirrors just leaning against the wall. They are usually quite heavy, in a massive frame, so you should not be afraid that such a “hulk” will fall on someone. Moreover, sometimes they use two mirrors installed symmetrically on both sides of a chest of drawers, a table with a table lamp or a cabinet.

a flat mirror

It is desirable that the mirror in the living room be framed. What it will be: narrow or wide, round or rectangular, smooth or carved - you decide. The only thing you need to pay attention to: the frame of the mirror should fit into the overall design of the room and match its "neighbors" - paintings, panels, carpets. It is advisable not to hang a flat mirror next to the picture. But against the background of the carpet, one will look just fine.

Today mirrors can be incredibly beautiful. Indeed, in the living room they serve not to reflect reality, but mainly to decorate the room. Therefore, mirrors decorated with paintings, mosaics or fusing techniques are very popular. You can put any abstract drawing on the mirror, even “draw” a picture or turn it into a pseudo stained glass window.

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