Boring machine: types, specifications and scope

Boring machine: types, specifications and scope
Boring machine: types, specifications and scope

In order to drill holes in a part with precise axis placement, a drilling machine is not necessarily required. Drilling, as well as some milling, can be done with just one boring machine.

What is this machine and what is it for?

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Boring machines belong to the group of drilling machine tools and are designed for processing large body parts that cannot be processed in any other way. In addition to drilling and milling end surfaces, which were mentioned earlier, these devices can perform:

  • boring;
  • reaming;
  • hole centering;
  • thread cutting;
  • turning and trimming ends.

In addition, the boring machine can be useful for accurate measurement and marking of the linear dimensions of the workpiece. For example, you can quickly measure the center-to-center distances of the axes of several holes without resorting to the use of special tools and fixtures.

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There are two main types of machines:

  • Horizontal boring machine which is used for roughing and finishing large workpieces. It has a horizontal spindle. Its main movement is the translational-rotational movement of the spindle relative to its axis. Auxiliary movements: vertical movement of the headstock, movement of the table in two coordinates, movement of the rear rack and steady rest. Like any other, on a horizontal machine it is possible to set the required speed and feed.
  • Jig boring machine, which is used in cases where it is necessary to achieve maximum accuracy in making a hole or a group of holes. For successful drilling, coordinate machines are equipped with all the necessary devices. For example, each such machine has a rotary table for machining holes in the polar coordinate system or when tilted.

Popular machine models are: 2A78, 2A450, 2435P, 2620 and 2622A. In addition, some models are additionally equipped with computer numerical control (CNC) stands and digital readouts (DROs), which simplify and speed up work.

Numbers and letters

According to the standard classification, the boring machine belongs to the drilling group, which is indicated by the first digit "2" in the model name. The numbers "4" and "7" indicate that the device belongs to the jig-boring and horizontal-boring metal-cutting machines.machines respectively.

The letters between the numbers indicate upgrades from the base model. For example, the base model of the 2A450 machine is 2450.

The letters after the numbers indicate accuracy. For example, 2622A is an extra high precision boring machine, and 2435P is a high precision one.

Two numbers at the end of the name indicate the maximum processing diameter.


boring machine

To choose a boring machine for processing a particular type of workpiece, you need to pay attention to the main technical specifications. These include:

  1. The largest diameter of the bored hole and the turned end. For example, for a horizontal boring machine model 2620, these are 320 and 530 mm. Accordingly, it is not possible to machine a hole or end face larger than these dimensions.
  2. Dimensions of the working surface of the table, which should be selected depending on the dimensions of the workpiece.
  3. Engine power. This characteristic affects the further choice of power, speed and feed for processing the part.
  4. Maximum workpiece weight. For example, for a jig boring machine model 2E440A, the weight limit is 320 kg.
  5. Machine dimensions. Under production conditions, no one would pay attention to this characteristic. But if you choose a machine for working at home, then you need to take into account the maximum length, width and height, since a machine that is too large will not fit, for example, in a garage room.

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