Pyrolysis long burning boiler. Homemade pyrolysis boilers for long burning

Pyrolysis long burning boiler. Homemade pyrolysis boilers for long burning
Pyrolysis long burning boiler. Homemade pyrolysis boilers for long burning

If you are thinking about which source of heat to use in the winter in a house where there is no access to a gas main, you can pay attention to Russian long-burning pyrolysis boilers. Even if you have access to a gas supply line, the cost of fuel can be quite high. Using coal or wood is very inconvenient, and electricity is expensive.

When to use a pyrolysis boiler

long burning pyrolysis boiler

If you have the opportunity to use pressed briquettes or wood as fuel, then the optimal solution is an installation that uses the principle of pyrolysis combustion. The efficiency of such a device is quite high, however, it may be problematic to purchase an industrial model, since the prices for these units are high today. If youtreat those craftsmen for whom the manufacture of such a design is a simple process, then it is worthwhile to understand this issue in more detail.

What is pyrolysis combustion

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If you are interested in a long-burning pyrolysis boiler, then this can be called very justified. It is not very convenient to use firewood as fuel, since under normal conditions they are consumed quickly, and a significant part of the heat is simply not used. This entails the need to load them into the furnace or boiler constantly. Pyrolysis also involves the creation of such conditions under which the fuel is consumed very slowly, giving off a large amount of heat. A similar effect can be achieved when the process is run at low oxygen levels. This makes it possible to obtain combustible gas, coke and ash. The gas in the described installation is mixed with oxygen and burns at high temperatures, releasing a large amount of heat. Thus, the principle of operation of the boiler includes two stages. First, with a limited supply of air, wood burns, then the gas-air mixture reacts. Such a two-stage principle of operation uses not only a long-burning pyrolysis boiler, but also wood-burning stoves, as well as solid fuel generators.

If you have a pyrolysis boiler, you will need to properly adjust its operation, which eliminates the possibility of damage to the heating system at home. The high cost of factory units can be called justified, this is due to the fact that when they are created,high quality material that can withstand high temperatures. We are talking about 8 mm alloy steel, heat-resistant iron and fireclay, but this list cannot be called complete. The second factor that affects the high cost is a rather complex control system that ensures efficient operation. In order to achieve the maximum burning effect, it is necessary to take into account the initial moisture content of firewood and the heating temperature, since the process of water evaporation affects the amount of energy released. To control the process, you need to control the amount of air that is supplied to the device. The long-burning pyrolysis boiler has a fan, due to which air is supplied. For its operation, it is mandatory to have access to electricity. The presence of this element turns the device into an electrically dependent unit. Shutdown uses an uninterruptible power supply or equivalent.

Design features of the pyrolysis boiler

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If you will be manufacturing a long-burning pyrolysis boiler, then you should familiarize yourself with its features. Among the main elements, one can single out a combustion chamber, pipes for draining and supplying water, a fan installation site, air holes, smoke channels, as well as regulators. For a private house, it is recommended to use equipment with a power of 40 kW. If this indicator needs to be reduced or increased, then the parameters should be changed.unit. If we are talking about a small house, then the power can vary from 25 to 30 kW. If you make small units, then you can save not only money, but also time.

Preparation before assembly

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The best long burning pyrolysis boiler is the one you make yourself. After all, you will know exactly what features it has, which means you can handle repairs if necessary. To manufacture such a complex device, it will be necessary to prepare a wide range of materials and tools, including an electric drill, electrodes, a grinding wheel with a diameter of 125 millimeters, 4 mm metal sheets, a set of profiled pipes, a fan, and a welding machine. In the latter case, it is best to use the DC model. You will need a grinder, a cutting wheel with a diameter of 230 millimeters, as well as a set of pipes of different diameters. The master will have to prepare several strips of steel, each of which should have a different thickness and width.

Expert advice

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Long-burning pyrolysis boilers, prices for which can be 40,000 rubles, should be made of sufficiently thick steel, for this, 4 mm sheets should be used. But to save money, 3mm steel can be used for the case.

Work technology

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In this type of boiler, the feed opening should be slightly higher compared to conventional solid fuel boilers. It is important to install a limiter that allows you to control the amount of air entering the fuel chamber. With it, it will be possible to report briquettes and firewood in a timely manner. For the manufacture of the limiter, you can use a pipe with a diameter of 70 millimeters, its length must exceed the length of the unit body. Homemade long-burning pyrolysis boilers must have a steel disk that is attached to the bottom of the limiter by welding. This disk will form a gap with the walls of the pipe, it should be 40 millimeters. To mount the limiter in the cover of the device, you need to make a hole. As for the fuel inlet, it should have a rectangular shape. It is closed with a door, which has a special metal lining, it will ensure a secure fit. Below there should be a hole to remove the ash. The pipe through which the coolant will move inside the boiler must have a bend, which will improve heat transfer. It is possible to regulate the volume of coolant that enters the boiler through a valve, it is installed outside.

What to look out for

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Household long-burning pyrolysis boilers after manufacture can be started, the absence of carbon monoxide in the combustion products will indicate that the designfunctions correctly and is accurate. During operation, you will need to regularly monitor the condition of the seams, cleaning the structure from accumulated soot and ash. Experts advise using pyrolysis boilers with air heating systems, replacing water heating with them. The air will be conveyed through the pipes, returning along the floor. Such a system will not freeze when the temperature drops, which can happen when the owners of the house leave. In this case, you will need to drain the coolant.


On sale you can find Atmos long-burning pyrolysis boilers, their cost can be equal to 65,000 rubles. However, you can make such equipment yourself.

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