Heater Bork: description, specifications and reviews

Heater Bork: description, specifications and reviews
Heater Bork: description, specifications and reviews

Today, the Bork heater is a fairly high-quality and very powerful technique from a manufacturer with a worldwide reputation. It is able to maintain optimal conditions for residents of a house, office or apartment. Thanks to the innovative heating elements of the device, the heat in the room is distributed evenly, which is very important for users in the cold season.

A Brief History

With the advent of the brand on the world stage, the Bork heater gained fame as the work of the German legendary concern. After careful consideration of its history, it turned out that all products are manufactured by the Russian trademark "Technopark", which has a domestic geographical location.

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For the Russian market, the products of this label have been available since 2001 in a wide variety of price segments. Since 2010, heaters and other products of this company began to position themselves as premium equipment, the cost of which often exceedsGerman counterparts.

Electric type of convectors

The case of this line of heaters is made of mica and nickel-plated steel, which exclude the formation of corrosion. This model is ideal for heating rooms with high humidity. The dust-proof design of the case should also be noted. The release of convectors occurs in two main variations - wall and floor. The latter is equipped with special legs in the form of a stand, which are included in the main kit. The minimum allowable distance of the heater from the floor is at least 10 cm.

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One of the positive aspects of this convector is its silent operation, so it is amazingly suitable for an office or a children's room. The Bork heater of this modification is equipped with an electronic programmer. Thanks to the thermostat, the temperature is automatically measured and the intensity of air heating is changed. In the event of overheating of the latter, the device automatically turns off, which provides incredible safety and reduces energy costs.

Line of oil convectors

The Bork oil heater is designed for heating rooms ranging from 20 to 30 m22. For more efficient and fruitful operation of the device, a fan heater is installed in its body, which helps distribute heated air.

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The control system of these devices is presented with mechanical and electronicregulators. The presence of a remote control unit of the latter is not excluded. Due to the property of drying air during operation of the heater, some models are equipped with a built-in ionizer and humidifier, which eliminates the smell of burning.

Ceramic heaters

Today, the market favorite is the Bork ceramic heater, which perfectly maintains a comfortable indoor climate. This is due to a well-coordinated technology in which oxygen is not burned at all. Each type of this device is equipped with a climate control function. Its work is fully automated, the heating panel is isolated from dust and moisture. The control unit is equipped with a fuse that prevents power surges.

Each device has multi-level protection, as well as fairly simple control using the remote control. The Bork heater of this modification is absolutely harmless, and in comparison with other devices it has an incredible heat transfer and a rather low consumption of electrical energy.

Why buy a Bork brand convector?

Today, the best solution for a city apartment, a country house or a summer house will be an electric heater with a ceramic element. It is he who guarantees heat in a room with moderate humidity.

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Advantages of such a market favorite as a heater Bork:

  • The instructions for each of the convectors are exhaustive and perfectly convey all the subtleties of the device.
  • The widesta model range, which is represented by all kinds of heater options and a variety of product price categories.
  • Superior energy efficiency with minimal consumption and high heat output.
  • Creating a he althy microclimate through thermoregulation.
  • Multifunctionality of devices, which is ensured by the presence of climate control and support for the most comfortable temperature.

Pricing policy

Today, among the huge number of competitors on the market, Bork brand heaters occupy a leading position. They have won their place in the sun thanks to their unsurpassed quality and affordability. The cost of this incredibly useful device ranges from 4,880 to 19,880 rubles.

Heaters Bork: customer reviews. Pros and cons

According to buyers and independent experts, Bork brand heaters are the epitome of compactness, safety, excellent quality and rather stylish design. Among their advantages, the main one is the ability to instantly heat any room. User-friendly is the timer, with which the device will be switched off at any time. The possibility of rotation will help the convector cover a large area without assistance. The excellent protection of the heater makes it safe for babies and animals, who often get into unpleasant situations while learning about the world around them.

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The big plus of the heaters of this brand are their compact size,which make it possible to save space in small apartments, as well as incredible lightness, which allows even children to carry such a device. Among the advantages, users note the presence of a handle, with which it is easy to move the device to any part of the apartment. Prolonged operation of the heater does not affect its performance, efficiency and does not disable the heater. Even a three-year service of the device with unforeseen drops does not affect its appearance.

In addition to the advantages, users also focus on some of its disadvantages. These include the need for occasional dusting, which is a fairly easy process, and the high cost of the heater.

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