Blind doors - designs of the future

Blind doors - designs of the future
Blind doors - designs of the future

A good repair in an apartment or a country house is not only about the quality of all interior work in the room. A good solution is the use of new design ideas that highlight the space, make it individual and unique. A new direction in furniture design is to use louvered structures in the interior.

Blind Doors Benefits

This door design is widely used in Western countries and America. Gradually fills our apartments.

louvered doors

The louvered doors owe their success to the following properties:

  • Beautiful original look.
  • Wide range of materials and colors.
  • Lightweight design for easy installation.
  • Easy to repair if damaged.

Blind doors: construction

According to its design, the device is a frame on which the lamellas are fixed at a certain angle. This design does not create obstacles for the movement of air andlight, while making the content inaccessible to prying eyes. Blind doors resemble curtains and their use creates a penumbra effect.

louvered doors

An important advantage of such designs is that they look equally attractive from both sides. These qualities help louvered doors to be widely used in interior design.

  • The design not only decorates the interior, fills it with home comfort, but also performs its useful function. The louvered doors do not create obstacles to the free flow of air inside the cabinet, which is a good prevention of moths, they prevent the appearance of a musty smell and dampness. Due to this, doors have received their main use in the manufacture of furniture, especially for kitchen cabinets and bathroom equipment.
  • This design is used to cover certain equipment that you want to hide from the eyes of others for reasons of aesthetics. It can be communications in the bathroom or heating appliances in an ordinary room.
  • This design has been widely used as interior doors, especially wardrobe doors.

Materials for louvered doors

For the manufacture of louvered doors, a construction of thin strips is used, which are always attached to the door parallel to each other and at the same angle. Different materials can be used for decoration.

The louvered wooden doors are made from wood that has been well dried beforehand

louvered wooden doors

The most demanded materials are: beech, pine, alder and oak. To obtain a more durable structure that is resistant to temperature extremes and moisture, wood splicing technology is used. The tree, previously divided into layers, is glued into dies.

  • Blind doors made of materials such as MDF are deservedly considered environmentally friendly, resistant to deformation. They are often dyed in a variety of colors, from traditional white to the most unexpected.
  • Plastic louvered doors fit well into any interior, often made to match the color of wood, very light and easy to maintain.
  • Metal doors are unusual, very durable and become not just a detail of the interior, but its decoration.

The advantages of louvered structures suggest that these interior details will be increasingly in demand for decorating apartments.

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