Choice of wallpaper for walls: types, photos

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Choice of wallpaper for walls: types, photos
Choice of wallpaper for walls: types, photos

Among the huge range of materials for interior wall decoration, wallpapers have always been especially popular. If a couple of decades ago they were presented only in the form of paper canvases, today many other options are available to us.

The choice of wallpaper should be based on their characteristics and the specifics of the room in which they will be used. What varieties exist today and how to choose the right wallpaper, we will consider in our article.

Selection of products depending on their characteristics

A large selection of wallpapers on construction sites can cause difficulties in the process of choosing one or another type. It often happens that a design project is almost ready, but the canvases you like in the store make you turn all plans upside down.

textile wallpaper for walls

To avoid delays in repairs due to ever-changing preferences, evaluate each option in advance. Determine how relevant its use in a particular room. To do this, you can be guided by the following criteria:

  • functionality;
  • degree of moisture resistance;
  • web density;
  • roll width.

First of all, the choice of wallpaper should be carried out depending on their purpose. It can be just a decorative finish, zoning the space of a room or a protective function.

Next, look at their resistance to moisture. If you need to protect walls in a damp room, then only options with a special moisture-resistant coating are suitable for this. For walls that are often contaminated, it is better to buy washable canvases.

We also recommend that you pay attention to the condition of the surface to be finished. For smooth walls, you can purchase light single-layer options. If the base is not smooth enough, consider layered wallpaper. They have a high density and can hide small flaws on the walls. However, there is one caveat: dense canvases are heavier, so it’s a little harder to stick them on your own.

choice of wallpaper for the room

Roll width also matters. Many people think that with the help of wide wallpapers you can speed up the decoration of the walls. To some extent this is true. Unless, of course, the walls are straight and even. With a large number of protrusions and corners, it is much more convenient to work with narrow canvases. Wide rolls are not practical in such cases, as most of the material will be cut off.

When the basic principles for choosing wallpaper are clear, you can begin to familiarize yourself with all their varieties. This will help you to pre-select a few of the best options.

Paper Classics

Papercanvases for walls - well-known traditional varieties. They are easy to use and have the lowest price tag. You can find a large selection of inexpensive wallpapers in this group of coatings. Such products can have a single-layer and two-layer structure.

The first option is light and subtle. Wallpaper gets wet at high humidity and is not able to hide even the smallest wall defects. During operation, such coatings may turn yellow under the influence of ultraviolet rays and lose their original color saturation.

paper types of wallpaper for walls

Double-layer wallpapers already have a protective layer. Most often they are covered with vinyl. Such options are much stronger and more durable.

A large selection of paper-based wallpapers and their low cost make them popular. Today, such products can be coated with paint and impregnated with various decorative compounds. They can be used to finish both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Characteristics of vinyl sheets

Vinyl wallpapers are the second most popular. These include two-layer options, where the same paper, interlining or fabric can be used as the basis.

Vinyl sheets are attractive for their high decorative properties. Sufficiently cheap material allows you to transform the room beyond recognition. With their help, you can create an imitation of brickwork or expensive natural stone. Particularly popular are universal options that repeat the texture of decorative plaster.

choice of wallpaper for the living room

Vinyl varieties are sun resistant and can hide the roughness of the substrate. The choice of wallpaper in this group should be carried out taking into account their characteristics. These include:

  • weak resistance to moisture;
  • high density (which complicates their installation);
  • susceptibility to mechanical damage;
  • fear of temperature fluctuations.

During the installation of such wallpaper, it should be borne in mind that when wet, the canvas expands. After the glue dries, the products shrink, as a result of which the seams between the rows often diverge.

When using such options in conditions of high humidity, the joints of the strips become very noticeable on the walls.

Characteristics of non-woven fabrics

Non-woven roll materials are made from cellulose fibers. This gives products extra strength and flexibility.

Their positive qualities include:

  • absolute environmental friendliness;
  • possibility of dyeing in the desired color (repeatedly);
  • abrasion resistance;
  • a rich selection of patterns and textures.

Under the influence of the adhesive composition, the sheets do not stretch, which greatly facilitates their installation. The choice of wallpaper for the bedroom and living room can be stopped on these options. They are mid-range products and can be used in both discreet and luxurious interiors.

The disadvantages of this type include the ability to accumulate moisture and a greater likelihood of damagemechanically.

Features of fiberglass

Glasswallpaper is a rather thick roll material intended for further coloring. The structure of the canvas is presented in the form of a large number of glass fibers that are intertwined with each other. To create them, soda, lime and quartz sand are used. The final product has quite diverse and deep patterns.

glass fiber wallpaper

Such coatings are resistant to mechanical damage and hide various surface imperfections well. In addition, it is customary to refer to their positive properties:

  • sustainable;
  • fire safety;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • vapor permeability;
  • good moisture resistance;
  • long service life;
  • possibility of multiple color changes (by dyeing);
  • chemical resistance.

If you are faced with the choice of wallpaper for the kitchen, then you can safely give preference to this option. Such surfaces can be washed frequently with cleaning agents. They are not afraid of steam and are not prone to mold.

If you plan to install the canvases yourself, then pay attention to the fact that as a result of cutting the material, small particles of fibers may crumble from it. Protect your eyes from getting them!

Textile fabrics and their properties

Thinking about where there is a large selection of wallpapers in your city, first of all visit constructionhypermarkets. There you will surely find a large assortment of all the above varieties. Among them you can see textile fabrics.

large selection of wallpapers

Unusual structure and spectacular appearance are the main characteristics of this material. Such wallpapers are made on a non-woven or synthetic base, which is coated with a special glue. A patterned fabric is applied over the composition. The final product has a noble and expensive look.

Its main features are:

  • ecological cleanliness;
  • good soundproof properties;
  • highest decorative quality;
  • UV resistant.

The group of textile fabrics offers customers a large selection of wallpapers for the hall, bedroom and various rooms with a dry climate. In the kitchen and near the bathroom, such options are not recommended.

The main disadvantages of coatings are the high cost and the ability to accumulate dust. Installation of such options can also be attributed to their negative qualities. They need to be evenly impregnated with glue and very carefully placed on the wall. It will be difficult for beginners to do this work with their own hands.

Liquid wallpaper

The largest selection of wallpapers is always presented in specialized shopping centers. A striking example of such organizations is the all-Russian network of wallpaper sites "Obnovi", the stores "First Wallpaper" and "World of Wallpaper". There you can find many types of rolled canvases and liquid finishes.type. We'll talk about her further.

Liquid wallpaper is a dry powder mixture consisting of a variety of cellulose, silk and cotton fibers. To increase the decorative effect, mica, marble and quartz chips are added to their composition. All components are mixed with adhesive and applied to the wall with a spatula.

liquid wallpaper for walls

The main advantage of liquid wallpaper is the ability to finish surfaces of complex configuration (arches, corners, columns and rounded interior items). Where roll coatings cannot be applied, liquid formulations are an excellent finishing option.

In addition, the advantages of liquid coatings include:

  • eco-friendly;
  • high thermal insulation performance;
  • no seams;
  • durability and strength;
  • resistance to temperature changes;
  • ability to hide small cracks and depressions on the surface;
  • repairability;
  • easy to install.

The choice of wallpaper for the living room can be stopped on this option. Liquid wallpapers are characterized by a rich color palette, so they can be used in almost all styles of interior design.

You can use such coatings in the hallway. In this case, they must be additionally covered with a layer of protective varnish. This will allow you to clean the finish from dust through wet cleaning.

Coating from cork tree bark and their features

When choosing wallpaper for a dry-type room, you can consider cork options. They aresuitable for lovers of natural materials, an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

Rolled cork products consist of a paper base and thin cork veneer. The thickness of the decorative layer usually does not exceed 1 mm. The width of such wallpaper is fixed - 50 cm.

The front side of the canvas often has a natural shade, although it is often decorated with dyes. Rolled cork coatings are finishing materials with a high price tag.

cork wallpaper for bedroom and living room

The positive properties of such wallpapers include:

  • soundproof qualities;
  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • UV resistant;
  • long-lasting color;
  • moisture resistant (wax finish only).

Cork wallpaper does not accumulate dust and does not absorb odors. Their installation can be done with your own hands. It is also important that such canvases do not interfere with the natural air exchange of the walls, which contributes to the preservation of a favorable microclimate in the room.

In cities where the choice of wallpaper is quite limited, such options may not be found. In such a case, online stores specializing in the sale of rolled finishing materials can help. Such companies often have their own delivery service by region or send goods by regular mail.

Linkrust and self-adhesive sheets

Self-adhesive wallpaper can be used as an addition to the main finishand linkrust. Both of these options are more often used to decorate individual interior elements.

Linkrust (wall linoleum) has a fabric or paper base, which is covered with PVC, mastic and other fillers. The front part of the roll is presented in the form of complex three-dimensional patterns and ornaments.

Linkrust on the wall has a chic appearance. It can be painted with various compositions and varnished. The canvas is quite wear-resistant and is not afraid of moisture.

The high cost of such wallpapers does not allow them to cover all surfaces. More often, linkrust is used to decorate small sections of the wall and ceiling.

large selection of non-woven wallpaper for walls

Self-adhesive sheets do not have such a big price tag, but are also not used as a stand-alone finish. Such options are attractive for ease of installation and cleanliness during work.

To glue such canvases, you do not need to dilute the glue and protect the furniture from drips. The sticky inner surface allows them to be installed in record time.

The positive qualities of such wallpapers include:

  • moisture resistance;
  • acceptable cost;
  • durability;
  • large assortment of patterns.

Most often, self-adhesive wallpapers are used to decorate furniture and wall decoration in the kitchen. They can be wiped with a damp cloth. You need to look for such options in stores where there is a large selection of wallpapers.

Useful tips for choosing wall paintings

Besides technical specifications,canvases an important role in the choice of wallpaper is played by their appearance. It all depends on the taste preferences of the buyer, but there are certain rules that must also be considered when choosing.

They read as follows:

  1. If expensive designer or antique furniture is installed in the room, it is advisable to finish the walls with materials of muted tones and without a pattern. This will emphasize the sophistication of interior items.
  2. Cloths with large patterns should be chosen very carefully. They can create a sense of chaos and overcrowding in a space. In rooms with low ceilings, such patterns are not used at all.
  3. To visually expand the space, use wallpaper with longitudinal patterns, and to increase the height - with vertical narrow stripes.
  4. The living room can be decorated in any colors, the main thing is that they fit into the surrounding interior. Use restrained tones in rest rooms and offices. They do not distract attention and allow you to calm down and focus. In children's rooms, wallpaper in brighter colors can be used.

In the modern market, the range of wall paintings is quite diverse. If some options are not in stores, they can always be ordered online. Choosing wallpaper from a photo is a little harder, but in this case, you are presented with much more of their types. Whatever variety you purchase, don't forget to ask sellers for product quality certificates.

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