Heating boilers "Cooper": specifications and reviews

Heating boilers "Cooper": specifications and reviews
Heating boilers "Cooper": specifications and reviews

When building a private residential building or cottage, the owner faces the question of choosing a heating system. Its most important element is the heating boiler. There are many requirements for it: it must be reliable, economical, safe. The Cooper boilers have all this.

cooper boilers

Manufacturer information

Universal heating boilers "Cooper" are produced by LLC "PKF Teplodar" from Novosibirsk. The company has existed since 1997. Due to the fact that the plant is constantly working to improve the design of boilers, introduces innovative ideas and carefully monitors the quality of its products, the products manufactured by PKF Teplodar LLC are very popular with consumers.

Cooper boilers: purpose

From the name it is clear that the boiler is designed for heating buildings. The question is, on which construction sites can these products be used. First, these are the sizes of buildings: from 100 to 300 square meters. Second, the type of systemheating: water with forced or natural circulation.

Cooper boilers: decoding of designations

solid fuel boiler cooper
  • "Kupper OK" - heating boiler.

  • "Kupper HVAC" - heating and cooking boiler (equipped with a cast-iron hob).

The numbers in the designation indicate the power of the boiler: from 10 to 30 kW, respectively. Based on these values, the area of ​​the heated room is calculated: 10 kW - 100 m2, 15 kW - 150 m2, 18 kW - 180 m 2, 20kW - 200m2, 30kW - 300m2.

Technical characteristics of boilers "Kupper"

As standard, the solid fuel boiler "Cooper" has a block of heating elements with a capacity of 6 to 9 kW (depending on the type of boiler) with a supply voltage of 220 V. The efficiency when operating on solid fuel is from 75% to 84%, then there is very high. The volume of the heat exchanger jacket is from 25 to 50 liters. The maximum allowable water temperature at the outlet of the boiler is 95 degrees. The boilers are equipped with TB-63 thermometers installed on the front or side wall.

Cooper boilers: principle of operation

The operation of the boiler is to transfer the thermal energy released during the combustion of fuel to the coolant (water). Cold water from the heating system enters the boiler through the connection at the bottom of the side wall, heats up, passing through the tube sheet, and exits the heating system at the top of the boiler through the supply connection.

Additional options

Any solid fuel boiler "Kupper" can be converted into a gas or pellet boiler without complex welding. LLC PKF Teplodar produces gas burners AGG-13K and AGG-26K with a thermal power of 13 kW and 26 kW, respectively, specially designed for Kupper boilers.

Cooper heating boilers

Owner Reviews

The first thing that attracts the consumer - the ratio "price - quality". For the products of LLC "PKF Teplodar" it is optimal. The next plus is the dimensions of the boilers. With such a high efficiency, they are not at all great, for a house with an area of ​​​​up to 100 m2. It is also valuable that the Kupper boilers have excellent power control: when the furnace is fully loaded, the boiler, set to minimum combustion, maintains a temperature of 70 degrees in the heating system for up to 3 hours. And it's on wood! When using coal, the time increases. It is noteworthy that many owners, after the expiration of the boiler's service life, are going to purchase a new one again from the Teplodar company.

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