Wooden chopstick - secure attachment for parts

Wooden chopstick - secure attachment for parts
Wooden chopstick - secure attachment for parts

Carpentry and joinery is not complete without the use of fasteners. They differ in varieties, accessories, type of fastening and area of ​​​​use. Fastener types:

  • bracket;
  • dowel;
  • grouse;
  • nagel;
  • wooden chopstick;
  • dowel and other products.

The use of these parts is not as common as the use of nails and screws, but when faced with these forms of fasteners, the master must understand how to work with them.

Design features of pins

Nagel, made of wood, is one of the oldest types of fasteners. This is the same wooden chopstick that is hammered into the holes made in the furniture parts, and for additional durability it is coated with PVA glue. Fixation occurs due to the natural elasticity of the material.

Furniture wooden chopsticks

Species diversity of pins

Chopiks are different, and not just the ones you are used to seeing in furniture assembly kits. They are classified according to the type of material used, shape and size.


Dogs are often used in construction:

  • birch -characterized by lightness, strength, durability, resistance to impact and bending loads;
  • maple - extremely hard and difficult to process, characterized by mechanical stability;
  • oak - amenable to special processing, on the basis of which the pricing policy for fasteners is formed, they are distinguished by a long service life.

Shape Features

Two types of wooden chopsticks are most often used for joining:

  • Round - common but expensive compared to other pieces.
  • Square - although the manufacturing process is simple, they are rarely used. To use this type of fastener, it is required to cut out mounting holes that correspond in shape to the dowel. The process is complex, time-consuming, while nests for round wooden chopsticks are made as easy as shelling pears.
wooden chopstick


The minimum dowel diameter is limited to 25mm. These are mainly furniture wooden choppers. To connect larger parts - beams or logs - fasteners with a cross section of 50 mm or more are used.

Characteristics of wooden dowels

Wooden dowel is a relative of chopik, an analogue in carpentry. Outwardly, it looks like a wooden embossed rod of small diameter. Designed for connection by screwing or gluing furniture parts into pre-prepared grooves and holes.

How to make a wooden dowel with your own hands

If necessary, pin andDowels can be made at home, but production will require a lathe. The process of making wood fasteners is as follows:

  1. For work, they take the harvesting of wood of the selected species. The bar must be of high quality, without cracks, wormholes, knots, bumps. Use good quality dried wood. When drying, the parts may deform and crack, as a result of which the cross section of the wooden chopstick for furniture changes.
  2. Put the workpiece on the lathe and start removing chips, gradually reducing the diameter.
  3. After reaching the required section, chamfer and cut the workpiece.
Wooden chopsticks for furniture

Pay attention! In the factory, the length of the dowels is up to 200 centimeters. After processing, the workpiece is removed and cut into fasteners of the required length.

How to arrange the connection between pieces of furniture

The procedure for attaching parts to a wooden nail is not difficult. Following the instructions below, you can effortlessly connect the parts and assemble the furniture. The assembly diagram is as follows:

  1. Holes are drilled in the parts to be joined if they were not made at the factory. The diameter of the recesses should slightly exceed the diameter of the chopstick, and the length should be 1-2 mm longer than the dowel. The presence of gaps in this case is by no means a disadvantage. They prevent jamming of fasteners and help provide compensation for temperature and humidity deformation.
  2. Speakerpart is filed if necessary.
  3. The dowel is hammered into the hole with a mallet so that its surface is slightly below the plane of the part. If you want to connect the frame of the furniture, then the dowel is half-hammered. The protruding part of the furniture wooden chopik is smeared with glue and, having laid the end part of the furniture or the facade on top, they are seated on the mount.
Wooden chopsticks

At first glance, it seems that this technique does not provide reliable fixation of the structure, but in practice it turns out that when using high-quality well-dried dowels, furniture, log cabins made of timber and wood are durable and stable.

Dowels, dowels, chopsticks, metal fasteners are types of fasteners used for a reliable connection. Without their use, it is impossible to imagine the housing construction industry, the furniture industry.

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