The best impregnation for wood: reviews

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The best impregnation for wood: reviews
The best impregnation for wood: reviews

Products and building materials made of natural wood have been in great demand for a long time. This is due to the environmental friendliness of the material, long service life and presentable appearance. The disadvantage of natural forest gifts is the susceptibility to decay, drying, destruction without the use of special wood impregnation.

Pros and cons of wood

High-quality wooden furniture has always been considered a sign of we alth and well-being of the owners. Spectacular appearance helps to include it in any design solutions, giving the room a unique comfort and individuality. Solid log houses are the cleanest compared to other building materials. Wood perfectly circulates air currents and absorbs unpleasant odors.

Wooden frame houses

However, despite the many positive qualities, wood products have their drawbacks in use. This natural material is afraid of moisture, temperature changes,strong wind, heat, insects, fungi and mold. All these factors accelerate the destruction of wood, making wood products unusable.

It should be noted that wood impregnation against moisture and decay significantly increases the life of this natural building material. With the right choice of product, following the rules given in the instructions, the wood can be processed on its own, without involving a team of craftsmen.

Why protective drugs are needed

Natural wood products are usually used for decoration or construction. Indoors, they are often used for finishing kitchens, bathrooms, saunas and baths. Such places are characterized by high humidity. Impregnation for wood, for interior work will help not only protect natural wood from harmful factors, but also give it an aesthetic appearance.

moisture protection

Outside, wood flooring is exposed to the weather. Due to its ability to absorb moisture, dampness quickly starts inside the wood, mold spreads and a fungus forms, which leads to the destruction of the rock. Impregnation for wood, for outdoor use prevents the penetration of moisture into natural material.

Types of impregnations

Currently, the chemical market offers a wide range of products that protect wood products. There are several basic types of impregnation classification for natural material.

  • Water based. Solutions of this type are less effective in combating high levelsmoisture. However, they are safe for indoor use, do not have a strong odor, and are non-toxic.
  • Oil products. The preparations perfectly prevent the formation of dampness, they are used both for internal and external works. The disadvantages of this group can be considered an average level of toxicity, a strong odor that disappears after a few days after drying.
  • Impregnation based on volatile substances. These drugs include mixtures that include solvents. Usually these are all kinds of varnishes, tints, mastics, which, in addition to the protective function, significantly improve the appearance of the treated surface.
Spray application

In addition to the main types, there are types of impregnation for wood based on protective functions. Antiseptics include agents that protect forest material from moisture, in addition, they have a preventive effect against mold, fungus and decay. Solutions from climatic influences are preparations, which include oxides of various metals. They create a durable film that helps repel moisture and protect products from UV rays.

Combined protective equipment

With the development of advanced technologies for wood processing, products with a complex effect began to be produced. This kind of chemicals helps to fight not only atmospheric phenomena, but also protects the wood from the appearance of insects, pests, mold and fungus.

Inboxthe composition of the components, additionally provide an obstacle to the effects of fire. With strong heating, the film created by the solution begins to melt, preventing oxygen from reaching the wood fibers, thereby stopping the combustion process.

The right choice

To choose the best impregnation for wood, you need to know some of the features of the preparations. It should be borne in mind that single-target means fight a certain kind of factors, while complex protection provides a more complete range of actions. The first group of solutions is more affordable in terms of pricing, but requires several layers of application to be effective.

moisture impregnation

Impregnation of the second group is much more expensive, but involves less labor, providing better protection. When choosing means for protecting wood, it is imperative to check the period and storage conditions. It is also necessary to carefully study the instructions, determine the predicted service life, note the harmful factors from the use of the drug.

Impregnation for outdoor use

Depending on the degree of climatic influence, it is necessary to choose the right impregnation for wood. Outdoor products made of natural materials require high-quality protective equipment. The most effective in this case are oil-based or silicone-based preparations.

impregnation for outdoor work

Such products penetrate deep into the wood, fix the fibers together and create a dense film on the outside. Impregnations can be colorless, white orpresented in a variety of shades. Transparent preparations are more often used, wishing to preserve the natural pattern of wood, which is not damaged by pests or decay.

Indoor wood preservatives

When choosing an impregnation for the internal processing of wood, one should take into account not only the humidity and exposure to a harmful environment, but also the temperature regime. For saunas, baths, it is better to use wax-based protective preparations. They will not only protect the wood from moisture, but will not emit harmful substances at high temperatures. Water-based products in this case will not be effective, and impregnations with volatile substances will release toxins when heated.

oil based impregnation

When decorating rooms, wooden panels, parquet, and furniture made from precious wood material are often used. Such products look very impressive with the preservation of the natural pattern. In this case, varnishes, mastics, solvent-based wax preparations are suitable for protection against moisture and fungal formations, providing an excellent appearance.

Wood impregnation oil

Natural oils are often referred to as budget wood protection products. They not only provide deep protection of tree species, but also have environmental cleanliness. Such products are very easy to use, non-toxic, give a pleasant glossy sheen while maintaining the structure of the tree.

impregnation oil

The use of oil is possible both indoors and outdoors. Important rightselect the required impregnation. Natural oils come in three main types:

  1. Quick dry. This type includes walnut, hemp, linseed oils.
  2. No drying. Castor, palm, olive oils penetrate deep into the fibrous structure of the tree, while not creating a film on the surface.
  3. Impregnating, with partial drying. Rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower oils impregnate the tree, providing protection, forming a light film layer. Effective for indoor applications.

Before applying any means to protect wood from moisture and decay, the surface should be carefully prepared. It is cleaned from dust, damage with coarse sandpaper. Too dirty areas are washed and dried naturally.


Today, in the market of chemical protective preparations, impregnation for wood "Aquatex" is very popular. In addition to the main action, it has decorating properties. The composition of the product is a mixture of alkyd resins and natural oils that provide comprehensive and reliable protection.

The presence of special pigments among the components allows you to give the wood a deep, rich natural look. A rich palette of tones and shades allows you to choose the right color scheme for any interior.

The feature of the product is the ability to pass air, allowing the tree to "breathe", but repels moisture, while maintaining its natural structure. The tool is easily applied to the prepared surface, using a roller, brushor special sprayer. In addition, the drying period is 24 hours, and the warranty threshold for exposure to temperatures is from -40 degrees to +40.

Customer Reviews

According to the results of numerous opinion polls, reviews of impregnation for wood are very ambiguous. Most of the population, when choosing means of protection against decay, is interested in the functionality of preparations. A third of the respondents, when choosing, is guided by a pricing policy, a sixth of consumers choose products that give a spectacular appearance.

Reviews from professionals who often use wood impregnations are more focused on complex treatments that allow oxygen to enter, but repel moisture. Such drugs are considered the highest quality, providing a long service life, while maintaining the natural structure and natural pattern.


When using solutions for wood treatment on your own, you must follow the basic technical rules. Even the safest product can be harmful to he alth if handled improperly. When working with chemical impregnations, be sure to protect exposed skin. It is better to use rubber gloves, they will protect your hands not only from chemical exposure, but also keep them clean. Working with sprayers requires special clothing and headgear. As well as a respirator and special goggles that prevent the product from getting into the eyes.

Before using impregnation, you needcarefully study the instructions for use in order to apply the product on the surface as correctly as possible. If the impregnation gets on the mucous membranes, it is necessary to rinse them with plenty of water, if necessary, seek help from specialists.

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