If in the house "Rifar Monolith", then the head does not hurt about warmth

If in the house "Rifar Monolith", then the head does not hurt about warmth
If in the house "Rifar Monolith", then the head does not hurt about warmth

Russian radiators "Rifar" without exaggeration can be considered peers of the twenty-first century. The Rifar company was founded only in 2002, but in such a short time, the entire Rifar Monolith range has competed in terms of durability and quality with similar products of well-known and very popular European companies.

Rifar bimetal radiators

The production facilities of the company are equipped with modern imported equipment: from melting furnaces to a fully robotic assembly line. At all stages of the production chain, processes are controlled by highly qualified specialists. Thanks to this, all Rifar Monolith radiators, with proper installation and proper operation, will last up to 25 years.

After assembly, each Rifar radiator is tested for leaks under high pressure, which ensures a long and impeccable service life for the company's products. For consumers, an additional guarantee of the quality of products is the insurance company "INGOSSTRAKH".

One of the latest developments of the company's engineers is Rifar bimetallic radiators. They have the highest heat transfer and have high corrosion resistance. The following model range of Rifar radiators is produced: Base, Alp,Monolit.

All of them consist of 4-14 sections, but under the order radiators with increased or reduced number of them can be produced. Each section is a steel pipe filled with aluminum alloy. Filling is carried out under high pressure. Due to the solidity of the resulting radiator, maximum heat transfer and high strength are achieved. The working pressure can reach 20 atmospheres, and the maximum withstand pressure is 30 atmospheres at a maximum coolant temperature of 135 degrees.

The Rifar Base model is considered the most sold out. It is produced with three different center distances: the maximum of them is 500 (height 570 mm), and the minimum is 200 (height 261 mm) millimeters. And therefore, it will not be difficult to choose the required height.

Model Rifar Alp is available in only one standard size: the center gap is 500 (height 570 mm) millimeters. Its main advantage is high heat dissipation with a small radiator depth (75 mm).

Rifar radiator

The Rifar Monolit model is the latest patented development of the Rifar company. It is possible to purchase "Rifar Monolith" with a center gap of 500 (height 577 mm) and 350 (height 415 mm) millimeters. The unique monolithic assembly design virtually eliminates the chance of leaks. Radiators "Rifar Monolith" have proven themselves in areas with harsh climatic conditions.

The Rifar Flex model is attractive because it can be installed along a curved wall with a radius of curvature of more than 1300 millimeters. Mountingthis type of heating radiator is held on special brackets.

Rifar radiators make it possible to independently regulate the temperature regime of the room. To do this, when buying a product, it is additionally necessary to purchase a thermal valve for supply, a thermostat and a thermal valve for return."Rifar" - the warmth and comfort of your home!

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