Do I need to prune roses for the winter - expert advice

Do I need to prune roses for the winter - expert advice
Do I need to prune roses for the winter - expert advice
Do roses need to be pruned for the winter?

Every gardener with many years of practice develops his own methods of protecting roses from winter cold - the period when the plant enters the sleep phase. Important points are the hardening of roses, as well as understanding when to cut roses. If your beautiful bush pleases with he althy foliage, the absence of diseases, pests - then you really took care of your plant, and it has accumulated a large supply of carbohydrates. It is they who give the rose the main strength to endure the absence of sunlight and the cold itself.

When frosts come down to -8 degrees Celsius, the plant loses moisture, and all carbohydrates are converted into fats and sugars, which protect against freezing. And it is extremely important for roses to go through this stage in order for their protective internal mechanism to start working before the bushes are wrapped up from real frosts.

Pruning a plant in summer: consequences

If in the summer you often had to cut long and leafy shoots, then the rose is weakened. It will be difficult to transfer the winter to plants that are planted in a draft or in the shade, since the whole processthe accumulation of the necessary carbohydrates in them is slowed down. And yet the weather can ruin the preparation of roses with its unexpected thaw, which can suddenly come after long hard frosts. At such moments, the flower will begin to grow and spend all the accumulated carbohydrates, and with the onset of repeated cold weather, the chances of surviving become very small.

when to prune roses for winter

Do I need to prune roses for the winter?

Pruning roses depends on the species. All procedures with preparing a bush for winter raise the question of whether it is necessary to cut roses for the winter. These works are done in the fall, in order to prepare the flowers for shelter. But many species do not need pruning: such as the park rose and numerous hybrids, they endure the cold without shelter.

when to prune roses

So, when to prune roses for the winter and how to do it depends only on their type. Large-flowered roses and shrub roses that bloom repeatedly are shortened by 1/3 of the shoots that have grown over the summer. Climbing small-flowered roses do not prune, but simply pinch the growth point, the procedure is done in the first decade of September. Thus, the answer to the question of whether roses need to be pruned for the winter is clear: you need to take into account the characteristics of different plant species. Miniature, polyanthus, hybrid tea and floribunda are shortened only by half. Also, do not forget about the breakage of the leaves, but if you did not do this in advance, then you can do everything before shelter. The leaves must be removed, as with them the bush will continue its vital activity - release moisture and breathe.

The presence of moisture can lead to the process of rotting of leaves, stems, resulting in an excellent source of fungal diseases. In order not to spread diseases and pests, all cut leaves must be removed and burned. To strengthen the bushes, you can treat with a 3% solution of Bordeaux liquid.

Before wrapping, also all the shoots that you considered weak or that look sick must be removed, since they are unlikely to survive the winter and can cause infection of the entire bush. Should roses be pruned for the winter? After reading the above tips, everyone will be able to draw a conclusion for themselves and do the right thing.

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