Outdoor garbage incinerator: types of designs. Waste burning barrel

Outdoor garbage incinerator: types of designs. Waste burning barrel
Outdoor garbage incinerator: types of designs. Waste burning barrel

In the conditions of a suburban area, the question of garbage disposal often arises. It is quite expensive to take out waste, so most owners of such real estate prefer the traditional way of getting rid of rubbish - burning. It is not safe to make fires in an open area; it will be more efficient to burn waste in containers or makeshift stoves. Such a design can also be purchased in a store, but a home-made one is cheaper, and sometimes free.

Types of ovens

garden incinerator

If you need a garden incinerator, you can use a barrel that is mounted on bricks. To do this, punch or drill holes in the bottom of the container. The same holes must be made in the lower part of the barrel, they should reach the middle of its height.

Next, you need to prepare a base of bricks, between them you should leave gaps for air. The barrel is installed on a pedestal, and then garbage is placed in it, a fire is kindled inside. Sucha homemade incinerator can last longer if the walls are reinforced with metal sheets or a smaller container is placed inside. After burning these parts, they can be replaced with new ones.

Alternative solution: heater stove

garbage incinerator

If you have a sauna stove that you already wanted to scrap, you can turn it into a waste disposer. Even if the design is out of order, with the help of improvised tools it will be possible to rid the oven of internal parts. Only the grate and body should be left.

The inner part is reinforced with sheet iron, which should be welded to the base. You can load such an outdoor garbage incinerator from above. However, before placing large parts inside, you should kindle a flame with dry branches or paper. During the burning of garbage, the structure should be covered with a metal sheet, placing a stone so that the smoke can escape.

Brick oven

garden waste incinerator

If you want to make a structure that would last longer, then brick should be used for manufacturing. The appearance of this design will not spoil the exterior of the site. You can build a small garden incinerator using about 115 bricks. If necessary, the parameters of the structure can be increased.

First of all, it is worth preparing the foundation. To do this, you have to clear an area whose dimensions are 70 x 100 cm. Surfaceit is covered with a layer of sand 5 cm thick. The first row is laid without mortar. Between the bricks located along the perimeter of the future structure, gaps of 15 mm should be left. They are needed for traction.

In the first row there will be 8 bricks, one should be placed on the beams, three at the top and bottom. When making an incinerator in the country, at the next stage you can start laying grates or strong bars, the latter of which are pre-welded together or connected with wire.

For a design that will have the proposed size, three transverse and 14 equity bars are enough. The ashpit can be formed from brick, made from steel sheet, or filled with a mortar of cement and sand. The second row will consist of 8 bricks, however, two more products should be laid on each side, observing the dressing. Subsequent rows will be with small gaps.

The last row should be made solid, a metal cover is installed on top. The square oven can be replaced by a cylindrical one. It is important to provide air gaps for traction. The master will have to lay the grate, it will be a strong metal mesh or steel reinforcement.

Metal barrel oven

trash incinerator

An unnecessary metal barrel will be an ideal product for the manufacture of a recycling furnace. By following simple steps, you can turn such a container into a waste incinerator. This design, although considered safe, but during its operationcertain rules must be observed.

Today, there are many options for how to turn a barrel into an incinerator. One of them is the removal of the bottom with a chisel or grinder. Several holes are drilled in the lower part, then a shallow hole is dug, the length of which will be 1 m. Its width should be approximately 20 cm.

Before disposal in the pit, a fire should be kindled from paper or dry branches, a barrel is installed on top so that air freely enters the lower holes. Waste in such an incinerator should be placed gradually. It is not necessary to saw long branches, because they will turn to ashes due to good traction.

Improvement of the furnace in the form of a barrel

waste incinerator

As practice shows, the best option for making a furnace is to use an unnecessary barrel. If it is no longer suitable for water storage and operation, then it should not be thrown away immediately. In this case, the upper part of the barrel is cut off by a grinder, but not completely. Hinges should be welded to this element and fixed back.

A chimney is welded onto the hole, and small holes will be needed to install the stop and handle so that the lid does not fall through. At the bottom, cuts should be made and the material bent. Next, you need to make a valve from a sheet of iron and install it in curved sheets.

The barrel for burning garbage is very convenient in the country. A fire built inside will be safe. It will be important to followhim and from time to time to load garbage. You can extinguish the flame quite quickly, it will be enough to fill the ditch with earth from both sides, and lay a sheet of iron on the barrel itself.

Ready ovens from manufacturers

outdoor garbage incinerator

You can also purchase a ready-made waste incinerator in the country. If you do not want to clutter up the site with unsightly barrels or do brickwork, then such devices will be the best solution for you. They consist of a combustion chamber, an ash accumulation box, and a firebox with a grate.

Recycling ovens can have different shapes:

  • square;
  • round;
  • rectangular.

They look like airtight containers. The body is usually made of durable steel, which is covered with fire-resistant enamel. The manufacturer's waste incinerator may have additional features, such as the ability to heat water. When choosing such a device, you should pay attention to the volume of the combustion chamber. This parameter should be correlated with the amount of accumulated waste. Models with a chimney are considered the safest and most efficient, as the chimney will remove smoke and increase combustion.

Safety rules

The incinerator barrel must be used in accordance with safety regulations. The installation of the stove and the disposal of waste must be carried out away from vegetation and houses. Kindling is prohibited during times of extreme heat or wind. Do not install the stove on dry grass, as itcan catch fire and spread the fire throughout the area. Access to the incinerator must be limited if there are animals or small children in the country house. During the burning of garbage, it is recommended to stay near the stove without leaving it unattended.


It is recommended to install a leaky barrel for burning garbage on bricks. For these purposes, a site is selected from which it will be most convenient to collect ash. As a result, it will be possible to get a kind of blower. The holes made in the bottom of the container will act as a grate. As a result, you will receive a finished structure that can be used for waste disposal.

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